Reviews For Radio Vaticana - 105 Live

Of all the transmissions of Vatican Radio, 105 Live is perhaps the best produced and most profound in terms of commentary, variety, social-political-religious relevance. This podcast, done in Italian, offers a variety of segments from the daily, weekday broadcasts of Vatican Radio directed to listeners in Rome and the Lazio region. Many of these segments are produced as commentaries on news events (international and national), while others are feature shows, produced in a magazine format. If you understand Italian, you may find these podcasts not only informative but quite enjoyable as they bring you up-to-date on issues and currents discussed in the Catholic world. In my opinion, the English programming of Vatican Radio is more artistic and devotional than the Italian programming. I prefer the Italian programming, actually, because it attends to contemporary topics of interest from a lay point of view. If you can speak Italian, then, check out this service from "105 Live"!