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I really wanted to love this podcast, but there are a lot of views that do not mesh with Christian values. So, if that is what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place. There is definitely some good content here, but a lot of things make me cringe.
My boyfriend is a single dad with a tween and I find it very helpful to hear lots of relevant discussions and a reminder that “you are not alone “ in dealing with the latest challenge.
I tell everyone to listen to this podcast-even if their child isn’t in puberty. I particularly liked sharing the episode about consent with a group of Pre-Kindergarten parents. These two are funny, relatable and full of practical advice. Help spread the word of this perfect podcast so they can go from .co to .com!
This is such a wonderful podcast and I highly recommend all the episodes for anyone caring for a tween or teen!
Mom of 3 here and we just live in such different world from how I was raised. I can’t keep up with how fast things are changing and these two lovely ladies help prepare me for having such important conversations with my kids about puberty, peers, and our bodies. I absolutely love this show. Thank you for helping me parent in todays world.
I really love this show, but I am concerned when they try to push that all genders are the same. They also push trans ideology, and they never say if your kid is trans go so a medical professional for a diagnoses , even though Cara is a medical doctor. Lastly I have a young son and this show shames him by saying we must get rid of toxic masculinity. Also they say that teens boy’s are sexually assaulted just las much as girls. This is total b.s .Yes this show has some great things to say , but they also say some things that are very concerning So parents please take what these ladies are saying with a grain of salt.
I learn and laugh a lot! Thank you
You both have helped me thru many hard moments with my teenage daughter. Not only understanding her growth and puberty, but also her bad behavior and how to manage the bad moments. Thank you!!!
Hi Ladies, I was soo excited to hear about your podcast. My brother-in-law shared it to me as I was sharing how raising a 12 yr old tween boy is new and challenging. I am 1 of 4 sisters raised in a very strong female driven family. Until my sister had the first boy. I learn from her but I needed more as being a forever student. You two are teaching me so much to be the best present parent I can be for my awesome 12 yr old son. Also I shared this with my husband , who seems to have forgotten what it was like to be a young boy in puberty .
I love how they combine their expertise in this field with empathy and experience of their own as real, down-to-earth moms who get it!
Serious thanks for your honest approach. My one suggestion is to please push towards and include content that addresses and assists parents from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds!
I love this podcast. They hosts are the most warm and passionate ladies. You can tell they have a such genuine love for the topic and helping kids navigate puberty. A must listen for anyone with kids.
I’m a 45 year old mom of 2 boys, one of which is starting to go through puberty. I have learned so much for them as well as for me. Great job ladies! Thank you so much for making this topic fun to learn about.
Love these ladies and their expertise, humor, openness, and vulnerability. Have been listening for awhile now. Especially appreciate the episode with Lisa Damour about her latest book (which I read before listening, actually. Made me feel less alone in my season of parenting a teen girl. There are some good nuggets they discuss that are not in the book. Anyway, back on track, this is an overall super helpful podcast for tween and teen parents of every gender!
I love this podcast and have often forwarded episodes to friends! I don’t like the ads about “air down there” - a bit much.
Incredibly grateful for the guidance in this podcast - every episode teaches me something! One of the toughest challenges is parenting different ages/genders/personalities since there is not a one approach fits all. This podcast really delivers advice, insights, and thoughtful approaches to handling those gaps. The content is applicable to both my 9 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son. Love the discussions it prompts! Now can you create one to help moms handle the perimenopause/menopause gap (especially while raising teens?!)? Ha! Thank you for all the hard work & vulnerability - it’s obvious you truly care and are passionate about these issues!
I can’t even describe how much insight and knowledge these two ladies bring to each episode!! This podcast is a vital piece of my parenting repertoire!! Every single topic covered has been discussed and applied in our home!
I love listening to the puberty podcast! It’s so reassuring to hear things that I’m going through and be aware of conversations that need to take place sooner than later!
I can’t express into words how helpful it is to have The Puberty Podcast as a resource for this wonderful world of adolescence! I’m constantly sharing episodes with my friends. Thank you!!
I have 2 pre-teen girls and Puberty Podcast has already helped me tackle current issues (it starts so young!), helps me get ahead of upcoming issues, and generally reminds me I’m not crazy! It’s like a candid, comfortable conversation with my friends!
Yes!!!!!! A must listen podcast!!!
I’m a mom of a 13 year old and a 2 year old and the biggest difference I’ve noticed is access to quality information has exploded in that time span. The information heavily leans towards babies and toddlers and I was so happy to stumble into this podcast to invest in learning about my adolescent too! We talk more with the help of the examples and prompts - it’s seriously game changing!
Thank you for helping (even with a loose script!) pull together the words to help communicate hard topics with my kids. I’ve shared your pod far and wide!
I’m a new follower and have found these conversations so beneficial. The fun, open and creative ways to begin discussions and keep them going with your teens are key to building a better relationship with your kids.
I accidentally found Puberty Podcast last year after getting a new watch and trying to find something to listen to while walking my dog. It was eye opening to listen to such warm and open conversation about puberty and teens. It is informative and funny and definitely helped me feeling more brave to start approaching my kids about uncomfortable topics.
Informative and relevant topics with easy and relatable advice from 2 experts. Love this show
This podcast is crucial for anyone wanting to provide essential and effective connection and education to your kids. I’ve had so many questions answered and really feel confident in myself as a parent to tweens. Thanks to the both of you!
As a psychotherapist and a mom of 3 tween and teen boys I can wholeheartedly say that The Puberty Podcast is spot on with all the education, information and strategies to foster healthy, real and fun ways to engage with kids about topics that are so important! Please watch no matter what age your kids are.
The information and insight are invaluable. Cara and Vanessa provide incredible lessons as we navigate these awkward and challenging years. As a parent of a tween and teen, this is my go-to for guidance and reassurance. Thank you!
I love tuning into this podcast and all the information that is shared. Highflying recommend to anyone parenting kids during the adolescent years.
As a teacher of early adolescents and a mom of elementary school kids, this is an extraordinary resource. Cara and Vanessa know their stuff, and the information is presented in such a warm, humane, and funny style that even tough topics feel approachable. All kids need adults in their life who can be sources of information, guidance, and love during their adolescence…and all adults need information and skills about how to be that trusted adult! If you are a parent or educator, The Puberty Podcast will become your go-to for how to approach those conversations with love, respect, and purpose.
Love every episode I listen to. I have two teenage boys and the discussions and advice given are so helpful and relevant to what my boys are going through. So thankful for all of the information I have learned from this podcast. Thank you!!
This is the most approachable, empathetic podcast about parenting during your child’s puberty. I have just started listening and am 3 podcasts in on my first day. I have already learned enough to share a couple valuable tidbits of info with my daughter was relieved to hear that she’s not alone!
Timely, topical content presented in a no-nonsense, funny and scientific way! This duo is perfect together. Highly recommend for parents of tweens and teens.
As a pediatrician and parent of teens, this has been a great resource to help me know how to approach issues that are important to teens and their families.
I feel like there is a plethora of podcasts related to raising babies and toddlers, but almost none about raising preteens and teens. Why are they overlooked?! It is such a shift in parenting, it baffles me that this phase is overlooked. I am so thankful that I found this podcast as it has helped me understand what is happening biologically, physically and emotionally to preteens and teens! Thank you!!!
I love how it talks about girls and boys puberty. I am a girl who is going through puberty and this has really helped me understand what is going on. I love it so much and suggest you listen to it as well
This is hands down the podcast that every parent needs. Tackling every aspect of this time period with candor and humor, Cara and Vanessa help parents connect with their kids through an otherwise awkward stage. Highly recommend for anyone looking for support…and a few laughs.
Cara and Vanessa break down to the basics about all things puberty related with humor, self-reflection and data, too. The conversations they have with guests are interesting, timely and funny. And they are not afraid to go deep and sometimes uncomfortable with all things puberty and navigating adolescence. I love this show and you will too. Follow, review, share, and subscribe.
I am a mom and a psychologist and cannot stop singing my praise for this podcast. I love the vulnerability of growth that the hosts show up with - inviting listeners to feel safe and seen as they cover topic areas that are often not talked about. Challenging the cultural shame around biological development is overdue. The hosts and their guests model how to talk openly about all things puberty and beyond. I am so grateful for the valuable conversations that have come out of discussions about this podcast! It is a a life line in the messy waters of raising tweens.
I would give Cara and Vanessa all the stars in the universe if I could! Their content empowers me with knowledge both as a mom and as a health educator with my own business - Girl Power Science. So grateful!
This is one of the most helpful parenting shows that I have listened to. I love that it’s educational, real, and has actual tools and language to use in your life after listening. I have used the advice and language with both of my kids and my partner on numerous occasions. Very grateful to these great and funny hosts!
Thx! This really helped!
I have an early bloomer and she’s my first. None of my friends are having these talks with their kids and I have first had shame my child is ahead and also everyone acts crazy we’ve had such mature talks … when I didn’t really have a choice… and I am SO thankful I found you and your clear message and expert information. Thank you.
I rly think that there is only two genders and boys like girls and girls like boys and assuming is amazing and it’s not assuming it’s making a statement 🤰🏻🙅🏻‍♀️🫄🏻👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🙅🏻‍♀️👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
I am actually going through it right now
I love listening to this puberty podcast. Great advice and great guests.
With two teens and a tween, this podcast is such a gift!