Reviews For DallasGayPod

Captain Cox is AWESOME!!! He speaks for all of the conservative members of the gay and bi community with style, humor and passion. This guy is on my must download list.
Best pod cast out there!
I was recently turned on to this great show by a friend and have been an avid listener since. This show is funny, yet addresses current affairs, politivs, and Captain Cox's adventures at work and home. This is a real listening pleasure. He has not fallen prey to the qpodders that feel they all have to have the same point of view due to sexual orientation. Captain Cox tells it like it is!
The Cox Cast is an excellent listening experience. Captain Cox is not afraid to speak his mind on current events or on political hot buttons of the day. He does not jump on the anti Bush bandwagon just because it is "fashionable" or "cool" to do so. Instead he provides the listener with a more rounded conservative view. The podcast is also humerous, and entertaining as Capatain Cox talks about work related issues and people, and his friends and family. There are only a few podcasts I listen to regularly, and this is one of them!
The Cox Cast is a hilarious look at politics, life and issues of the day. This is a must listen during my day. A friend of mine in Washington DC referred me and I have been hooked since. The word is spreading, the Cox Cast is not the same old political fluff that liberal Americans spew everywhere else. Informative and funny.
Captain Cox of The Cox Cast has got to be one of the most outspoken podcaster who goes against the grain and doesn't follow the herd. It's refreshing to hear a different point of view on subjects such as terrorism, global warming, immigration, politics and gay rights. He finds news items that will get people to think and debate what is going and unlike some podcasters he actually does the research before he opens his mouth. Even when he's proven wrong, he admits. He wants debate, he wants people to open their eyes and think for themselves instead of being told how to think and what to think. Unlike the few people who have commented prior and hated his show, I have an open enough brain in my head to grab what he's saying, analize it and debate it. I don't always agree with the Captain and that's okay because I know the reason he podcasts is to open people up for debate and see that not everything is what people and their followers claim to be true. Yes Captain Cox can be controversial, but if he wasn't, this would be one bland podcast just like many others that he is trying to be unlike. Great commentary, Great Intensity, Great Emotions, Great Podcast.
Finally, a homosexual who doesn't buy into all that liberal hype! An educated, cute, gay conservative who's got his priorities 'straight.' A must hear for anyone tired of the same ol' liberal BS.
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