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Just finished listening to Bari’s in-depth interview with General McMaster. Incisive and insightful comments on his part, smart questions on hers. Well done!
Update: I still like her a great deal, but she is quite pretentious. I suppose when you’ve been on the left your whole life and worked for the New York Times, it’s hard to drop some of that stuff. Otherwise, she’s great. She dinged her integrity a little bit by not questioning the former Google CEO who stated how Google always tries to put out valid information. Good grief, as much as I’ve grown to truly respect Bari Weiss, she did not push back at all. Really weak. Other than that, she’s been great. Probably an oversight, but she’s better than that.


I listen to podcasts in situations where it is jarring or even inappropriate.
Great discussion, however, the incessant use of the word “right” is nails on the chalkboard. All of your panelists are guilty of it. Please, please stop it.
This podcast is beyond anything else I’ve heard in terms of political debate. The debates all have knowledgeable, thoughtful participants & don’t just spew talking points. In particular the one with Matt Taino and Brett Stevens was outstanding, and I’m not particularly a fan of either of those two. The better episodes of Honestly are far better than anything else out there.
I have liked the show, but the Marianne Williamson episode was absolutely terrible. Every other statement by Williamson was absolute nonsensical woo. The interview was completely uncritical about someone with nothing really interesting or important to say. Weiss has done some really good work and shows like the interview with Kim Kardasian were unexpectedly interesting and engaging. This episode was a real low.
Back in the early days, the show was interesting and somewhat unique. These progressives had had enough and were speaking out about the society breaking excesses of the modern radical left. But recently the show has devolved into them having on a far leftist radical to debate a moderate “left of center” pundit and then they pat themselves on the back as if they showed both sides of an issue. Is Honestly redeemable? Maybe, they need to get back calling out the left. Everyone knows the left’s side already, it doesn’t need to be represented on your show …the lefts position is shoved down our throats on every news station in the nation, reflected in every movie or tv show we watch, it’s the only opinion that isn’t suppressed on social media. If you want to get back to doing something unique and meaningful…get back to calling out the excesses of the radical left in no uncertain terms
In all sincerity, this podcast has transformed the way I understand the world. It’s validated thoughts I wasn’t “supposed” to have. It’s helped me find a place as a person who has felt increasingly politically “out to sea” over the last few years. I cannot stress how valuable, brave and freeing the work is. It’s a clearing house for three most important thinkers of this era.
It seems like you missed these points during your show on Voter Fraud. I’m sure you’ve heard all this nonsense before, but it would be helpful to hear you and your sources opinions on these matters. I value your show and would appreciate a debate on both sides of this. The presidential candidate that received more African American votes than ANYBODY in history....Biden? Biden Received more overall votes than ANYONE in History....(80,000,000)? Trump won those “bellwether” areas, he was The first Presidential canadate to receive 16 of those precincts...and still loose....? Trump was A Presidential candidate that received an unheard of 10,000,000 additional votes the 2nd time...and still lost...... A Presidential candidate that struggled through every debate, could Barely leave the basement long enough to put together a speech that he didn’t bumble through... Remember the car honking “rally’s” with like 30 cars? ……That it was legitimate to suddenly stop counting absentee ballots across 6 (key swing) states at 10:30 Pm on election night. Why did they do that??…. Were the dominion machines connected to the internet? If so, why? As you pointed out, Hillary still says she was cheated. MANY senators/congressmen had legitimate issues with the hack ability of the machines….. The shinanagins allegedly occurred in Deep Blue areas, so, it would make sense that Red voters felt good about their own votes.
Love Bari’s honesty, but she needs to be a little more careful on her guest selection. Sam Harris has discredited himself on multiple occasions over the last year through his extreme political bias leading him to conclusions that make no sense. Have him on once he realizes his mistakes and is ready to rebuild his reputation.
Great, hard to talk about topics with world class guests.
Solid reporting and thoughtful guests.
I thought I'd heard this was an edcuated woman. I can't decide if she lacks critical thinking skills or is just a disingenuous liar. Either way - this is really bad and easily fact checked. The disinformation is Trump level.
Bari, it’s time for you to move on. Please stop hosting misleading disinformation hacks! You are 100% part of the problem with eroding trust in media and institutions.
It’s very good.
Fantastic episode Gentlemen!! Very well presented! And I agree with you, that I want to look at my friends not as black humans or brown humans or whatever. We are all just people trying to live together here on this planet! I want to recognize people for their character and personality and even cultural ancestry not the color of their skin. ❤️
Have seen Bari a few times on Bill Maher and always found her insightful. I really respect and enjoy the way this podcast is willing to think critically about every issue and take on the orthodoxies one both sides of the ideological spectrum. I’m an immigrant Gen Xer who is often baffled by the Americans see issues (and those they don’t agree with), and I find the approach here super refreshing.


For a while there it seemed as if there were only 2 types of podcasts in this world: (1) The type where the host agrees with you on everything, and (2) The type where the host refuses to engage with your ideas in good faith at all. Hearing my own ideas steel-manned AND strenuously challenged has hardened my position on certain issues while significantly reshaping my understanding of others. It feels as if Bari is genuinely unafraid in her search for truth.
That is 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back.
I loved this episode. I have worked in health care for 40 years and have seen the changes happen before my very eyes. This episode confirmed everything that I have thought to be true, how sad that we are here! I have shared this episode with everyone I know and recommended my alternative medicine doctor to them as well. It was a huge eye opener and made me realize that we need to do ALOT of our own research these days and we can no longer just trust our doctors and what they want to “prescribe” in order for our bodies to feel better. Thank-you Bari for shedding the light with us and making us think a little deeper about what we are doing to this precious body we have. Even trusted wit to take care of. I love your podcasts. Keep up the good work and good luck with your new baby.
Saying seed oils are not that bad for you and the jury is still out on them. It just shows you that she’s right, the food industry has a lot to do with what doctors say and do..
I’m so grateful for real news, Bari Weiss, your rebelliousness to write the truth is necessary and valued.
Thank you so much for this podcast. Intellectually beefy discussions that are actually respectful, curious, challenging, and thoughtful. Bari is genuine in her openness to exploring topics with people she doesn’t necessarily agree with. Which is why I love this podcast. Some of her guests and the topics she delves into are downright fascinating - my first episode was her interview with Central Park Karen - and I was hooked. The beauty of this podcast is even though I don’t agree with everything all the time - I still love it. I wish more people approached journalism like Bari does.
Bari Weiss is without a doubt one of the finest journalists (in the true sense of that word) in America. Whether you are a progressive, old fashioned liberal, moderate (like me!), old fashioned conservative or part of the new right—you can’t afford not to listen to what Bari reports and her contributors have to say. And I don’t say this as one who agrees with everything. I say this because Bari challenges my “priors” and does real journalists following the truth as best she can uncover it—-wherever it leads. If you disagree—good! That’s the point. But like my arguments with my relatives over a long Thanksgiving meal—we can still respect and even love one another in the end. Make this podcast one of your regular listens each week! And Bari—thank you for your courage and being you. This married dad of three in Chicago appreciates it! Dan S., Chicago
Listened for a while. There are a couple of episodes I would recommend, like the one last year on abortion. However, I really had to stop listening after the commencement address episode. She looks at America with one eye closed. In other words, she has an ax to grind. We get it girl. You hate the New York Times. Enough with the one note sour grapes.
So clarifying and frankly healing to know that there are still people who think with emotional sobriety and who are committed to intellectual honesty and the American project.
I love this podcast so much and the reach of the topics, discussions and guests I often finish an episode and say to myself “play that again”.
I enjoyed listening to Dr. Means on your Podcast Eating Ourselves to Death. However, I’m curious why she didn’t talk about the benefits of a plant-based or mostly plant based diet on overall health. There is overwhelming evidence-based research about its benefits. Additionally, critiquing the lack of data in the moment demonstrating that overweight people, and people with conditions like diabetes were more at risk for early Covid (everyone has gotten it now…) is ridiculous. We were in the middle of a global health crisis that was significantly downplayed by our former president where health care professionals were working around the clock to try and save lives. Health care professionals lacked appropriate protective gear, there was no national response and you expect that besides providing information about what types of patients were faring worse, overweight, elderly and those with underlying health problems, we should have been instructed to what? Modify our diets based on the demographics of Covid patients? Do you remember that there was a huge debacle surrounding reporting of patient data. Come on. Some critiques are justified, but this is ridiculous.
Wonderful discussion about a very important subject!!
Dr Mean’s interview could not have resonated with me more. She is spot on about so many issues with the subsidies and incentive issues with our food system. I am so distraught at how unhealthy our country has become. Good on Dr Mean’s for stepping out and creating the incredible company she has. Unlike the companies and other entities capitalizing off the sickness of our country, Dr Mean’s is using capitalism and ingenuity to be part of the solution.
Wow, this podcast delivers. When I am interested in the topic and invest in the listen, I’m always satisfied and impressed with the level of Bari’s preparation, her on-her-toes thinking and questions, and her attitude of openness to learning and hearing more than one side of an issue. Good work!
Brilliant episode, thanks Dr. Means. More of this please, Bari! The food supply is clearly poisoned with chemicals, sugar and plastics and is unfit for human consumption. It's a threat to national security.
Excellent! Thank you for having meaningful conversations challenging mainstream. Very educational and insightful.
WOW! What an amazing discussion! So nuanced, engaging and juicy! This conversation made me think, question and rewind and listen again. I shared this episode with so many of my friends.
Barr certainly whitewashed his role in Trumpism!
I love the way Bari interviews and “moderates” The debates held on her debate shows!
Lady and gentlemen, while I appreciate your intellects, you have missed the obvious point, which is that, to be moral and to succed (i.e., economically, etc.), a society or nation must follow the "biblical worldview," as I affirm on my website. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution express that worldview. This once great nation, simply, needs to choose, morally, to follow that worldview. The intellectual parsing out of the details must be based on that foundation.
Wow! What an amazing podcast! Insider view, didn’t skirt questions, he spoke candidly seemed to me.
The topics are great but the debate podcasts are fantastic. More of these please! If you are not listening, then you are poorer for it.
In a world where moderation is considered a radical and heretical position, this podcast fearlessly brings together sharp perspectives on vital topics. And it doesn’t hesitate to say that “an emperor has no clothes” when few are willing to admit the naked truth.
This is one of my favorite new podcasts.
I really appreciate the thoughtful perspectives shared here. The questions are probing, and the interviews are varied.
When I start to listen to this podcast, will it be objective or subjective honestly speaking? I have for sometime now been listening to the podcast Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Much like this podcast, I tripped upon Rabbi Lapins podcast. Having no background in the Jewish heritage I found Rabbi Lapin‘s podcast amazing in how the world really works. Will I be just as amazed in an alternative opinion? So tell me what honestly lies\lies ahead Subjective or an Objective approach in honesty?