Reviews For Six Pixels of Separation Podcast - By Mitch Joel

So much information packed into every episode and really great guests! I really enjoy listening to Six Pixels of Separation to hear about various businesses and different approaches, and Mitch is an awesome host.
Mitch, host of the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast, highlights all aspects of business, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Mitch, host of the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast, highlights all aspects of business, technology and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Mitch and his guests provide some incredibly actionable & compelling content on how leaders can effectively approach, pioneer and foster a more innovative mindset (both personally & amongst their peers) in order to stay sharp & agile in today’s ever-evolving landscape. Six Pixels of Separation is a must listen for anyone interested in exploring their own personal and professional evolution & development - Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
I absolutely love listening to this podcast. Mitch is a great host who knows just how to structure an attention-grabbing show. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone in the marketing industry.
Mitch and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best digital marketing tactics and coming trends to help you effectively grow your business. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Six Pixels of Separation if you want the knowledge AND mindset to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
I like both the content and the the sound. This is not always the case with a podcast. Mitch Joel is engaging, knowledgeable and organized as the host, plus his voice is easy to listen to. The topics and guests are interesting and keep the show moving and relevant. This podcast is one of the most polished I have ever listened to!


By Kyle179
I want to like this. The content is hit and miss and most times I find myself asking why Mitch is interviewing someone. Every interview he seems to always make some sorta of correlation or example of how he is just as "great" as the real thought leaders in the marketing space (Seth Godin, etc.). His use of buzz words and repatetive verbaige that sounds like it was on a "word-of-the-day" calender is tired. Please check your ego at the door.
Lots of useful info on digital marketing. Looking forward to more!
Keep your policatal whinning out of a technology podcast. It comes across very unprofessional. I am so excited for 2017. After listening to this podcast, I wanted to jump off a cliff. My gosh, give the people what they are expecting. There was so much judgemental complaining, I found it to be very amateur.
If you want a good marketing education listen to I love marketing. Not this.
Each episode is like a new podcast.
This is the gold standard on an informative podcast. There are no ads, just plain content done in an intelligent and interesting manner.
Awesome podcast if you're interested in digital marketing. Enjoyed the unique and interesting perspective
I cannot start my week off with out my Six Pixels of Separation listen, this has been my routine every morning for the last 5 years. Mitch Joel got me into podcasts, built credibility in the podcast world for me. This guests are relevant, his discussions are insightful, and I always have a take away in some way shape or form. My favorite podcast of all time is still the episode when he has someone interview him; I’m blanking on the episode # (a few years back at this point). Mitch Joel is one of the thought leaders in this digital world, and he simply cannot be ignored.
I often feel like I've been cheating for the last 5 years by listening to Mitch Joel, I can truly say that it's given me a leg up in my field by providing reliable insights into what's working now but also what to look for in the future. If there was a drink you could take to make you a better marketer I would say the six pixels podcast has all the vitamins you need, guaranteed to fill your brain with amazing ideas and inspiration.
Excellent podcast. Have been listening for a long time and am only just now leaving a comment. Thank you for being so generous, for all the great knowledge and entertainment that you freely give to your many listeners. Yours is an excellent podcast by way of both content and quality. Sincere thanks. @JamesMSchaffer PS: What IS the song that closes each show?! LOVE that song!
Just listened to the "Misery of Agency Life" episode and I literally have a headache. You need to learn how to have respect for the people you interview. I didn't get a single thing out of the episode because you were too busy listening to yourself speak. Why bring someone on just to talk about YOUR opinion? Totally disappointed.
Mitch’s podcast are a highlight of the week. His interview style is particularly effective, with an ability to push back and challenge guests of all statures. The selection of interviewees is diverse, often times around the publication of a book. Mitch’s podcast is a Sunday feature!
I believe that I have listened to every episode of Six Pixels of Separation. I like that Mitch attracts great brains to his show but is also willing to ‘push back’ a bit and ask critical questions. I found it five years ago, back when I had manually download current and old episodes but put on my memory card to put it on my Palm Pilot. It was always worth the effort. Ken Twitter: kenmorrison30
I started listening to this podcast a few months back and have learned a tremendous amount and even more it really makes you think. Mitch has excellent conversations, and that what it is a conversation, not an interview, with some incredible guests. Each episode is thought provoking and really gives an interesting perspective on business today. I highly recommend this podcast.
Drawn to and draws from insightful and disruptive content. It's about what has one's attention, Mitch makes it easy gain focus and maintain proper perspective. Listen, yes, then do.
Mitch is a fabulous host and really adds to what his guest say and experience. You can feel his passion for this podcast and for marketing, which he shares with those he is interviewing. Can't suggest it enough...
I'm not sure if anyone has been doing it longer (or better) than Mitch Joel when it comes to podcasting. Amazing guests with wonderful stories. Mitch is a TRUE professional.
This podcast is done well. The topics are relevant and interesting. The speakers are intelligent and easy to listen to. Mitch is at the top of his game, but the podcast is really valuable because he consistently brings the best professionals the marketing world has to offer onto his show. I'm beginning to view this podcast as the who's who in marketing today.
I don't know where to begin with a review of this podcast. Of course i should share the facts: it's pack with incredibly valuable marketing content, featuring a guest list filled to the brim with marketing industry GIANTS. I can't thank Mitch enough for is amazingly inspirational work -- I've writen coutless blog posts for my small business marketing blog inspired by this podcast. I guess the easist way for me to sum up my feelings about this podcast is to say: I wish Mitch Joel was my friend. If you're at all into marketing, I strongly suggest you subscribe to this podcast RIGHT NOW!
I thoroughly enjoy the conversations you have, the insights you share, and the way you think. I am not in the marketing world, though I have had many reasons to apply much of what I have learned through Mitch. A must listen for just about anyone who is actively participating in life...
Mitch's podcast has been a constant companion on the commute and at the gym. His insight and knowledge in the world of digital marketing is perhaps unparalleled.
I really can't say enough about how much I have learned about digital marketing from Mitch Joel and this podcast. His no bs approach, wit and creative genius are on display in every episode, many of which include A list marketers like Godin, Brogan and Vaynerchuk as guests. Six Pixels is exactly what makes podcasting so great. --Chris Smith Chief Evangelist Inman News
I find the podcast very informative and highly entertaining as well.
Mitch Joel is one of the foremost strategic minds and futurists in the Marketing/Advertising Industry today. His breadth of topics and concise views based on facts and reality, which so much of the industry lacks is refreshing. If I was a college professor I would require this as listening. And his monthly talks with Joseph Jaffe are incredible. If you are in Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Technology you are shorting yourself and your career if you do not subscribe. Howie G Chief Alien, President and CEO Sky Pulse Media
I like the interview format of SPOS more than the free-for-all format of Media Hacks, but still I always find something interesting comes out of their crazy conversations. The interviews are well done and balance Mitch's own opinions with the guests. They are more like conversations and I always feel engaged. Well done. SPOS has earned a permanent spot on my iPhone. Also if you haven't checked out his book, you should because it's even better than the podcast. -- Matt Dotson, Automate My Small Business Podcast
Really enjoying this podcast as I try to learn more about digital marketing, social media, etc. Engaging broadcaster and interviewees. I always come away with some useful ideas for my business.
I keep listening to this podcast for the thoughts on marketing and the changing digital landscape. I enjoy both the Media Hacks episodes and the others where Mitch typically interviews someone else in the digital space. Still undecided about the profanity occasionally found in Media Hacks, and I often have to make time to listen to the longer episodes.
I want to listen to your podcast to follow the titled topic but you don't stay anywhere near the topic. Do you think I have time to eavesdrop on a random converstaion for 90 minutes???? FOCUS you probably had 7 minutes of content in the last 90 minutes I heard!
So, if you ever wanted to go to a coffee house ( hold on Julien is involved)... a bar and have a drink with cool, driven, future thinking friends talking passionately about the Wild West that is Social Media, pull up a bar stood. Six Pixels is a podcast that has invigorated my appraoch to Social Media to the point of wanting to saddle up a few ideas and ride them onto the blog prairie myself. If you are an experienced Blog-slinger or thinking about joining the Social Media wagon train, this is the Podcast for you. Keep up the good fight my friends!
Content rich online and new media podcast I cannot get enough of! Mitch Joel's unpretentious and insightful dialog with real online shakers and movers is not to be missed. I take a way at least one if not more ideas each week I can implement, research or test online. Just read the book and it is excellent as well. Too bad I didn't run across this podcast sooner!
Excellent insights for a dinamic and challenging new media. U also read the book and thank you for those simples and DIY ideas!!!!
Mitch Joel is new media! He has incredible guests and a great community who call in with ideas, questions and engaging commentary. Mitch has a great take on the news in new media and his six points offer an easy how-to guide each week for one strategy or tactic. Jay Berkowitz, the Ten Golden Rules Interent Marketing Podcast
I love Mitch Joel's podcast. I have learned so much from listening to SPOS. I especially like the six points of separation when he delivers fantastic tips. These tips are so clear and direct, I can often go right out and put them to use and reap the benefits. Mitch's style makes listening fun. I really feel like he is talking right to me. As a small business owner, I find the information that Mitch shares is invaluable. I look forward to each episode!
Want to survive in the world of digital marketing? Then listen to this podcast. I love that Mitch is laid back, direct and informative all at once. It's a must listen in my book and I never miss an episode.