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I’m loving this podcast, as a woman from an African country having financial freedom is hard , I will apply advices from this podcast in my life decisions and write a review to share my results
I loved this podcast! I literally finished the first season in a week. I loved the authenticity, involvement, and knowledge of different ethnic backgrounds. This podcast, has brought so much more awareness as a professional Latina, and as a marriage and family therapist.
I appreciate this podcast so much. It doesn’t pressure you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. It feels like a conversation between friends. Also, it’s open for all to learn and enjoy (Any gender, POC, LGBTQ+) and trying to help create generational wealth for families.
Started listening to Financial Feminist after hearing an interview with the Skimm ladies. Would highly recommend all women listen, share with your girlfriends, and start talking about this topic. Knowledge is power and the more we learn about personal finance, the more autonomy we have in this world.
I’ve listened to several podcasts around personal finance over the past year, and this one changed me the most. This podcast taught me that I shouldn’t feel shame for being a woman who’s interested in investing and finances. Before listening to Tori talk about money, I felt embarrassed to talk about money with others. Now I’ve learned how necessary it is to have honest money conversations, especially with the women in my life. Not only has this podcast helped me deal with my shyness around money, it inspires me to take smart and impactful actions. I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow with this podcast in the next season.
Keeps it real but isnt condescending. Love each episode!
Can I just say, as a Latina personal finance creator, THANK YOU. Thank you for representing womxn. Thank you for advocating for diversity, having awareness & acknowledging the systems in place that make it harder for marginalized communities to thrive in finances. Tori is a trailblazer, and is helping to expand the idea of what’s possible for women all over the world! Can’t wait for her book!
I’d always try to follow Dave Ramsey and left feeling bad about myself and guilty for my spending. His plan is catered to one size….but that doesn’t fit us all. Tori celebrates financial freedom, celebrates the small wins, and focuses on mindset over strict boundaries. She’s helped me change my view of money and of my goals. The online community she has created is empowering and has helped me get re-focused. I’m confident with my financial decisions because of all that I have learned from her. We love ya Tori, thanks for showing us how to believe in ourselves and take charge of our money.
Tori gives great advice. I am newer to investing/money management and the way she explains things makes it feel much less daunting. Highly recommend!
I love her messaging of empowering women, but unfortunately it’s very basic information, not really for an intermediate/advanced investor. No doubt she’s successful, but I didn’t really learn anything I haven’t already heard. I wouldn’t listen to this podcast for optimizing investing strategies.
I started out skeptical but within 2 episodes I was sure this podcast is a must listen for all women! The HerFirst$100k team does an excellent job of sharing top tips with cautionary tales. The content is digestible and breaks down barriers I’ve had towards investing and growing my net worth. As the wife of an accountant who doesn’t like to bring his day job home (I get it. I don’t like to either), I feel like I’m better able to communicate with him about our finances and he feels like he has more of a partner in our financial future. Thank you!!
This was so eye opening! Something that I think was left out is how there are so many “influencers” on Instagram or other platforms that promote their business and wonderful the make-up is or how they got started on their body journey and now “coach” 100’s of people. This is a very big part of that influencer following. They really pull you in to believe you can do it too. This episode made me really think and understand what the MLM world is doing to women and how they are specifically going after and targeting us. Thank you for this!! Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the podcast! Will be sending to all of my female friends!!!
I’ve been feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finances lately. I simply searched “finances” and found this podcast. I am soooo glad I did! The stories of the women who come on and talk about their experiences, the psychological commonalities for women around money, and actionable steps to growing my wealth have had such a huge impact on my mentality about money in just a week! It gets me excited to take charge over my wealth, and set myself up for the life I dream of.
Great information by an inspirational business owner. Women aren’t taught how to save their money and this is much needed info.
First saw you on content. I’m 30, making more money than I have ever before, and am financially illiterate. I’m very good at making money and am even good at spending money smartly (for the most part) but I am clueless when it comes to strategic saving. Tori’s content is great for what I need and she’ll be great for you too. Cath
I really love Tori for the conversation she chooses to have. This podcast is a great mix of advice and real-life stories that impure you to keep working on yourself and your finances. All women should listen to this podcast!!
Finances, Investing & Retirement made easy. Accessible knowledge. Sharing with all of my friends & normalizing talking about finances!!
I really like this podcast. Tori seems like a nice and fun person. However, some people did not like her second episode, the one on MLMs. I don’t think she should’ve started her podcast with that topic. Also, I think she could’ve done that one better without shaming other women, since she states she is a feminist. I wasn’t personally offended by it, but I know other women were. Also, I think she goes over topics too generally. I would like a more in-depth talk about each topic. For example, the sustainability episode. I wish they talked about how zero waste relates to finances more in-depth.
I think Jerry in the D misunderstood. It’s not “down with the patriarchy”. We just want women to be EQUAL and have equal opportunity to have a comfortable relationship with money. Tori is helping us to hopefully achieve that one day. For women to do better, that doesn’t mean we have to bring men down. We just need to educate everyone (women AND men) and work to correct the imbalance. I will be recommending this podcast to every female I know. And honestly, it couldn’t hurt for men to listen to it as well. Whether it’s because they need to be made aware of our inequality in the financial industry or because they also need investing knowledge. Everyone deserves to know how to manage their money.
Tori and her colleagues demystify and make financial knowledge accessible all while empowering their listeners. I have already listened to several episodes more than once. I’m looking forward to more!
I binged the first season of this podcast in a day and my outlook about my finances has made an abrupt (and VERY positive) shift. I won’t use the word “empowered” but I do feel confident enough to tackle my debt & make my money work for me, not the other way around. Tori is a no-nonsense advisor, with realistic ways to build your own wealth. She has fantastic guests on the show and I love that she formatted the show in such a way to have “actionable” episodes and then more informative episodes alternate. This is absolutely worth a subscribe and listen. Can’t wait for season 2!
I am SO excited for this. I’ve been such a fan of your TikTok and am really excited to listen. Weirdest way I’ve made money is wrapping Christmas gifts for people.
I really enjoy this podcast and have received great information. But I struggle to listen when she is talking to a friend because of the teen-girl giggling. I’m a 48 yo woman and my skin crawls when I hear women giggle when they are unsure of what to say or as a space filler. Please be aware of that. Otherwise, fantastic podcast
Great podcast. Your liberal arts degree with a major in theater has really prepared you to give others financial advise. Kudos.
Listen to this!!!
Loved the first season and can’t wait to learn more about financial freedom!
I just listened to an episode for the first time and I fell in love with how much useful yet bite-sized info you shared, and I can really tell how much you care! Thanks very much, I’m a total fan already
But easy to understand. I loved this. I had never listened to a podcast before until this one. I listen to all the episodes in one day! Give it shot!
It’s so nice to hear about finance from a socially and racially responsible place. The reality is we do not all start from the same place but we all deserve to be secure and educated about our money.
I just finished listening to her 1st episode , and the stuff she said about “money taboo” was mind blowing/ eye opening by the time it was done it gave me a sense of “scape “ ….. thank you
Would love for you to do an episode on how to start a small business and more about investing in stocks and bonds next season!
I’m a 28 year old female that started my financial journey following Dave Ramsey. I stopped following him some time ago because I didn’t align with his message, personality or goals. Since then I have felt a little lost. This podcast and the herfirst100k are my people! Since I started listening to this podcast I have raised my credit limit on my credit card (which is paid off), moved my savings into a high yield savings account. Opened a Roth IRA and funded and invested it. I also opened a regular investing account. This has been so much fun and I feel like I am in more control of my financial future then ever before. Thank you! You really are changing lives.
Lacks substance. I can see how this might appeal to a wealthy kid with a parental funded college degree and very biased upbringing. If you’re here for financial advice, do not waste your time.
Third episode down, and I have to say I’m disappointed. I found herfirst100k on Instagram and was super excited because it seemed right up my alley. Instagram and her negativity/hate turned me off. I wish the first episode hasn’t been so focused on hate and laughing at other women. What about women supporting women? Feminist, huh? Guess not. I did find the investment episode okay, but my take away? I’ll go find someone else… someone who doesn’t mock, hate, laugh at other, or claim they’re a feminist. Wish I could say better things and really wished I enjoyed this podcast but she’s just an unqualified person with a platform spreading hate and negativity. Don’t listen. Don’t follow. Stay clear of this chick.
This podcast manages to make financial literacy interesting and attainable. There are short episodes with actionable “here’s what you need to do” instructions that I have already acted on which makes me feel much more in control of my finances than I’ve ever felt before, and there are also larger episodes interviewing people in various industries that have valuable input including the investing wealth gap, racial inequity, climate change and more. Like I said, life-changing.
I love the diverse and in-depth discussions of how money affects all areas of our lives. Thanks for the insight and enrichment! Very well done, can’t wait for season 2!!
Sincerely, All the women
I really have enjoyed listening to all of the conversations on this podcast. There are quick episodes to explain how to get started on investing and increasing your credit score (with realistic, REAL advice), but there are also in-depth conversations with diverse women that are working hard to help other women succeed in the field of finance. I've gained perspective and useful information from every episode so far, and am excited to finally get started on opening a Roth IRA!
As a dude it’s always been hard to give advice to women due to never fully grasping the differences, no matter how open minded I was I will never experience what women do die to being a man. Excited to share this podcast so they can learn and grow as well! Thank you!!!
I absolutely adore Tori. She’s incredible, knowledgeable, relatable and very digestible. I found her through TikTok and have explored her website and blog many times. Highly recommend checking out all that she does and I cannot wait for the rest of the season and the upcoming book!!! So much love!!
Throws out lots of buzz words with very little substance. In the words of the great Homer Simpson she takes forever to say nothing


Blah blah blah!


By Bexn3
Finally, finances explained in a way that makes it easy! I love Tori and her mission! 100k her I come!
I have student loan debt from graduate school that I’ve been chipping away at but would like to get more aggressive about. I was excited about the podcast because money management is such a male dominated space and I’d love to be more well versed. However, after listening to the first episode on MLM, I was astounded with how condescending the conversation was. Truly does not seem like an inclusive space for all women, since women are was make up the majority of MLMs victims (exactly what they mentioned many times). At one point Tori said “I’m glad we don’t have to have an educated conversation about this.” At least she acknowledged how truly non educational the content was! I’ve never joined an MLM so I am not personally offended, but an hour long conversation with only a few statistics and otherwise disparaging comments is not worthwhile.
I’m a CPA and have been raised to educate myself about money so I’m glad that she is doing something to help women that don’t have access to this education. However... the content is very generic. It can help to motivate yourself to save more and spend less, but it’s not going to help you learn about finance and smart choices. Also, in one of the episodes the guest implied that people that believe in the Bible are more likely to get caught in pyramid schemes.... I don’t know if that’s true or not but the way she said it sounded offensive.
Thank you Tori for making this type of financial podcast directed towards women, who honestly need to hear it the most. It’s powerful, useful tools with step by step advice to get started. Highly recommend!
I wish I’d had this podcast as a teen and college student. I recommend it to every woman I know. Finances without the shame and patriarchy. Heck yes!
Tori makes finances and conversations around money matters accessible. The action episodes are quick and easy to follow and the interview episodes are real and informative! I look forward to learning about different aspects of financials from changing my mindset around money to the way cash bonds are disproportionately affecting black and brown people. I can’t wait to finishing this season and the seasons to come!
This podcast has brought so much value to my personal and financial life. I recommend this podcast to everyone trying to figure out their financial game and get on a good gam plan for growth. It helps voice the problems we deal with on a day to day basis that no one is talking about.