Danube International Church

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The word of God is never boring & always thought provoking. Pastor Ronnie delivers the beautiful and wonderful words of life in a way that captures your hearts attention. The validity of Scripture is proven in each message. Thank you for making this podcast available... and for those in Budapest don't take this congregation and Pastor for granted. Blessings!
On a scale of 1 to 100, this is a 100! God is at work here with the Holy Spirit, teaching the Gospel of Jesus, the Word who was in the beginning, who became flesh, and died for our sins, and seals all believers with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to guarantee each believers eternal security. In Christ, Joe Whittle
This podcast is like being at Danube all over again . . . I can imagine the church, the people, the worship . . . :)
This podcast is a posting of the weekly sermon at a church located in Budapest, Hungary, pastored by an American named Ronnie Stevens. Anyone interested in thinking about religion, philosophy, social customs and the Bible will find this podcast very stimulating. The arguments of the speakers are well thought out and reasoned toward making theology understood and practical. This podcast is useful for both Christians who are away from their home church or just want some extra wisdom to chew over as well as for those of any belief system who are interested in learning about Christianity and thinking through practical theology.