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I grew up a Missouri Synod Lutheran and a political conservative. It is rare indeed to find these two qualities co-existing. I enjoy, gain knowledge, insight, and perspective from every episode.
Solid discussion on topics of the day from a Christ-centered perspective. I like the discussion and keeps me looking God' s light from current events in the news.


By djlynch
What is this about, I saw "clean" marked in I don't feel like listening now.. Please help
Excellent and improving! Pastor Dale and Pastor Jim discuss current events with just a touch of snarkiness. Their broad knowlege on all religious topics is informative as well as entertaining. Highly recommended!
I had high hopes for this experiment, but as I follow the development through episode 12, I am disappointed in the unpolished execution of what could be a very valuable voice. The show basically sounds like what it is: two Lutheran pastors rapping about the news. There is little to speak to a Christian vision, as the guffaws and incredulity come mainly from their common or carnal side, not their Christian sensibility. Yet they can wax eloquent regarding the Bible...but strictly from a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod perspective. In that respect I can see more of why the denomination is fading in our culture: it is so distant from the stream it is almost alien, and yet it is so distant (fearful?) of other conservative Christian streams that it shuns/ridicules them (as when they picked on Dispensationalism in episode 11). Finally, though they tout their website as a listener-responsive way to rank news, I have repeatedly failed to successfully log on to this news site as a member, and have never received even acknowledgement of emails. One would hope that as other Christian broadcasters/bloggers/podcasters have done, they would apply themselves better to providing actual content, preferably well-thought-out Biblical content, rather than opening the curtain on what Lutheran pastors find strange or freakish. For example, their ignorance of Hinduism and their reaction to the aberrant practices was shocking to me. It would have alienated any Hindu listening, begging the question of why there is a need to discuss these strange things in this way? The world already has an inkling of how messed up it is: what it wants to know is whether or not there is a solution? I will pray for further development of this program that they might make the solution plainly evident even to the "unchurched!"