Reviews For HiberNation

I’ve loved Radio Headspace so was excited to try this new episode that was advertised on my Radio Headspace podcast. It left me feeling horrible to be single and alone. That sharing a space in bed was not only the best way to sleep but also how we are designed! Even the narrator is single and seemed to address the sadness of being alone. Will not listen to figure episodes as this one really put me off.
As a bid headspace follower, I have this a shot as something different from my regular podcast. They make a topic many would find boring quite interesting with stories you just keep listening too. Sleep is something everyone can relate to so it is easy to follow. I like it so far but I’m curious to see if the content stays interesting.
Wow! Peace and love and admiration to Joe. Such a powerful calling. You took me there with you and my heart is broken. Heal our land with truth.
Chose this podcast on a whim while running as my other podcasts were all completed. I can’t see without my glasses - so this was truly random. I like the content but the slow, deliberate pace of the narrator is too hard to get through.
I meditate with headspace and heard about Hibernation, so glad I did and the voice of the host and guests have been great! Not political at all which I love. Thankyou so much Kristen Sulzman


By Ibernia
Speakers sound like they are loaded, I can’t listen to her for more than a few minutes. I can’t think that slowly.
Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more.
Wasn’t expecting to tear up quite a few times! Very interesting premise. Thought provoking and heartfelt. I really like the host. Well done, with the music and lovely, calming voices to listen to.
I can’t wait for the next episode!


By yogapug
An inquiry into sleep by a writer whose words are evocative. I loved the first episode. I found it relateable even though my story is different than the stories described. The host creates a solid yet spacious container for vulnerability and reconciliation with being a person. This podcast on sleep isn’t tired- it cuts right to the core of human existence. I’m into it!


Must listen!!