Reviews For Vajrayana Buddhist Podcast

I listened to everyone of them. I can't say I understood what he was saying much of the time but I could feel the love. I don't know that much about Tantra but it is nice that he is willing to tell us about the inside meaning. Sometimes you just know when someone has "got it". When he talks about love you know he is talking from what he is feeling and that is what really makes you feel it too. I hope he does more talks on the great mystic poets.
I live in Golok Tibet where I am studying to be a translator of Nyingma Tantric texts. Before that I spent several years on retreat and studying with great Lamas such as Khenpo Namdrol, Gyatrul Rinpoche and others. Traktung Rinpoche's understanding is very pure and in perfect line with the great masters such as Longchenpa. Anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners can benefit from these talks! It is amazing how broad his knowledge is and how alive he makes even the most subtle aspects of the teachings. This is a quality that only comes from realization. I have been lucky enough to hear the most respectful comments about Rinpoche from Lamas such as Tharchin Rinpoche and Gyatrul Rinpoche, Sangye Khandro and Lama Chonam who have all said how lucky we are to have a western teacher so pure and authentic. Anyone who hears these will benefit. It is like hearing the heartbeat of Guru Rinpoche. Thank you Rinpoche.