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Gah this place needs some more than just one thing
I just got home so I’m at
Really enjoy the podcast and the perspective of David, Emily, and John. I have been a listener for about the last 5 years but this group has been at it for over 15 years now and it shows - their comradery is great and their love for each other really shows, which is a great quality to the podcast.
The length of commercials is staggering.
I missed the origin of why David is lying about Justice Briar, but l hates it! Lol
This past year the cast seems to have improved, with the exception of the sacharine pat-on-the-back anniversary edition. Boring. Sorry. With Emily's settling down and, thankfully, lack of shrieking, I fine her the better commenr of the three. She is unfailngly prepared, cogent, moderate, empathetic, and brief. Maybe her teachiung experience at Yale has helped her as a podcast commenter. With one exception, they notably shy away from discussing Israel. Why? For the 6/11/21 show, how could they NOT comment on the Israel transition of power? What about the attempts to de-legitimize and criminalize the BDS movement? Is "apartheid" an appropriate label for what is happening over there? Come on guys.
Actual political gabfest content is great, not so much a tacked on clip of another wine podcast that I have no interest in.
Keep up the good work!
Very much enjoy you guys.
This used to be my favorite podcast, but there’s no diversity of opinion. John used to be centrist, but is clearly biased. David hasn’t had a comment outside the mainstream in over a year. Emily is the best part of the podcast, by far, but overall this podcast has fallen a long way.
Maybe the three lab workers in Wuhan also shopped at the wet market. If it was close by, maybe they would stop there to pick up dinner.
Please please stop with the weed ads David Plotz. It’s so excessive. This show is so good and I love all three of you so much but the weed adds are just so off and unflattering for a show so witty and intelligent like yours!
I look forward to listening to the intelligent interplay between the hosts. I appreciated the nuance that they brought to the Israel/Gaza discussion. Too many podcasts fall into easy caricature sound bites. Keep up the good work.
I enjoy the different perspectives on the podcast. However, I find the continuous “jokes” about Justice Breyer retiring to be in very bad taste. I don’t know if the intent is to encourage Justice Breyer’s retirement. If so, these comments may have the opposite effect. Please let Justice Breyer make his own decision.
Before COVID I was a fan of Slate and their take on the increasingly strange world we live in. Then they introduced Slate+ and it seemed as if they were selling their soul to media/advertising cash. The pandemic forced me to take a break from podcasts. Now that I’m back we have the Slate wine club and podcasts full of white privilege and fake corporate “wokeness”. Have at it Slate. You won’t have my ear anymore
Including Breyer judicial watch and especially Plotz’s love affair with Lord Jones.
Love the show but please stop the justice Breyer jokes. The 1st and 2nd one were funny, now they simply take time away from actual content.
Today’s “April Fools” re: Justice Breyer getting fired from Jeopardy got me laughing SO HARD.


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Thanks for your understanding and your help
I was late to the party with the political gabfest, but I am a more informed and thoughtful citizen because of the great work they do
I like listening to both sides of the political landscape, but had to unsubscribe to this podcast. Just because someone has a different view than you doesn’t make a person stupid. It means that they have a different career, live in a different place, or just disagree with your views. I got tired of hearing that rural Americans are uneducated. That if you don’t live in a city then you don’t matter. Who do you think provides the food to the cities? Who provides the raw materials that runs a city? So thank you dividing America even more.
I love this podcast and have looked forward to it for years every Thursday. The Breyer crap that Plotz is obsessed with has to end. It’s like extended nails on a chalkboard when you know it’s coming. My review will shoot back up to 5 stars when you are finally done. What’s ironic is that Emily and John seem to hate it too. Love you guys otherwise!
Don’t support companies that mistreat their staff.
Hey there, I would love to give you 5 stars. But I have to be honest and tell you that you could easily tighten up the show to make it 45-50 minutes without sacrificing quality. “Less is more” is the operative aphorism. Why? A podcast should (imo) fit a drive, a nice walk, some household chores... An hour fifteen means the last 20 minutes literally falls off the cliff. (Hope the lede wasn’t buried.) Tip: try getting right into the gist (no pun intended) by eliminating the long intros and background. Or gab on two topics instead of three. That’s my challenge to you. Offered with love. Try it and see what happens!
This has been my go-to weekly political podcast for years, but lately I’ve approached it with fear and loathing. David Plotz’s incessant—and what I can only imagine he thinks are cute
I really enjoy the podcast, but the last few weeks have missed the mark for me. While Emily used to be my favorite of the trio, her comments about not trusting public health officials because they’ve been “wrong” in the past was just ill thought out and part of a string of concerning COVID comments from her over the past few weeks (eg schools should just reopen, why isn’t the CDC letting us all gather together!). I also found the conversation about Daunte Wright to be really tone deaf (again, mostly from Emily) and drew extra attention to the fact that this podcast is almost always just three middle aged, privileged white folks who can afford to talk about the dangers of policing from an arms length. I don’t ever write reviews and still think this is a good podcast, but just some thoughts on recent episodes. hope it returns to form soon!
The best episodes are the ones without David Plotz. There are too few of those.
save it for my run to make me keep going. love the hosts and the topipcs. alsways learn something. miss john when he is gone but usually the guest host is just as interesting. thanks for the pod!
Have listened to this wonderful group since its inception. John Dickerson is the definition of genteel moderation... Emily Baselon has a sun-filled voice and a keen intelligence... Then, there is David Plotz. Often, the contrarian... But, hey, at least he rides a bicycle. He dissed Cleveland last year so to get even I changed my decision to upgrade to Slate Plus... ha! I highly recommend this podcast.
After more than a decade of listening, I still look forward to this podcast in my feed every Friday morning.
Update: what happened to John Dickerson? He’s now become as partisan as the rest of the polemicists on Slate... how unfortunate. This is a a typically partisan and uneven look at politics that you usually get from these types of from inside the bubble podcasts. However, the one unique thing used to be that John Dickerson would occasionally nod to at least trying to understand reasonable counter arguments to their always fervently held liberal positions. Unfortunately that is now a thing of the past and now Dickerson is as steadfastly partisan and zealous as his brethren always were. It’s now become a podcast that only upholds the opinions you already share. Never challenging them and only strengthening them whether they be right or wrong. There is no reasoned discourse, only the fervor if the true believers.
If your idea of debate is hearing people agree with each other. After Gist and Mike Pesca were removed, Slate is a disgrace and deserves to be ignored.
I spent five years living abroad from 2005-10. I picked up listening to the Slate Political Gabfest at some point then to keep abreast of goings on back home, and I have been listening ever since. I have tried and left dozens of other podcasts, but not this one. It is still my go to in good times and bad. They are three of the smartest, most articulate, grounded, fair-minded and thoughtful people I know of, and I have not missed a week in all this time. They really do fit the notion that a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met.
I enjoy this podcast, but will be unsubscribing from all Slate podcasts because, apparently, debate is now off the table.
I look forward to Thursday evenings with these 3 and their snappy repartee. The gab is always on-point with important happenings in the news, but conversational and relaxed. I’m ready with a cocktail and a fire in the fire pit. The gabfest is a welcome evening with friends even during a pandemic.
its so nasal and it matches her snobbish liberal elite political views.
The show is fairly entertaining, however I’m deleting all Slade podcast from my library until Mike Pesca gets reinstated. You have a David Duke podcast on but Mike can’t discuss terminology on an internal call without being suspended? His final episode may always be interviewing a black professor about Martin Luther king Junior
Love the podcast, except when Emily Bazelon starts saying crazy stuff about how schools should just reopen with no contact tracing or testing and that she’s not convinced any of the measures outlined by the CDC are actually necessary. The kids aren’t the one’s we’re necessarily worried about (super low pediatric transmission/illness) it’s the teachers and relatives of the teachers who may be elderly or have other illnesses. Like that teacher who’s wife has cancer and his school is reopening. Just a complete lack of empathy and understanding from her, which I find surprising given all of the other episodes I’ve listened to.
Why does it seem to be open season on John Dickerson sometimes? When Emily doesn’t get her way she seems to interrupt and talk over John. Let the man speak! Otherwise, it’s very informative and I’d recommend. 😊
Howdy y’all, even as a conservative I really enjoy the gabfest. Great personalities and discussions, and a delightful way to understand the left leaning point of view. I always listen when I am at the grocery store and you have made my grocery store experience better in a time where going to the grocery store is weird for us all. Thank you and please keep being your wonderful selves.


quarantine is different than being at home - you are not allowed to leave your house in quarantine, pretty different ... its a lot warmer in florida and windows can be open (as you stated as a good) & if a teacher doesn't want to be a soldier to fight covid restrictions, well, there isn’t a draft ... so far
Can be very informative but they seem performative on a lot of social issues and elitist when talking about the stock market. They’re a bit out of touch.
I am always amazed at how well Emily can strip an issue down to its nuts and bolts; she makes it so clear and concise what the problem is and how I should feel about it lol. David is such a wonderful communicator. I relate to his devils advocate position in a lot of these conversations. he is such a gracious debater, too. John adds a lot of flourish, historical context, and brevity to each episode. I can always count on all of them to add a new perspective to a current event I’m already hearing about.
I listen to Political Gabfest, Fresh Air, and Al Franken’s podcasts in rotation as I walk. The most recent one I listened to is usually my favorite. I’m joining Slate for a year but I don’t have time for all the walking! If I try and listen at home, I miss-measure ingredients for my baked goods. If I listen in the car I miss red lights. Thank you.
Over the years this podcast has devolved into a weekly partisan temper tantrum. Hard to listen to without wincing. David has a unique ability to take any event and couch it in the most dark and bleakest of terms. For example, the Democrats now control two branches of government and he chooses to solely reflect on some imaginary world where 75 million Americans are fixated on burning down the country. It takes a lot of energy to be that negative and David does not disappoint. There should be a suicide warning associated with this pablum
I am definitely with John on being able to plug in a USB port on the first try. (Can they not add "this end up?) Thanks for creative conundrums during these difficult times to help distract us from real life for 60 minutes.
This podcast never ceases to make me smile. Always a fresh and interesting point of view, always an intelligent perspective, and always a little bit fun. Thanks guys I really appreciate this podcast.
The less I know about my pundits (apart from what you'd find on a CV), the better I like them. The gabfest crew gab far too much about themselves for my taste, and what I hear triggers my class envy. More to the point, it is irrelevant to the topics under discussion, making moments of the program sound like an Ivy-League reality podcast. For example, I leaned that Emily is directly related to the esteemed federal judge David Bazelon. (I'll leave it to listeners to speculate whether that connection contributed to the social capital required to gain admission to Yale law school.) We also learned that Judge Bazelon served with Judge Ginsberg when she was on the way up. This was enough for Emily to earn an "I'm sorry for your loss" from a guest. More recently, a member of the trio quipped that the NYT was sending Emily to New Orelans to cover a jazz event. Guffaws ensued, along with Emily's observation to the effect that her colleagues at the Times would be horrified to hear that she, of all people, was covering the jazz beat. Another time we learned that one of the participants was at an office at Harvard law school. It turns out that a Yale-educated panelist has something like a half-dozen daughters who are attending Yale at the same time. I liked it better in the old days when news stories and op-ed pieces just came with a by-line.