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Although the show has dipped during CoVid, Chris is a first rate interviewer with a library full of wine knowledge and personality. The archived shows are a gold mine for WSET students. Look forward to a return to great interviews post-CoVid. Cheers!
Chris and Jane are personable and easy to listen to. Chris has a great way of breaking down information to give you just enough detail without getting overwhelmed. Highly recommend this podcast for any student of wine
The podcast is great! Especially if you’re studying for WSET III. Chris makes sure he mentions all the details needed when talking w the wine experts. You may notice the lack of organization in the WSET texts. The lectures provided by Chris contain details in a more memorable and organized format! Thanks Chris and Jane!
Chris is a pleasure to listen to. He is upbeat and switches up topics regularly. I am always learning something new from this show and enjoy it very much.
I've listened to the U.K. Wine Show driving to and from work, while at work, and during house chores for the last year. Great podcast about all things wine! Love it.
The producer interviews are interesting and invaluable. But these would be so much better if Chris Scott could take more of a back seat. I skip through the first 15 minutes usually - the wine news bit and all his opinions. I've found that he's sometimes incorrect about 'facts' that he offers up. And the way he interrupts the people he's interviewing to interject his own opinion is annoying.
I came across this podcast last year, enjoy listening to Chris and have learned a great deal. Reviewing some of his previous episodes helped me when I took my WSET Level III in Napa, CA.
Chris Scott and his wife Jane produce a one of a kind podcast focusing on all things wine. The interviews and content helped me so much in my studying and passing my WSET level 3 exam. The interviews took me to far away place as I sat in traffic. Check out the interviews on Sherry! This complicated wine and its process had me fascinated and not able to pull myself away. I learned And absorbed the material that when it appeared as an essay question on my WSET written portion, I had so much information to write about that I'm confident I received extra credit. Listen, get hooked and spread the word!
Find your “subscribe to” slider and lock this podcast down, now! I guarantee you will be entertained and educated, and will end your listening with a smile and a strong anticipation for the next release. I have followed and listened since the first in 2006, 470 shows ago, and have throughly enjoyed Chris and Jane as they have grown and matured/relaxed into careers with wine that we all have benefitted from. I, too, am progressing thru the WSET courses and am an assistant wine-maker and grower here in Florida, and I can’t give these folks enough praise for what they do and for how long they have been at it. Good On You, Mr and Mrs Scott! May we all enjoy your work ahead!
Chris and Jane Scott do a great job of keeping a lively, entertaining, and informative wine podcast going, year in and year out. I've listened to almost all of them. I'm currently studying for the WSET diploma level, and the podcast was a great help to me while I was working on Level III. It's still a great help. My only complaint--and it's a wee one--is that I think Jane's full name should be given when introducing her to deliver the news. Just Jane, instead of Jane Scott, doesn't do proper justice to her professional delivery. She does a wonderful job with the latest wine news while Chris gives an insightful annotations to it and is a naturally adept interviewer and educator. Bravo to you both, and thanks for all the help.. (P.S., Good luck with the triathlons, Chris.)
Great for the wine novice.
As a professional Somm with over 2,300 wines in my retail store, I am always searching for more podcasts to listen to while stocking and working wines onto shelves. Having listened to pretty much every episode over the last 4-5 years, almost every one is entertaining and refreshes basic info about each region, winemaker, varietal and/or style discussed… far more detailed info would be welcome and on many occasions I have wished the interview segments were more incisive. That said,... Great job Chris !.. keep them coming !
I found this podcast a few months ago, and I love it. I'm a US based wine enthusiast, but despite UK in the name, this is a great resource for wine lovers in any country. Host Chris Scott does thoughtful, in depth interviews with a wide range of wine professionals and I always learn something. Do check it out!
Best ever. See my title line. No more to say.
I really enjoy all of the various topics on this show. Chris seems like a nice guy. I look forward to future shows.
Great to listen to. Informative. It's not just about British wines, but wines from around the world and the current trends. One of my favorites.