Reviews For LatinRadical

A great perspective on news from South America. American media as a whole largely ignores that part of the world, except when highlighting the rabidly anti-Castro Cuban-American population, and there was no mention on the networks about the tensions in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador recently. Imagine my happiness when I downloaded this podcast and found SOMEONE talking about it! Keep up the good work.
I think this is a great podcast, it gives an alternative view of Latin American politics than you would see in the bias U.S. media. These people who claim Chavez is a dictator are obviously mislead or just just flat out biased.Perhaps the fact that he has been democratly elected 3 times with landslide victories is irrelevent to them. Fact is, Chavez has improved the lives of Venezuelans who were for so long on the bottom ring of society.
I come to podcasting to hear something different. This is the perfect example of that. This appears to be a pro Chavez podcast that gives the news from that perspective. Seems to last 5 to 10 minutes and give me and interesting perspective that I wouldn't otherwise get. Interestingly this is done by Australians - again, what podcasting is all about.
Chavez has helped the poor and ruined the economy. Chavez had created housing for the poor and made inflation go through the roof. When I was a little kid I remember 100 bolivares being around $1 and now it’s around 2000 bolivares for a dollar. Chavez is helping the little man stand up for itself, but doesn't anybody remember the march in downtown Caracas when Chavez had is own men shoot and kill several people then he released the gunmen? Chavez just wants to go down in history for standing up to the United States. He is splitting the country in half. Half love him and the other half wants him out. How come my uncle cannot speak out against Chavez, which is freedom of speech, without fear of losing his job? Chavez is throwing money and oil away like candy. Instead, how about Chavez stops wasting money on Russian military equipment, because we do not need it. Why does he help u like Iran, who do not need help and just focus on Venezuela and countries who really need money and oil like Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Rep. and so on. Chavez can do a much better job at improving the social and economic standards of living in Latin America.
I can't believe that supporters of such a shameful and most corrupted government in the history of Venezuela have the nerve to broadcast something in this site. The recent events at the United Nations General Assably meeting proves that Hugo Chavez is a mentally ill person, and that the poor and un-educated people of Venezuela are still supporting such an embarrassing of a human being. I hope that they know that in case of a army conflict between the U.S. and Venezuela, their children and sons are going to be in the front line fighting the U.S. army and that Chavez and his friends will not do anything to protect them. I hope that ex-prez. Caldera is suffering for all the damage he had brought to Venezuela when released Chavez from custody. Venezuela is for us, Venezuelans, not for a this deviated comedy of "Bolivarian" Revolution.
It is unbelievable that the joke venezuelans have as a government is spending billions of dollars on cheap propaganda while more than 85% of the venezuelan population is dying of starvation.
Amazing, that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which spends its time criticizing and verbally attacking the United States calling them imperialists, oligarchs and capitalist pigs is using the most American medium and method (podcasts via the Apple iTunes Music Store) to communicate their message of hatred and anger. This is completely hypocritical, ignorant, disgusting and NO ONE should waste their time listening to this garbage.