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My first time reviewing a podcast. This was unexpectedly very good. 10/10 recommend binging this podcast on a Sunday afternoon.
The most tasteful, interesting, even-handed, charismatic podcast I’ve heard in ages.
Just binged all the episodes on my drive from chicago. even my moody kids enjoyed listening to it
I subscribed after listening to first 2.99 per month, yet I am not able to listen. What’s up? subscription ends 18 November 2021. (Would rate if I could listen to it)
Very interesting and entertaining story, but with little regard or acknowledgement of the impact of the actions of this wealthy family on other people; so telling about how we ended up where we are right now.
These people are so greedy and shallow it’s hard to root for any of them.
This was just about the juiciest podcast ever, but with so much heart. Pls do AT LEAST one more season!!
Lively and Entertaining. It’s remarkable that the Steinberg family is so willing to share their story. .All the family members are sensitively presented as a real human beings. You end up liking them all despite their flaws. I didn’t want it to end.
As others have said, the episode about the ex husband is so oddly handled - it’s insensitive and after a long windup about him never gets into what ultimately happened (all good if they didn’t want to get into it but then just don’t describe the marriage at all!). The first ep creates a whole scenario that starts with a cancer diagnosis which we don’t really hear about again… evidently she’s ok?! Then you think it will be about what it’s like to be super rich and lose it all, but in the end they’re just like, eh, we’re fine. It was fascinating but poorly constructed and some of it felt like “omg, tell me more” nuggets strung together.
I loved this podcast so much that I’m sad that it’s completed. It’s a fascinating look inside the lives of the 1% and humanizes them. Great job!!
This is not at all an impressive honest look into the history of this family from an investigative reporter. It’s gross! The TRUTH is what listeners look For! I’m offended for all of us listeners, we are intelligent people and know a fluff piece!
Reliance “ in liquidation” is still on going. Looks like end date is actually January 2022. We love/loved working at reliance. All employees were family. We all grew up together. I’ve worked there for 38 years. People have actually worked there longer than I. Demise of this company was more than just the impact on the Steinbergs. All employees were impacted. We were a great company because of the employees!
I just loved this podcast. Nice to see the perspective and honesty. I had never heard this story other than knowing who Liz Lange is. Great production and storytelling.
It’s an angular retelling of they layered nature of family. It mimics the complicated ways family construct mythologies and the struggle to make sense of the why and how things rise and fall.
CONSTANTLY adjusting the volume. Not only is the production value poor, the story just isn’t interesting after a certain point. It fizzles out at the end. I expected there to be much more of a story than what amounts to a magazine article stretched over several episodes.
I was so enjoying this podcast until episode 8 told me I needed a paid subscription to continue. Why???? Total disappointment. I’m not paying a monthly fee for 1 podcast.
But the timeline is confusing. We just get a look at dark corners, but very little particulars. I listened to 5 episodes and I still can’t really get a sense of whether this is supposed to be a narrative or vignettes. The whole episode with Jeff, her ex husband, felt really rushed and unclear and was in poor taste. I understand he adversely affected her, but it seemed gross to talk about a mentally ill man who wound up taking his own life as weird.
I love how this show presents the story. Super gripping, vulnerable and real. Thank u
This would be a compelling story in anyone’s hands, but it is next level great. The production is top notch. I could listen to Liz reading her grocery list to me. Perfection; Brava!
If you have ever lived in NY or have any connection with the city, you might enjoy the podcast a little more. I can’t help but be enchanted with old school NY high society. I paid to listen to the last 3 episodes which I felt good about supporting but then I felt disappointed. The show fell a little flat, like it needed an episode or two more to tell the rest of the story. I loved the interviews and wanted to hear more from each of the participants. I specifically thought we would get to hear more from Liz and her personal hardships, such as the suicide of her ex husband. Pollyanna brushed the surface then it wasn’t mentioned again which felt confusing. I guess you can take it is a positive that I was left wanting more?
The stories are shocking and listening is a voyeuristic thrill, but all the characters come off as unreliable narrators, though if even half is true it’s still bonkers and I’ll keep listening!
Too bad you try to force people to subscribe. The pod cast was good but NOT that good to be manipulated into subscribing. I’ll be sure to pass the info onto my friends🤪
So, I had a peripheral professional relationship with one family member for a short period of time during the late 80’s early 90’s. I knew very little about the family, and am enjoying the history. The issues are pretty universal, and relatable. The money is a interesting distraction, but not to be discounted.
Great storytelling- feel like a fly on the wall- wow! More please!!!
So I have to pay to listen to the rest of the podcast? Absolutely not!
The first episode is difficult to get through. This woman grew up knowing she was rich. She then went through “hardship”; cancer, divorce, repossession. Wow as if she has no clue still what people in the rest of the universe go through on a regular basis. She claims she lost everything, however, you don’t get to say that when you still have the high end connections to rebuilt at a whim. A completely overplayed tale of perseverance.
This podcast is interesting. At least I think it is. But I constantly have problems getting it to play. I keep getting a message to try back later even though I paid to get all the episodes at once. I have never experienced this problem with any other podcast.
About what show is about. I’d heard good things about this podcast. I’ve listened to 4 episodes and so far it’s basically just about rich people talking about the money they and other people have and once had. Which is boring. What am I missing?
Best Podcast ever ! This is fascinating storytelling. It’s like a great novel you can’t put down but better because it’s real. I found everyone who contributed to be endearing. Stays with you.
Hate the sound of Liz Lange’s hyper nasally sounding voice and her obnoxious superior attitude. Shameful. She is a modern day Marie Antoinette! She and her mother come across as disconnected, cold-hearted and callous. Completely tone deaf. Liz Lange: I’m ridiculously rich, and me and my family bullied our way to wealth and we’re so proud of it. We’re the Jewish Kennedy’s. Ew. Money does not buy class and this is evident here.
Although I couldn't really connect with the way Liz grew up, I've loved her openness and sharing it all even though they didn't put her family in the best light. However the Pollyanna epsiode was irresponsible and pretty gross. The cute jaunty music and tone that was given to the death of her husband by suicide, calling him "crazy", and portraying his depression as being grumpy and mean was insensitive and gross –  to not only him but all who have survived a suicide attempt and suicide survivors. I couldn't stop thinking about how it was handled days after listening. He might have been a bad husband (we never got the big details, expept maybe he could have been abusive and was a jerk), but the way suicide and loss were treated as another "can you believe it?" part of Liz's life was pretty tonedeaf and really sad.
The stories are amazing but the producer did a terrible in putting the story together. There is no coherent timeline and the the episodes don’t build on each other.
It may be the first series I have skipped work to binge. So compelling!
I had never heard of the Steinberg family and their wild rise and fall. I’m so glad I’m following along now! This podcast does a fantastic job illuminating a New York City from way before I moved here, but that you can still recognize in for better or for worse. The interviews are incredible, this family is wild. If you’re a fan of, or even aware of Page Six, you should listen to this podcast. Can’t wait for the finale!
We listened on a long drive and greatly enjoyed. Some of the people interviewed are difficult to hear - we were constantly adjusting the volume.
I love the interviewees and the soundtrack. Riveting podcast that I highly recommend!!!

By pzod
Selfish people talking about the varieties of greed and opulence they share. And the baby voiced producer, oh my!
Absolutely loved listening to this well put together podcast. It was great to hear so many different perspectives of the same story. You can’t help but feel like you’re also learning from the mistakes of the family. Well done!
I am loving this podcast. It’s very well done and very well researched. The “family” interviews were the best part!!
This was such a fun binge-worthy podcast. It felt so much larger than life and it’s crazy that it’s all true! Highly recommend!
This was fantastic to listen to! Loved the storytelling, the characters, the twists and turns, everything.
Wonderful storytelling.


By Capey5
Having advertisers isn’t enough? You have to charge $2.99 per episode or subscription to listen to the second half of the story? Very mercenary.
Love this podcast. Intriguing and such good interviewing and storytelling. Highly recommend!
Leaving us hanging for the second half of the story?? Meh. It wasn’t interesting enough for $2.99
But literally, I will literally not pay literally $2.99 to literally listen to the remainder of the literal podcasts. 🍸fun drinking game: take a shot every time Liz says literally 🥴
Such a juicy treat. Deep respect for Liz & Jane and the courage it took to tell their family story. Very engaging and well produced.
I love stories and this one reminds me of Mrs. Masel. Funny, interesting and down to earth. Having a lot of money doesn’t mean happiness and a good life, it can hhowever mean a life with a lot more responsibilities. The higher you go up the farther fall. Love the truism of this story.
The first four episodes were excellent but asking people to pay $2.99 a month in perpetuity just to listen to this one podcast is ridiculous.