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Insulting to women who have for years been harmed in this “industry”
You can tell my the myopic, narrow-minded, poorly articulated one-star reviews that this is going to be a good podcast 😜😂 Well done, thoroughly enjoyed. A story as heartbreaking as important to tell, with real life consequences for the undeserving
I couldn’t finish Season 1 - it just did not hold my interest. But I’m glad I came back because S2 and S3 were great!
Compelling, thought provoking - I can understand why Leah was so absorbed by this story. A must listen I burned through all 8 episodes!
An original story. Well done. I always looked forward to new episodes in my feed. Thank you for a really good podcast.
This show is excellent. The story telling, the tone, the whole thing. It made me think about things I haven’t really thought about before and made me think about things I have thought about before but in new ways. The subject matter was handled delicately and the complexities of the story were shown. I def recommend!!
Great show until the 3rd season. Really off the mark on every aspect from how the story is told and who’s telling it. They need to stick to using reporters.
I really wanted to come to an opinion for or against. But I could not by the end of it. The good, the bad, the ugly was shared. I have to say including the singing of the song at the end of it was the icing on the cake.
Interesting and had me hooked from beginning to end! I loved the music and was fascinated by the whole story and people we met along the way.
This podcast is exceptionally done. It takes you on a wild ride of unraveling a true story. It is thoughtful with its interviews of real people and how it weaves all these pieces together. The story tellers, the Henoch sisters have an incredible way of bringing you in while also showing their own fascination with this place and the people involved. It’s a must listen!!
I’m really enjoying this very well done podcast. The host is great and it’s edited really well.This is up there with shows like,This American Life et al.
If you've ever wondered what happens when you let a bunch of woke women loose to foist their propagandist vitriol against men, you've got to hear this one. A bunch of teenagers posing as journalists who typify how far real journalism has fallen into mediocrity. Laughable attempt that falls flat; an ode to feminist self-indulgence, as if you hadn't been bored by enough already.
Really turned my stomach to hear how hard the host and some of the guests worked to make the illegal and immoral seem virtuous. It would be nice to have a story told without all this woke proselytizing. I wanted to hear the whole story, but barely made it through the first four episodes.
the host sometimes seems bewildered by logical outcomes re: crime, the justice system, etc.
It does what all great shows do, which is that it got me and my friends talking about deep and complex issues we wouldn’t otherwise discuss. The hosts are top notch, and every new episode reveals more and more interesting info. Highly recommend!
I hope Rebecca isn’t interviewed too much because hearing her speak just makes me want to offer her some water. So far the story is interesting but it is so distracting and makes my skin crawl
I felt sad, intrigued, moved. I don’t ever listen to stuff like this, but the story seemed interesting, and so glad I did. Went through all 8 episodes in a day and a half! Great production overall - pacing, music, sound effects, all incredibly well done!
I’m hooked! I can’t wait to hear how all of this unfolds! Katie & Leah are the perfect hosts to guide us through this maze.
As a true crime obsessive, I found this podcast and devoured it. The story is so interesting and loved the way the hosts bring us through it with the right blend of humor and info. If your into true crime (or just good story telling) listen to this!
This show explores so many interesting big themes through the story of this one crime story (or is it a religious freedom story? Or a womens empowerment story? Or a cult?). The show constantly keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. And Leah and Katie are fantastic hosts!
I’m just like amazing!!! I can’t wait for the eps to come out. Such an interesting story and I’m waiting for the next. Thanks
Interesting, suspenseful & smart.
A compelling story explored with the nuance and respect it deserves. Highly recommend for your listening pleasure!
I was totally hooked by this podcast and binged it all in 2 days. It covers so many pertinent issues thoughtfully and was entertaining and thoroughly reported. It’s definitely sparked conversations between myself and other friends who have listened and I’ve been recommending it to everyone. I love finding a new podcast and this one was perfect.
This podcast is so well done! The narration, the attention to detail, and the way they navigate complicated issues with empathy. I enjoy that it tries to stay fairly neutral, as well. My only complaint is that there are too many ad breaks for the amount of info given in each episode. I do agree with a previous review that the pacing was off at times. Otherwise a fantastic listen!
They spend their time glorifying a truly illegal and abusive organization. Also, if they do not understand how sharing the name of a undercover police officer would put them in danger… They truly are down the woke river without a paddle.
This is a fascinating, compelling and thought provoking story that is told by two smart and clearly empathetic hosts! Worth listening to, I loved all 8 episodes! DD Albers
They felt the need to whine about how white people apparently caused cross-dressers to get arrested and it’s all white peoples fault. Which added nothing to the story
Fascinating story and storytelling
Im so confused! Why’s this spiritual form of healing ridiculed while Mormon polygamy is okay? Or random cults? I don’t think tantric yoga or tantric facilities should “educate” or “lead” anyone outside of couples. I think there’s a huge difference- HOWEVER- things like the temple may make a sacred practice not so sacred…sooo I’m still confused on all of it tbh- but aside from that, I love the podcast- it definitely is told perfectly and in a manner that honestly makes me question my own inner-being and self-awareness.
Great Podcast, I was looking for a new one to binge & so happy I found this one. On first episode of 2nd season, I love how detailed it is. It like he paints a picture so we know what each scene or person looks like. Absolutely Awesome, definitely got a fan for life. Keep up great work!
A griping podcast that is worthy of binge listening!


Excited about this.
This is so interesting and complicated. Really well done! Binged it.
Like every other Binge show… they release all the episodes at once for subscribers but only the first couple episodes play. The rest won’t play.
What's the point of paying for a subscription if the episodes are not ad-free?
I binged season 2 in a couple of days and enjoyed every single episode! Captivating story telling by Sean and great interviews from all angles. It should be noted that I'm extremely picky about my true crime podcasts, and this one gets 5 stars! I'm now headed to listen to Season 1 ....
I keep trying to figure out why the audio is skipping, feels like I’m listening to a cd and driving over a bumpy road. I’m on episode 4, and I think it’s happened on all four. Otherwise the storytelling is great, and appreciate the recapping of what is said in the interviews with the less than ideal recording quality.
This is an interesting story that is well produced, but it is too drawn out and has way too many commercials. It could be half as many episodes for the content.
I’m in law enforcement and a appreciate the attention to detail and an validation of every statement to the best of your ability. I love these podcasts and I’m picky of who I listen to. The story is about your victim and the truth. Thanks