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I've listening to marketwatch podcast for a long time and really enjoy this one. However, can the audio be modulated a bit. The vocal is way too low but the laughs and commercials are way too loud. I keep getting my eardrums blown when the crew starts laughing or when the commercials come on. Thx and keep up the great content!
This podcast used to be interesting, but it appears to have become an "informercial".
Ahhh! was good but now 25% advertising. I understand the need to monetize a podcast but a 90second to 240second podcast with 30seconds of advertising is too much. I am switching to Bloomberg instead. goodbye.
This is a great podcast. However, in the last few months they have added an annoying Chase Bank commercial that plays twice on each podcast. The exact same commercial day after day. The repetition will surely drive people away.
I love this podcast. In addition to great sounding audio, the crew is very casual in discussing market trends and they stick to factual information and don't over embelish stories. It can be quite humorous at times as well as John Wordock and Ann Cates take shots at eachother.
This podcast is an informative and humorous commentary about today's business news. Business people usually take themselves too seriously, Money Markets and More gives a refreshing look at Wall Street and corporate financial issues. It has become one of my favorite business podcasts to listen to during the work day.