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I love that we can go from 🍇 ghosts, blink 182, to Barney, to Blue Man group to aliens all in one episode… I love history and comedy…. Perfect mix of all of it. It is laugh out loud version for dark humor enthusiasts :)
This is my favorite podcast ever! Bailey is so funny, and she makes history so interesting! I’ve learned so much and I never get tired of listening!
This was a fascinating episode. Never knew energy drinks have such a questionable history.


Love me some Bailey!!!
I’m giving this a two star bc all the ads they like every ten minutes and it annoying! Other than that the how is great the few I did listen too!
Hi Bailey I really hope your reading this I’m 12 and I absolutely love you! Me and my mom have bonded over your podcast and your just amazing!
Never miss an episode, feeds my love of off the wall history stories and random facts. And of course, love Bailey too. She is a beautiful lady, who can be a dork just like the rest of us sometimes
But please… make the ads have a clean transition. Whenever it jumps to an ad (which is frequent) I feel like the story that picks up afterwards doesn’t perfectly align with the statement before the ad and it drives me crazy.
Ads are out of control. You can’t even get into the story. Unsubscribed.
I understand having sponsor breaks but this show has more than any other podcast I’ve listened to. She talks for about 4 min and then has another commercial break. It’s very annoying to listen to if you want to leave it play. The only way I can listen to her episodes is if I can be at my phone to fast forward but even then it’s super annoying!
I loveeeee listening to her podcast/yt! She is incredible at storytelling and will keep you engaged! I even got my boyfriend hooked! We listen to her stories at least one when we take our road trips which are often! ☺️
I was so excited to find this show. All the topics sounded so interesting. Then I heard the narrating voice. It is such a whiny, fake, goth valley girl thing, and made me cringe the whole time I listened. I just can’t.
Hello hello Bailey, my name is beo and and my mom wants to read a book about how Siri is spying on people and I thought maybe you could make a podcast about it the dark history behind Siri because I think your podcasts are so awesome and I actually want to make podcasts one day I thought maybe I could at least help make a podcast for starters with my suggestion
The commentary is funny. The show is entertaining! I love your persona Bailey Sarian. 5/5 I would highly recommend! Episode Idea: The Dark History of Child Brides in America Or Pedophilia in Politics “The monsters behind the podiums” Or The Dark History of Perms
I’ve been a long time listener and have loved every episode! I especially love that Bailey makes it feel like I’m listening to a story book versus a history textbook.
One tittie? I’ll show you two 😆😆 I can’t - BRAVA, Sarian - you are hilarious. Thank you as it takes a lot to make me laugh or loud. Wowza.
It’s the humor for me. Also, I laugh when I’m uncomfortable so I’m here for it.
Love the content and the way she tells the stories.
She shouts random stuff and the goes into an AD its so distracting most the show is an AD
Listened to a couple episodes and then heard her comment that Regan was responsible for the space shuttle disaster and he was her favorite villain. I don’t have an opinion either way on Regan but didn’t sign up to hear hers.
Enjoyed the podcast. You should google the size of the o rings. They ain’t so little.
I love her humor and random comments. Have been watching her on YouTube for a long time now. Love the pod cast I listen to it while I work. Love you woman keep up the amazing work.
I love Bailey Sarian and faithfully listen to her show every Wednesday. However, as time has gone on somebody has decided it’s an excellent idea to place ads mid sentence. It’s so frustrating and greedy I will no longer be listening via Apple. Hopefully it’s better on Spotify or YouTube.
I have enjoyed this podcast in the past but the ads are getting to be too much. Especially when they are so poorly edited in. If you’re going to monetize MY listening experience then at least edit better so ads are cutting in mid-sentence. I have reached my threshold of ads and can’t listen anymore.
I’m Matt the Bat, I’ve just caught yer show 4 months ago and I’m hooked😁👌😆. I love how you delve into the details of your subject matter and the way you approach it. You are fun to listen to and I love your style. Keep on Rockin’ Matt the Bat🦇
Ever heard think deeper? Maybe challenger hit the firmament. Hilary Clinton said there’s 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling? Hmmmmm
Sorry, did not enjoy the incomplete facts or details of this history podcast. Seems to hurry through details, though I only listened to three, while trying to add humor, voices, and sound affects. Voice is a bit raspy and not to smooth. The individual has potential but, needs to refine her technique.
Bailey Sarien is amazing at teaching us history. I listen to this podcast any time that I need to focus on a task. Her voice is so soothing! Bailey can you please do a Dark History on Huey Long a former governor of Louisiana? I grew up in Louisiana and took Louisiana history and his corruption was sort of glossed over because he did good overall. I really want to know the truth!
Some episodes are entertaining & enjoyable, as long as white people stay out of history . If ole whitey makes an appearance then know they are the worst & only whitey has dark history. So keep a look out because ole whitey could pop in at any time & get them all
I love learning about history as you tell it dark! My mind expands with the knowledge every week, thankyou for such an awesome show!!!


By Reas223
Love this show
I wish she would do a dark history on Amelia Earhart and all the wild conspiracies about what may have actually happened. The craziest one I’ve seen is she was kidnapped by the Japanese! Itd be something so fun to ear her thoughts on or explained
I learned a lot about old mental asylums in the US as part of my ABA training, I would love to hear an episode on them things got pretty dark. Love the pod, always tuning in to hear that old hot gossip.


By Mehhh01
I’ve always loved listening to Dark History and watching her YouTube series. However, the ads for the podcast are ridiculous. I was catching up on podcasts today while doing chores and it’s been the same ad over and over. And they’re getting to be extremely ill timed. It’s ruining the flow of the podcast and making it un-enjoyable to listen to.
Dark History makes complex subjects easy to understand and relate to. I love learning new things and hearing the show’s take on things I’m familiar with. Fun, funny, and informative.
Bailey is the best!!! Hands down!! Idk who gave this anything less than 5 stars cause she is nothing less than AMAZING!!!!
Bailey is the friggin’ bomb. I wait for every episode she puts out there. Makes me laugh and bonus I learn great tidbits to spout to others. Of course as my own. So…Love, love, love Bailey. You go girl!
Look into the Idaho water babies massacre!
You’re just the best!! Interesting podcasts with your personal touch. What’s not to love?? Please keep on doing it! I’m a (fairly new ) fan of history and yours are my favorite podcasts.
I go into work at crazy hours so while I’m there I just listen to Bailey’s podcast and work and then go home. I have this same routine just cause my work is quite boring. But love the topics and the discussion.
Bailey is an absolute legend true crime and dark history commentator! I been a huge fan and follower for years. A year ago I just started listening to podcasts and hers were the first I ever followed! Keep on rocking Bailey love your work!


Love Bailey 🫶
Thank you Bailey for a very interesting podcast!
Bailey is an awesome story teller. Never a dull episode!
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts. I still do love the content. I don’t mind ads in podcasts usually but the new ad format is horrible. I miss when Bailey would read the ads. They’re now so loud and abrasive I can’t listen to the podcast anymore. I would pay to avoid the new obnoxious ad format.