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Living in upstate New York, I first found Pastor Jim Reeve on christian tv in the 90's. Fast forward to present date, I love the fact this pastor remains contemporary yet true to the faith. Disappointed no podcasts since Father's Day 2017. The main thing I have noticed is he has not changed his message or style over time. He reamins true. Time is the test (are you breathing out there??)!!! :)
I have moved away from the area but I still listen each week.
The Reeve Family, Pastor Kelly, and Pastor Brady and Pastor Dawn have been my shepherds here on Earth over the last 23 years until I truly learned the sound of our true Shepherd's voice this year with all of their help, guidance, prayers, support and love. Faith Community Church has unfailing and unconditional love, hope and most importantly, faith, for all of their members and visitors. If you want a total spiritual transformation this is the best place to begin! I am 28 years old and after trying to live a "Christian" lifestyle my own way for several of my adult years, I finally decided to give the Lord my entire heart during the 40 Day Regenerate series leading up to Easter and with this church's love and the guidance of Pastor Jim Reeve's new book, I found Christ Jesus who lives in me and ALL of us. I have so much more to learn and more reasons to love and cannot describe how much joy and understanding that I have. Imagine KNOWING exactly who you are by knowing whose child you truly are! We are all children of the Most High God, praise Jesus! God Bless Faith Community Church. - UMB
I went to Faith for 11 years, served for 3. I had a lot of laughs but always felt like something was missing. After reading the Bible, truly finding Jesus, listening to other bible teaching churches, and going to a real church that isn't focused on pleasing people, I've found what was missing. The word of God.
I'm very fortunate to have found this church, & being Able to download There pod cast, makes gods word available @ the swipe of my finger! Paster Jim & his tribe - Are my audio mentors! & even tho they've never met me I look up to them so much! They save my life daily! Thank u
Pastor Jim makes the word of God simple, relatable, and impactful. God really speaks through him every time!
Best church you could ever listen to.
I fell in love with this church attending it the first time over 2+ years ago. It is a privilege to have a podcast for the days you missed or if you just want to hear the message again. Thank you for always being the best
I am so happy to know that my church is up with technology so that they can spread the word of God to more people. Thank you for this FCC.
He is just an awesome speaker. I agree with everything he says, but not in a self-righteous way. What he says challenges me and makes me strive towards a goal that I know in my heart to be true. You seriously need to subscribe to this!!
Pastor Reeve, I am very grateful for this audio cast. Thank you for helping me "think past lunch" and for reminding me to "stay away from the van." I hope one day I can make my way across the country to attend one of your services at Faith.
Dr Reeve helped confirm my accepting the Lord and teaches with an angle that leads one think and read and love the lord. His love of God is incredible as is the entire church. These people will help you sit up and realize why the hole our Redeemer fills was so empty. Thank you Lord and Dr Reeve for your perserverance to bring the Lord to so many people.
Even though it has been 5yrs since we moved away from California and had to leave Faith Community, it is nice to be able to hear the same positive statements of faith and love of GOD being shared for the world to hear that gave us encouragement for the many years we attended Faith.
I have been attending Faith since April 2006 when I moved to Covina, CA. One thing I can say is that I have never been blessed by a church as much as Faith has. If I miss the Wednesday service, I catch it on the podcast which just blessed my heart. Pastor Jim is the man you wanna listen to! He is funny and yet such a practical teacher! I am in adoration of what God is doing through this servant! God bless you pastor.
I recently moved from California where I attended Faith and these podcasts have been tremendously helpful in keeping me connected to my faith and Faith! Thank you for this gift.


Pastor Jim Reeve grabs my attention everytime...
I attend Faith Community Church, so I can say from experience that Pastor Jim is a funny, nice, and good preacher.