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Amateurish and awful. The hosts and guests don’t seem to know anything about anything. It’s useless to listen to and the accents of the hosts are nearly indecipherable as English. The female host is especially awful and should not be on talk shows. They also have done racist shows and seem to be racist people in general.


By Ryumoau
Just another predictable ANGSTheist podcast.
Different points of view are always welcome. However, it is nicer if they are presented in a form other than slander and vague accusations.
Wow, the content is enlightening: Deep discussions with profound thinkers! Imagine if news reporters and analysts were this informed and articulate. Makes you want to start an alternative community. Thanks Minnesota Atheists!
I absolutely love the content, many of the speakers have been extremely thought provoking and informative. In this regard, it's a fantastic show. HOWEVER, the audio quality is absolutely atrocious. Seriously guys, step it up! I can never hear the questions from the audience, and sometimes the audio cuts in and out. Horrible!
I didnt know that there are things like this out there. My boyfriend found the richard dawkins thing somewhere on Itunes. I love it.
The podcast is definitely worth a listen and overall it isn't too bad, but could use some improvements. Usually the guests are very educated, well spoken and informative. The problem lies with hosts, who are very timid, monotone and frankly boring. Also, they need to take a clue from Freethought Radio and cut out the commercials. Listening to the same commercials week after week after week is extremely frustrating, mostly because of the low production value.
Hey! I'm sixteen and i am so interested in this podcast as well. I'm downloading it right now, and I haven't listened but by reading the info, I am assuming these are some good informational podcasts. Thank you atheists of the world!
i love this podcast! it gives facts and opinions. they dont try to convert you they just tell you some really kewl things that atheists like myself can go to or do. they also let people call in which i think is great becuse it makes you WANT to hear what other people have to say. everything is positive. 2 thumbs up!
i think this is a very intersting podcast cause it talks a lot about fake religon but i still beleve in god
Curious? Want to hear what is going on in the atheist community? Spark your critical thinking abilities, and listen! You shouldn't always agree with everything everyone says, that means you're reasoning for yourself! Take a few minutes and stop by their website.
Very interesting and informative content. I like this podcast very much. The sound quality can vary a lot, though. I wish that when taking questions from an audience, they would provide a microphone to the person asking the question. Also, some of the podcasts have audio levels that are way too low. Even if I don't always agree with the speakers I have a lot of respect for their well reasoned arguments and their right to speak them.
Interesting and informative discussion from the athiest perspective. It does not include heated debates or tries to insult those with religous preferences.
I am an Atheist and am not afraid to say so. The podcasts are very good and I enjoy listening to them.I'm sure most people my age, I'm 16, are not even thinking about informational podcasts.
when does an embryo become human? i am interested to know any pro-choice person's view of this question. please leave a comment.