Seven Rivers Church

Reviews For Seven Rivers Church


By Patorze
Love, love my Pastor and my church. Listen to these sermons at night while relaxing.
This guy can really preach. He gets his message thru in an unbelievable way. I also appreciate his sense of humor. He teaches grace in a real way. If I lived closer I'd be there every Sunday. I'm grateful for podcasts. Keep up the good work. It will definitely earn you a place in heaven.
i too used to attend seven rivers in high school as well. unfortunately i don't live in citrus county any more to hear them. I didn't realize how much I loved his sermons until I didn't have them anymore. He is a genius and he is sooo humble and inteligent! I miss seven rivers!!!
Ok so I remebered the name of a pastor that I have not heard since 7th grade when my family lived in Citrus County. You know these sermons are good if I listened in 7th grade! I am much older now, and I can't way to hear his sermons again. I love itunes.