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Dawn, I appreciate your encouragement and ideas. I see your clear countertops and wonder about fresh produce and food. Where do you keep bananas, onions, bread, avocados, etc. I have always kept those items on the counter. Do they have good shelf life in a dark pantry?
Can’t stop listening to this even though I have heard all of this information 100 million times. It’s like good therapy and a best friend and church all in one.
I always perfect to watch Dawn since her sweet smile is so encouraging but sometimes there isn’t enough time so it’s awesome to have the podcast to fall back on.
Love Love Love! So many great tips!
I’ve been a follower of your YouTube channel for years, Dawn. I’ve recently discovered your podcast and listen whenever I am decluttering. I am decluttering my classroom this very moment. Your podcast is giving me that extra push and motivation to say goodbye to the things that do not ADD VALUE to my classroom. God bless you and your heart for the Lord. He is using you to make a real difference in my life and countless others, I’m sure! ❤️
Dawn, Cass and Dana I call the three amigos that changed my life. My only regret is that I did not find them sooner. What can you do, only move forward from today, and don’t dwell on the past. I look forward to each week’s podcasts, and get so much done and more to ponder after each one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I know it’s not a coincidence that I found this podcast or your YouTube channel. Thank you for your encouraging words!!! Connie from Nebraska
I have been an avid fan of Dawn for a couple years on YouTube and wanted to get more inspiration. I was driving today and was bummed I couldn’t watch her Videos on YouTube, but then realized she may have a podcast! Sure enough, and I am so glad I found it. Thank you Dawn and Diana for your encouragement towards simple, thoughtful, faithful, living. I love how you bring back to the truth of the purpose of our life, Jesus Christ. Thank you!
I wondered today if you had a podcast also and I found this and listened to three different episodes on my way home from town. Learned so much from you & your sister. Thank you both for taking time to teach us & also how to draw nearer to our Lord. ❤️ Anita
I had no idea you had a podcast. I feel like I have watched all your videos. I listen to you talk in the background while doing housework. You are my favorite minimalist :)
**Review only one episode** I love this Dawn Madsen, The Minimal Mom podcast episode. Madsen and her sister Diana Kokku discussed their experience helping clients declutter. I appreciated how sensitive they were to their clients belongings. Madsen and Kokku explained the importance of asking for help. Asking questions that will help declutter items. Also, seeing some permanent-stay items in different locations. I enjoyed this delightful and informative episode.
Dawn has methods easy to implement. Her podcast are uplifting, entertaining and super supportive of getting your life simplified to make your home a peaceful refuge. A must listen!
I was so happy to hear you created a podcast, and just finished them all! I love listening to you and Diana! We hope you come back soon!
Please do more podcasts! I love the YouTube content, but listening to a podcast is so much easier to do! Keep up the great work!!
Not only is Dawn encouraging and positive about minimalism but just love hearing her voice continue to motivate me while I work around the house, I’m looking forward to more podcasts!
Enjoyed your ideas. My daughter loves your podcast and just told me about it. She said it is really helping her organize and let go of excess items.
So glad you’ve got a podcast. I look forward to the videos so much, but then I sit & watch. Not a bad thing, but it’s so nice to have the podcasts that I can listen to while I’m in the car or working on my house where I can’t be looking at a screen.
I used to walk with your YouTube channel on in my pocket and just killing my phone. Please never stop doing this as it makes it so much easier to listen and declutter or while I’m on my walk. You are what motivated me because I relate to you so much! Thank you and please never stop!!!!
I love the podcast format because then I am more apt to get in my walk or decluttering while listening to the inspiration!!! I enjoy the merging of minimalism and Christianity!
I didn’t know Dawn had a podcast but have taken much inspiration from her minimalism videos. I’m so grateful there is also a podcast now, what better thing to listen to as I organize, clean, and declutter my own house. I hope this podcast lasts forever!
I love this! I happened upon Dawn earlier this year on YouTube and she is a God send. I can’t even tell enough how I feel like God put her in my path so I could understand his desires for me! I also love that it doesn’t matter who you are, minimalism helps your mental health. I love that they have a podcast! It is helpful to have while I’m doing things around the house! I do wish they were a little longer, but just because I love listening to them so much!!! I love hearing the experiences of minimalism and how to apply them spiritually and practically. 10/10 would recommend.
I followed Dawn and Diana over here from YouTube and love the addition of the podcast! I like listening while cooking or cleaning around the house, so having a podcast vs a video is actually a welcome change because it gives me freedom to multi task while listening. Love the encouragement of their chats!
Diana and Dawn, I’m sure, make their mother proud and I’m sure she modeled cheerfulness. You are both so uplifting and positive in everything it makes this grandma want to listen and learn. And you both have excellent communication. The information shared is easy and helpful. And Dawn, I’m a folder. I admire you for proudly not folding. You encourage stepping into efficiency but still maintaining your individuality. Love your YT and this podcast.
So encouraging and real
Awesome podcast and love hearing from Dawn and Diana! Thanks for continuing to share!
This podcast is a great addition to the Minimal Mom YouTube channel. I love hearing Dawn’s ideas. I think I would like it better without the short introduction and ending that are narrated by another woman; she talks like she is recording an infomercial. I would like to suggest that we hear only Dawn or Diana give an intro.
Really glad I stumbled onto this. It was a blessing that I didn’t think I’d find. I look forward to more. Blessings 🤗
I honestly think I could listen to you talk all day long! You are so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!
Thank you so much for starting a podcast!!! I love watching your YouTubes, but my free time is mostly in the car so your podcast is much appreciated!! Thank you!


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Love your YouTube channel, love your new podcast! So happy to have this outlet to listen to you and Diana. Keep up the good work ladies. Thank you for following where God leads! 💙
LOVE your YouTube channel and love the podcast already. I just like listening to you talk lol. I loved your videos with Diana were really great as well and I’m glad I can still hear you guys together on here. You are always so very helpful, thoughtful and super fun and entertaining. You have been such a blessing. Especially with your collab with Dana and Cas. Keep doing what you’re doing and may God continue to bless your whole family!!!
Dawn and Diana have been fresh air in my life for about 6 months via their YouTube channel. I have an 18-month old, two part-time jobs, a spouse and Kitty, and am hoping for more children. I have NEEDED their encouragement and wisdom to simplify my home and life. Thanks y’all. SO excited to tune in while I drive around town and road trip to see our family!!
Now I can listen to Dawn encourage me while I declutter and simplify my life. Dawn is a genius and and I consider her a friend. She will make you feel that way too.:)
I’ve been faithfully watching your YouTube videos. They have helped me during a transition in my life and career. Having three kids and a full life meant downsizing somewhere and your channel was God-sent! It gave me somewhere to put my energy while I couldn’t work and was helping my home function better for my family. Now that I’m back to work the podcast is ideal! Thank you for your Amazing and insightful and helpful work that you do!!
I am so excited that Dawn started this podcast. I am a busy mom, so a lot of times when I turn on her YouTube channel, I end up listening more than watching. This is a great addition to her amazing content! I love how down to Earth she is, her simple and practical ways of staying organized, and her faith.
Excited for the podcast ! Listened getting ready for church. Thank you for all your inspiration Wendy from Illinois
I am so excited for this, I have been thinking how much I would enjoy a podcast by you and here it is!! Hoping for longer episodes eventually! Love your channel on YouTube and cannot wait for more on here!
As an avid podcast listener and a long time follower of you I am so excited for this channel. Dawn you are such an inspiration for me and your videos have helped me simplify my life so much and that process has made me a better mother to my kids. Our lives would be very different if it wasn’t for you and your motivation to help me understand the joy of living with less.
Now, I can bring you with me when I’m going through my stuff. You are my friend, helping me to get it done.
So excited that now there is a podcast to complement the YouTube channel! There is something for everyone here- no matter what season of life you are in. Dawn, Tom & Diana deliver honest, heartfelt encouragement with no judgment. Tune in to be lifted up!
I love everything you do! You are changing each and every aspect of my life in such a positive way! I am forever thankful for finding your youtube channel
I’m so excited about this podcast. I’ve been watching Dawn’s YouTube videos for about a year now. She has such great tips on decluttering and more and I have thoroughly enjoyed when she is accompanied by her sister Diana. They share really practical advise and biblical wisdom. It’s great!
Congrats Dawn. Love your inspiration. From one Minnesotan to another. Jenny. that I can listen only! 😉 I’m so excited for this podcast! 🎉Congratulations to you on your continued success! Great things He has done. I’m going to approach your addition of podcast as, “Whew! I’m so blessed to be able to focus on the content now and no longer be so distracted by their beauty!” I can also more easily pop in my AirPods and get things done around the house or at work without making sure I’m not missing something visually. Yay!
Dawn is probably my all time favorite YouTuber! She knows how to motivate and challenge people to get their home under control! Love how she takes tasks that can be super daunting and then puts them into easy to tackle steps. Super excited to listen to Dawn and Diana on this podcast sharing minimalism and the word of God! Keep up the good work Dawn!
I’ve been watching Dawn on YouTube now for months and am thrilled to know that she now has a podcast! I’m looking forward to hearing her Sunday “faith” episodes with her sister, Diana. Thank you for all you do to help others ❤️
Dawn’s videos are the first that really connected with me and helped me to understand how and why I wanted a more minimal home. I relate to so much of what she shares about how having less stuff helps her feel more present as a mom and focused on what really matters to her. I can’t wait to hear more through this podcast. Love the first episode!
So excited for your podcast, been following you for years. You have changed my life in many ways and just glad to be able to hear you on a new platform. ❤️
Are you feeling overwhelmed and wishing that your home was more peaceful and under control? You could be drowning in your stuff. Dawn, the Minimal Mom, will encourage and come alongside you to help transform your home into a place where you can breathe again. I love her practical advice and tips to declutter. Her upbeat, positive attitude and genuine personality will spur you into action. Dawn has a beautiful servant’s heart and her infectious smile shines through even on this podcast. Her YouTube videos are a consistent source of motivation for me to keep working toward my goals and she can help you too!