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If you have been searching for a simple no nonsense place to get trained on how to be a trader then CFRN is the place to go. No BS approach to trading.. all business during business hours....
Ever since we are born, information through our 5 senses has been bombarding us without remorse. Rarely do we ever take the time to filter through the good, bad, and the ugly. Silencing the mind is a complex feat only achieved by simplicity. Everybody has an opinion and thats just what it is, nothing more nothing less, from one to another and so forth. Emphasis is given to what is said and not how it feels to hear it. CFRN feels above the frequency of understanding, they feel what they say and helps you navigate through the building blocks of a solid, professional foundation. Descarte Your mind and let the sunshine in after years of accumulation. Empty your cup and give Charles a chance.
I have explored all the websites and read the books these are the only guys who put it on the line with live trading and they prove it can be simple.
This room is lead by real caring people. They care about you and about you succeeding. It is lead by Michael and DeWayne with Burt and Leslie at Daniels trading. They are great in helping you with techincal setups and helping you understand.
I have been Trading for 15 years and have been exposed to a lot of trading advice and materials. I have subscribed to several trading techniques and learned a great deal over these many years. The VERY DAY that I first watched CFRN Morning Trading Session I RECOGNIZED the value and saw the Simplicity of their trading approach--I immediately became a Partner. There has been constant and profitable Improvements since day one and as much individual help that is asked for. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trading with their indicators to everyone and especially to anyone that is wanting to learn to trade. I must emphasize that the CFRN TEAM is wholly commited to your success!
I've been to more than one trading room and this is the one to stay with. Not only do they demonstrate and teach success, the will offer personal assistance without trying to upsell you. The system and the results are realistic and the daily podcast covers a variety for trading and life necessary for success.
Michael and DeWayne are fully committed to helping traders become consistently profitable with easy to learn setups that deliver outstanding results. They will be there with you every step of the way in your trading journey. Thanks guys for all that you do.
If you are serious about learning to daytrade, this is the place for you. I've been trading futures off and on for 20 years. I never had consistent success until I found CFRN. Spend some time listening to the podcasts, if it sounds intriguing to you, take a one week free trial in the live trading room. You will most likely be hooked by the end of the week and decide to become a partner. I have been a partner for 15 months. I am making a good supplemental income even though my job situation only allows me to trade 9 days a month. Because of CFRN I will be retiring later this year, a couple years earlier than I had expected!
In addition to providing great info on how to trade in a simple, effective way, DeWayne and Michael and the others provide insight into navigating the psychological challenges of trading. Their coaching is an invaluable tool!
Not only are these guys great traders they are great people too. I'm becoming a better trader and a better person.
I look forward to listening to the show every day. I have been listening for quite a couple of years. DeWayne is great.. Michael the trader is a super trader and shows that it can be done every day. He shows if you believe in your trading system it will work. David is a joy to listen to - funny and very smart. If you are a futures trader - you will really enjoy the lunch time radio show. Keep it up guys - I plan on listening for many years to come.
I had check the internet for several pages, this is the one that fited me, with the radio they assure what they are teaching mentoring, thanks guys Blessings


From indicators to setups and residual income..... Cfrn provides it all! I would recommend taking the trial if u have not yet. Great new image too!
I've been a CFRN listener since 2007. DeWayne Reeves isn't just putting on a daily radio show, he's following his calling in life. DeWayne and his (thoroughly vetted) guests, who produce the show each day, are the 'real deal' in the world of investing and electronic stock, commodity and futures market trading. Whether you are interested in learning how to navigate the markets for yourself, hear varied viewpoints from seasoned market analysts and technicians, or just be entertained, this is the show for you. CFRN is uncensored, produced live every day, with language and content that never extends much beyond a G-rating. Keep up the great work Brother!
Excellent market information. Entertaining and enlightening confirmation of your trading setups. I apreciate everything you and the crew provide. Thanks, Dewayne.
If you trade Emini Futures for a living, this is YOUR Podcast. DeWayne Reeves, Michael B. Burton Sclichter, Leslie Burton, Mike Reed and David Williams make up the CFRN Team. Informative, educational, and lots of fun every single day. These guys have been producing this show over 6 years. Nobody stays in the trading business that long unless they really know what they're doing. If you tune in live you can see the charts and ask questions during the broadcast. If you listen via Podcast you can email your questions. Every day brings another layer of knowledge to my trading journey. Please keep up the good work. I can't imagine a trading day without listening to you guys in the background. Thanks Again! ET
I enjoy listening to the whole CFRN crew. Thanks for a great financial program on emini futures trading.