Unorthodox Hacking

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Finally, a simple, straight forward diving into technical security. Perfect length videos. Well explained. Exciting.


By Zakhari
This is great for people who know computers inside and out. NOT for average people I wanted to learn something awesome but this is so not the way. If you want to take a fall asleep download this!!!!!
I don't understand how people are bashing this. It's very easy to understand and it's simple to catch on to, even for a beginner. I'm learning from these videos and learning about ddosing from a friend. The methods listed are also useful in starting to protect your computer from attacks. Great podcasts, can't wait for more.
This is a very interesting, informative podcast. Faz has done a good job explaining some interesting tactics and even gives some insight for those who have never done it before. While this podcast may not be for a beginner, anyone with a background in programming (more so networking) will enjoy and possibly learn something new. I know I am! Thanks Unorthodox Hacking, keep up the good work. -Danno
i am personally a huge fan of this podcast. although some may say it moves too fast and is slightly complicated, if you are at all associated with hacking or any hacking software, you should be able to catch on at a formidable speed. it is a great resource for all of the basics of hacking and pretty unusual ways of getting to the end result. love all the episodes and can't wait for more.
good layered on info but too fast!!! also needs basic info about the used programs, window shares, ect. or us podcast watchers are left in the \\dark !!!