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Very well done- organized beyond compare and brave to have kept searching! Thank you!
Sunny Bulwani should not be spending one second more than EH behind bars. How can you take millions of dollars and then turn around and claim anything negative. Pure attempt to manipulate any one who will buy her crap. Ellen, gave Elizabeth way too many compliments. Elizabeth should have used her genius mind and told the truth before she bsmboozled all of the investors. Great work and kudos to your team.
I love this podcast so much. Would so love if there was some kind of continuation of this for what happens after :) Thank you again
Well-made, well-researched, and well presented. Interesting, troubling, and almost incredible story! I also think “Mado” was most likely Madoff, but I’m surprised he didn’t even consider that it might’ve been…Madonna.
John does a great job of breaking it down and explaining the scientific, business and fraud details. Podcasts are great but I haven’t found a place to put them in my routine- I’m making places for this one!


By tparktn
Why were a number of the episodes cut off in mid-sentence, such as the last one during the interview with Tyler Schultz?
I thought I knew everything I needed to know about this case and almost passed this podcast up. So glad I didn’t. Excellent podcast and a deep dive into the cunning con artist Elizabeth Holmes. Knowing now her sentence, and knowing federal tends to let felons out early for good behavior, I hope she does the majority of the 11.5 years she’s been given. She got what she deserved.
I found the Bad Blood: Final Chapter podcast riveting! Carreyrou explains in great detail the process and time he painstakingly took to uncover the facts that ultimately revealed the truth about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. This is what authentic journalism should embrace. I hope justice is served with Ms. Holmes’ sentencing and incarceration. Thanks, Mr. Carreyrou.
This is an excellent podcast. John Carreyrou is a fantastic journalist! This true story is powerful, and uncovers a narcissists playbook.
This podcast is more engrossing than any crime novel. It is a cautionary tale of greed and blind ambition and how the rich, powerful and well connected can be easily manipulated. It uncovers episode by episode the many lies of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. This is a searing look at why we must have courageous journalists and brave whistle blowers who seek truth and expose white collar crime and abuse.
This is so well done ! From the first episode I was hooked and I do prefer it to the Drop Out simply because of the way the story is told . Thank you John , it’s outstanding!
Unfortunately great investigative reporters seem to be a dying breed even though we need them now just as much as ever. Glad to see there’s still a few out there doing their thing!
What a wonderful show ;!the host is amazing he has a wonderful voice. Unlike E. Holmes


You rock!
Loved this! John is just great… bright, articulate Kind, and thorough Excellent detailed podcast and loved his book!
This is my absolute favorite podcast, thank you John Carreyrou for the work you’ve done on bringing this situation into the public arena. Love the format and the music! An overall compelling listen with detailed accurate accounts of what happened. I found it shocking to learn how far this woman was able to get with her lies and sociopathic nature. I was surprised her employees were not named victims in the case against her. What a truly hostile environment she created. Terribly sad about Ian Gibbons.
I have also listened to (obsessively) the Dropout. I can’t tell you which is better. They are both amazing and weave together really well. This one gives more intricate detail and context. The Dropout paints the picture. I’m glad I listened to and watched the Dropout first because I would have been disappointed that so much was left out. But listening to Bad Blood now I have all the characters fully formed in my mind so the extra details have more impact. This story is insane!
Thank you for this. I watched the Hulu series, then listened to the podcast, then found this. ALL GREAT!! As a woman, scientist, and a veteran with a chronic illness …I’m so conflicted!! But only bc I know she was convicted. Thank you for exposing this. How is this like your book? Update: I’m on E2…no conflict. She, and this…so much worse than I thought
Fantastic journalism and telling of this unbelievably true story!
He was so cavalier regarding source protection that future potential sources (in any area of work, government, etc) will think a lot more than twice before trusting their safety.
Each episode is fascinating. Simply spellbinding.
Put a lot of work into it.
Well produced! I wish he’d do more. This is exactly how I like my podcasts.
Fantastic podcast, however you don’t get a blood test for AIDS, you get one for HIV
Love this reporter. The slow and calm way he took down theranos is wonderful to behold. Reality over hype!
I really enjoyed “The Dropout” podcast, wasn’t sure if this would measure up, but it does!! Great to hear the story from the reporter who broke it wide open!
Well payed out story with a crazy cast of characters. I mean to go from former statesmen, military leaders, journalists and strong willed whistle blowers, this story has it all. My only issue is, starting around episode 10, the story skips back and replays from a previous part. It continues on but ends before the chapter is finished. I have had it happen every chapter since 10. It’s frustrating as I end up Missing content each time.
Loved the podcast
This is a fascinating and well produced podcast. I was enjoying it so much until I saw, in the first few words of one of the last episode’s shoe description, the trial verdict. Since it wasn’t further down in the description, just looking at the list of episodes revealed it. I suppose for most others it was no surprise, it had been all over the news. I hadn’t followed the story. I was listening partly because of the mystery of how it ends. I’ve heard enough now to know the details and now that I know the end I’ll move on to another podcast.
Even after reading the entire book, Bad Blood, this was still essential listening, especially as it focuses on the trial of Elizabeth Holmes. You almost have to admire her chutzpah while cheering her fall from Grace.
I’m fascinated by this story. Convinced me to check out his book
I preferred this straight-shooting podcast to the more slickly produced The Dropout, though I feel both were essential listening. I like the casual, conversational style of Carreyrou. And amazing reporting, of course!
Such a crazy, mind-blowing story of blatant fraud. Loved it! Wish the narrator would have taken the time to look up the pronunciation of basic medical terms like “creatinine” though and learn what they mean. Contrary to what he states, creatinine is not a “liver function” test. Definitely made him seem like a less credible source.
What a story! Well told. Couldn’t turn it off!
Love this podcast and the staff and the voice that reads her texts is so hilarious!!! Kind of a stuffy nose version of her manly tone. Keep up the good work!
A lot comes to mind. Every time I hear Holmes voice gives me chills. She surrounded herself with sycophants and her evident narcissism is palpable. Thank god for Tyler Schultz and John Carryerou. The judge needs to sentence her for a long long time. Her deceptions helped lead society to question health care organizations and others with regard to the self interest that was demonstrated by her actions. This coming right on the heels of the pandemic in which much of the dialogue gets thrown in with the miasma leading to misinformation. In addition, the law needs to protect persons who tell the truth and can’t have them being threatened by such things as bankruptcy etc when trying to do the right thing. Those persons should be ashamed of themselves and as in war following orders or “doing there job” such not be qualifiers and they to should be held accountable.
My highest regards to all the courageous people risking everything they have to expose this monster! Bravo!!!
Now, this is a real journalism! Thank you!
I'd give this a 4-5 on the podcast...because the content has great. However, I'd give it a 1 for not removing the 'paid subscriber' feature when you have no intention on creating anymore content anytime soon. Hm. Just another person trying to collect $ for doing nothing? Sound familiar? (and put it on the 'investors' for not doint their due dillengence). Luckily, I've only been charged for 1 mo of nothing....spend it wisely John.
I love how it analyzes every single aspect of the case to further understand the implications of all the lies and misleading statements of Elizabeth Holmes. Great podcast!
Excellent work, thoroughly enjoyed the story. Very interesting who bought the situation, who didn’t, and why. A cautionary tale for sure. Very pleasant voice too which I really appreciate!
Outstanding reporting. Incredible story. Love the podcast
Absolutely Horrible ! She will come out of prison with billions hidden away. Such Greed I appreciate your honesty & compassion for the human race.
Thank you, I am sharing with everyone I know. Truth is power.
I appreciate this courageous investigative reporting. The podcast is a good format, and John ends up also being an excellent narrator. Next, take down one of the more dangerous male frauds. I don’t need to list the names of powerful men who flout the law, amass incredible wealth and power, and evade all accountability. They often do it all in broad daylight. The law isn’t just for humble people… and powerful women. Keep up the good work.
When I subscribed and paid, some of the subscriber episodes never played for me. I constantly got the “something went wrong” error when I tried to play. I loved the content but am very disappointed by my subscriber experience - paying for episodes that don’t play!!
Really appreciate the in-depth coverage. The anatomy of a fraud unfolding in real time.


By kbcrun
Love all the in-depth breakdowns! I’m Hooked.