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Jason is real and isn’t afraid to go where most people don’t dare go by speaking the truth and helping us listeners stay informed on what’s going on in today’s insane climate.
I wasn’t sure I would have any common interests with the host of this podcast. I was so wrong. This podcast is captivating and for everyone. It is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. Thanks so much for doing it.
Loved you on megyns pod….glad you returned the favor.
I love this podcast. The left goes after people they are most threatened by with the greatest slander. When you speak truth they do everything they can to discredit you. Jason Whitlock speaks the truth and his wisdom is a wake up call to all of us, regardless of color.
I’ve been listening to Whitlock for a LONG time - liked all his stuff - BUT THIS !!!! This is over the top - amazing truths day in and day out - Also him bringing on Uncle Jimmy is a stroke of genius - Uncle Jimmy could have his own show he brings a ton of biblical wisdom along with street-smarts from being in law enforcement - It’s all clever , funny entertaining AND the TRUTH. Seriously Thanks so much you two ! Best show ever !!!
I love Mr Whitlock’s eloquent truth telling. He’s an honest and vulnerable man who tells it how it is. Uncle Jimmy’s commentary and experience are a great play and I’m loving Uncle Jimmy’s bible stories, the message is clear. Keep up the great work!
Love you Mr. Whitlock but Uncle Jimmy is THE MAN! Kidding aside, these guys together have great discussions about truth and culture.
It’s refreshing to hear a HONEST black point of view. Will you please clip/compile “Bible stories with Uncle Jimmy” from the week and release them on Sundays. It’d be better then most church sermons I’ve heard.
I am a middle aged white Christian woman, wife and mother and feel right at home with Jason and Uncle Jimmy. Heard about this show via Steve Deace and got hooked after listening to them on the Megyn Kelly show. I love this show and look forward to listening every day. Thank you!
Serious subject matter paired with some humor! Delano is such a great commentator. I appreciate all of you! I’m glad I found you guys through listening to Megan Kelly Show.. now my days will be better with more laughter too!
Jason Whitlock makes SO MUCH sense. So good to listen to a Christian conservative And Uncle Jimmy is a great sidekick My wife and I laughed out loud at Jimmy’s Bible story of the prodigal son. Hope Uncle Jimmy’s Bible story is a weekly occurrence. And Jason - stay strong in your Christian and conservative beliefs and don’t let the Woke crowd get to you. We need more just like you!
The only podcast that i know of that is real talk, like it or not!
Who is the artist singing the end-of-show song?
I don’t always agree with you, but I LOVE the courage you have to say what you believe. God bless you Jason.
I’ve listened to portions of episodes multiple because the words are so insightful and important. I’m beyond happy to be able to hear Delano Squires’ wise words.
Jason is one of a kind. His questions are original and his dialogues are full of creative, deep thoughts. Uncle Jimmy adds a lighter touch with comedic flair but is equally intelligent. They are a great team and the show is one to be tuned into regularly. I highly recommend Jason..bright and a terrific facilitator of the days current topics.
Welcome to the blaze network.
My new favorite podcast on the Blaze! Fun, information,courage, and God- what else do we need???
I love Jason and uncle Jimmy. Definitely keeping it real and keeping it funny. My commute to work is a blast listening and laughing with these. Their affection and respect for each other is beautiful. Oh and love love love the heat and POV they bring.
I have way less sympathy for Sherman than Jason does, but I understand the take. Sometimes Uncle Jimmy drags the show down a little, but, boy oh boy was he on fire at the end of the episode! Also enjoyed his casual drop of the n-word while talking about Sherman’s hairline. Go Uncle Jimmy Go!
Uncle Jimmy, we love you. The greatest!
Thank you Jason Whitlock. You speak the truth and are a true role model for us all. I wish you nothing but success
So glad your back in the saddle agin Whitlock! I love the Uncle Jimmy addition also. He has me laughing daily now again! I love insights and story telling. You have brighten my day and for that I thank you!!


By Aurvey
I am not a sports lover and never heard of Jason until I listened to a Glenn Beck podcast. Light bulb, this guy should take Stews place.. its funny , fresh and fair. I hope Glenn continues to expand. Voddie Would be awesome!!!


This is starting out great. Well done!!!!!
Fire, on so many levels. Thank you!

By cey32
I really enjoy the show. I heard you and Uncle Jimmy on Megyn Kelly’s podcast and was laughing out loud. I wish you would stay away from talking about homosexuality and your own promiscuity. It’s TMI.
JASON! Decade+ fan. I’ve been patiently waiting to see what you were going to do after Outkick. So glad you found a new home. Thank you for bringing Uncle Jimmy! Perfect compliment to you. Keeps you in check. Keep doing what you are doing! You are an original.
I’m so relieved Whitlock’s back and telling it like it is. I’m ready for some truth-telling podcasts!
About 4 years ago when Gary Sanchez became the break out star for the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez stated on the radio that Gary needed to learn English to optimize his brand. There was no controversy about it and Sanchez didn’t take the advice.
My brothers from different mothers. These men live up to the title of this podcast. Keep it up! Great show!
Amazing content!! Very enjoyable to listen to! Can’t wait for the next episode
Was greatly disappointed when you left speak for yourself. Found this by accident and it's now my fav podcast. Keepin it real even when society says you the enemy for having an opinion.
Finally some sports talk for us real recognize real peoples out there. 9.9/1o. God bless Uncle Jimmy
I miss Politickin’ with Whitlock and Scoon but I’m really loving this show. Uncle Jimmy is hilarious without being obnoxious or trying too hard to be funny. Love that it’s a daily show instead of once or twice a week. Only thing I’d change if Jason were to ask me is to stop with the “NEXXXT” screaming at the end of a segment. It’s kind of corny and out of character. Everything else about the show is great.
Spot on with most of his takes.
Love to hear Curtis Scoon on with you for at least as a guest. PROUD BOYS ARE NOT RACIST, DON’T FALL FOR THE MSM’S OKEYDOKE Jason, please. Respectfully and Sincerely
I could not stop laughing when listening to Jason & Uncle Jimmy for the first time on Megan Kelly’s podcast. They are terrific! I’m now a “Fearless follower” 🤣
As an old white woman, I could not love the show more! Your podcast is moving up on my favorites list. I look forward to each episode. Jason, keep on speaking truth through a biblical perspective. Uncle Jimmy, I love your Bible stories especially the story of Joseph.
I find Jason’s insight provides me a education on current events.
I love your talent, hard work and perspective, not to mention the humility you show to you Maker, your parents and especially your Grandmother!
Love Jason and Uncle Jimmy. Fearless is an aptly named podcast. 100% recommend this podcast!
Been following Jason since his KC days. Love his pragmatic approach to issues. So happy he connected with the Blaze.
I love this guy! I have so much respect for a man who doesn’t care what other people say or think about him. This guy is doing the lords work. He speaks the truth even when it’s uncomfortable. Also uncle Jimmy might be one of the funniest people I’ve ever heard on podcast. Thanks for the laughs and the education.
I have been a fan of Jason Whitlock for a few years now and if I see one of my podcasts with him as a guest it’s a must listen. I love hearing people go against the majority and speak common sense on a variety of topics. This has been a show I have been waiting years for, thanks Jason and the Blaze.
As a black woman, I just want to put this out here about Kamala Harris. I was so turned off by the OpEd written by the group of black women basically begging an old white man to put a black woman on the ticket. We had an opportunity to have a black woman at the top of the ticket and when she was running I heard crickets. Nothing at all from black women in support of this woman. No stroll to the polls. No “get in formation” to support her when she was a candidate. She literally flamed out. Then in the end Joy Reid 🤮and her ilk end up begging, pleading, and at times bullying to get a black woman VP. It’s shameful. There was zero excitement on my end as a black woman when Harris became VP because all of the begging and bullying totally sullied the victory. On another note, loved the conversation with Delano Squires. I love hearing from black people that don’t toe the line.
Listening to this podcast makes me feel better and more than that it makes me a better man.
This show should be called 2 C👀Ns
Jason is very thoughtful and knowledgeable on all subjects not just sports. He’s an accomplished athlete in his own right and I wish there were more in the media like him.