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By lperyer
Every episode is better than the one before....
I accidentally stumbled upon this Podcast while searching for some Bill Laswell info. This is a great mix of Dub, Dubstep, Trip Hop and Ambient. Lots of classics, and lots of great new stuff I had never heard of before. Thanks Kevin, keep up the great work!
I side with the person who wrote the first comment, all the way. This podcast is all i need. Kevin, you rule
Awesome dub, and great music to just play all day long while I'm working! Highly recommended!
Thanks for the awesome selections. I have found so much great new music and artists from these podcasts. I highly recommend subscribing to this one.
i had originally discovered Bill Laswell by accident, but now a day doesn't pass that i don't greedily check my podcast subscription for more Sacred Dub. mmmmm...Sacred Dud....aaaaaahhhhhhh!
Kevin, Keep this up man! Your podcast has been my musical food for weeks now. Great stuff, great mixes: sublime. One thing though: can you list tracks and artists as well what album you are playing? Thanks- this is the best place for the future edge of music. Cheers.