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Oh my GOD! *squeek*! It’s like, you know, so totally, like hipster? You know, wow, it’s like you know, like news for middle of the road thinkers to, like speak about politics? I’d rather smash my own hand with a hammer than listen to this insipid panel gladhand themselves into virtue signaled infinity another five minutes.
I have been a long time listener of all things Slate until today. Listening to the SOTU podcast on Political Gabfest where 2 of the 3 hosts unapologetically didn’t even watch the SOTU address sent me packing. Don’t bother with this podcast if you want to hear anything close to actual reality. Total garbage.
I love Emily. Love all of you. Thank you for all of your intelligence and hard work.


Great show where the premise is you already know the basics.
Listening to David and Emily bicker like two adolescent siblings on the last episode was tiresome and ridiculous. David needs to stop talking and let his colleagues give their commentary. Sick of Plotz.
Thank you for your voice on here Emily!!!
I normally like the show but have found in recent times it to be unbearable. The shows about Kavanaugh in particular were horrendous with all reason and fairness just thrown out the window. I should be thankful though, in spite of a Blue Wave in the House it undoubtedly led to the pick up of two Senate seats and the inevitable nomination of Amy Coney Barrett
Mr. Plotz, Ms. Bezalon, and Mr. Dickerson provide comedy and tragedy and astute political analysis.
I love that they don’t always agree but let each other talk. Emily is my hero
The conversation is relatively balanced with a left lean, and the chemistry between the 3 is what makes this podcast great. I’m always bummed if there’s a guest host when anyone is gone for the week.
I’m female and Emily’s presence really detracts from the show and gives a poor recommendation for women in general. Her voice is whiny which is a shame as there are many female speakers who have great and calm voices that make for easy listening. Please improve the podcast by including a female without vocal fry as attention was given in selecting strong male speakers and should also be done for the female representation on the show.
I’m a bit of a nit picker. I am pretty good at finding fault in things. And I was going to do that here. See I’ve spent a lot of time recently with the political gab fest crew. Not always fun time. See the gabfest was a prominent member of my playlist while I was training for a marathon this summer. So, while I was slogging away I developed a bit of a critique of this show. Then I realized i faithfully listened to this podcast while training for a marathon: i must really enjoy this show. And you know what-this podcast is amazing. The panelists and guests are smart and insightful. There are some complicated matters discussed and the spg crew does an excellent job of both discussing and analyzing things in way that is easy to understand but still containing needed context and nuance. And these folks bring he funny. So would I like it if they addressed issues outside the beltway and nyc more-sure. Do they always share my view. Nope. Are issues always discussed in the ways I would like-not always. But then there is probably a good reason why slate didn’t ask me to host the podcast. Regardless, even when our view diverge I feel like they understand and respect other opinions. And that is a big deal and a big plus. So, if you want smart and funny people talking about important issues of the day this is the podcast for you.
In like 2007 or so when I got my first iPod, this was the first podcast I found and it got me hooked on podcasts in general. It quickly took the place of "Left, Right, and Center" for me. To this day, it's one of the best, most comprehensive and also entertaining shows of political commentary I've ever come across. I look forward to it every week.
The Gabfest is at the top of my list of media sources for smart and engaging liberal discussion of current political events. Emily, David, and John provide a spectrum of expertise across a range of topics every week, with just enough small talk to break things up without ever running off the rails into tiresome improv. Even when they invite guest experts or Republican apologists on, the discussion remains lively and productive.
I have loved Emily Bazelon's smart and yet explanatory take on judiciary issues ever since seeing her as a guest on the old Colbert Report. I subscribed to the Gabfest so that I could hear her take on events of the day, and I haven't been disappointed. I love the rest of the crew as well. I'm craving anything that can help me make sense of the political news of these crazy times. This podcast fits the bill. Thanks!
I’ve been listening to slates political gabfest for years now. To say it is excellent is an understatement. The host, panel, and guests always have insightful comments and I learn something new every time I listen. Love this podcast!
She is definitely not a reporter! I’ve been listening to gabfest podcast for nearly 3 years or more. Started listening to “Ordered Liberty” months ago and was pleasantly surprised because David French seems like a conservative who isn’t hateful in any way. French was on Ezra Klein’s show and on gabfest. And Emily Bazelon was in attack mode! She wasn’t thoughtful or considerate she was just waiting to get her points in. I sent a message about that to the gabfests fb page and got no response. Generally, David says some really ignorant things (ignorant of conservatives at least) but he’s at least open minded enough to consider other people’s view points. Emily is not so much so. I’ve always enjoyed this podcast buts Emily’s unmoving opinions and righteous perspective is causing me tune out. Bummer!
Three liberals each week agree that Trump is bad while holding him to a vastly different standard than they held Clinton or Obama to.
All three hosts are a good compliment to each other in experience and personality. For me this podcast would not work if Emily was not on it. Primarily, for me having a smart woman (without an affected personality). Ruth Marcus was a perfect fill-in.
I am a long time listener and have always been a huge fan of the thoughts and discussions argued but this episode was the best. After 2 years of listing I felt compelled to write this review. I love the way every person in this episode discussed their different views and were able to share the multiple sides to each argument. Great job best podcast ever.
I’m a Democrat. Emily Bazelon’s behavior on the last episode with David French was embarrassing. Very disappointed.
Have been listening as long as I can remember. Can always trust the information and opinion as honestly researched and considered.
Gritting my teeth, I kept listening through the Supreme Court appointment issues. EB remained calm and made thoughtful, logical points. David French seemed tone deaf while convinced he understands the issues. I couldn’t bear to listen anymore.
Emily Bazelon earned a lifelong fan with today’s podcast with David French about the Kavanaugh hearings. She’s always an articulate and thoughtful contributor, but today she made me proud for all women. Good call, David Plotz, for staying out of her way.
This is a terrific show, my favorite to explain the morass of lazy, lecherous, and larcenous politicians inhabiting the White House, Congress, and beyond in Washington, especially since the Orange Bloviator was “elected.” The discussions among the three intelligent hosts are helpful, particularly from Ms. Bazelon in light of the lawsuits and indictments in the news. I wholeheartedly recommend this pod.
I am a conservative and I love listening to this podcast. I feel that the analysis tries to look at political events through a rational rather than ideological lens. In today’s political climate, this is refreshing. I don’t always agree with what is said but I love hearing the reasoning that goes into making the arguments.
These last many episodes I didn't listen much. The regulars are just not always very insightful. I typically wish some of my podcasts were a little longer and went further in-depth, but I have the opposite opinion here. Too long. If you've read politico, or Wapo, or watched maybe Chris Mathews once or twice during the week, you will know everything they are going to say and every point of view they are going to describe. Their occasional guests like Julia Ioffe, or Jamal Buey are more interesting. I'm not a fan of John Dickerson. He comes off, to me, as a little unfocused and not quite cohesive. Emily Bazelon is better but interjects with these grating shrieks on occasion. As I listen to my podcasts late in the evening, I find this extraordinarily annoying. Not at all a fan of David Platz, the primary host. I can't remember the last time he made an actual insightful comment. Also, when they swapped hosts with the other slate podcasts, if just didn't work. The rhythm was off and the shows were uninsighful. Sorry guys. Bring in Buey full time for John or David. And Joffie also. She and Buey are a little bit more intellectual and much more interesting than the other guys. Jim Cameron
I look forward to Thursday’s so I can listen to their take on what is going on. Smart, nuanced and funny.
I've become a political junkie in the last year. My first pod was Slow Burn, also by Slate, which provided a look into Watergate from a day in life as the investigation unfolded. Absolutely recommend it. I stumbled on to this pod shortly after and have listened to it for close to a year. The chatter is informative and I genuinely enjoy their educated debates on current events.
I look forward to this podcast every Thursday. I have listened to many political podcasts since the obsession started pre-2016 election, and this one is definitely my favorite. David, Emily, and John are endearing and informed in equal measure.
Awesome listen, love the whole thing!
Just liberal propaganda.
The first time that I’ve listened and all I heard were more of the same TDS. Half truths and flat out self delusion is everywhere in this show. Very disappointed. Was hoping to not get stuck in a liberal echo chamber in which nobody is pushing back on the liberal narrative.
This is advocacy stuff for the most part, but extremely well thought out and executed. Absolutely love the wisdom, FACTS and interplay between Emily Bazelton, Dickerson and Plotz. We do NEED the laffs now and then and you all deliver. Thank you for your honest reporting.
My go-to podcast for intelligent and enjoyable center-left commentary.
As, a liberal looking for something attached to the Slate brand, you’ll find this podcast less frustrating if you first listen with the expectation of hearing extremely conservative views unchallenged. Don’t come into this podcast under the expectation of hearing a diverse debate, or a straight forward liberal podcast. None of the hosts are Trump voters, but the average liberal will find the general consensus they reach absolutely infuriating (a recent example included a nearly 10 minute riff arguing, without irony or sarcasm, that a recent black man gunned down under Florida’s Stand Your Ground ‘was no angel,’ because his girlfriend idled her car in a handicap spot—I kid you not. Probably best to avoid unless you’re above a certain age, but certainly great to play in the car with your parents or something.
Trumpcast is not political punditry, nor a litany of his current misdeeds. It’s deep-dive news analysis. The hosts and guests are biased, but they provide documented facts to give understanding to their bias. And the discussions take many unexpected turns. Not to mention the hilarious readings of the tweets and the improvised satire at the beginning of each episode. One of my favorite podcasts, hands down.
Wonderful weekly discussion of politics. Illuminates my week and informs my thinking on so many current issues in American politics.
I wish the podcast had more than one episode a week! I listen to each one as soon as it comes out, and it seems like forever until the next one.
A listener from ancient days, I can’t say enough good about this show. Wide ranging and stimulating!!
Curious what the Michael Bloomberg-loving 3rd Way Boomer Dems are up to? Then this is the podcast for you! David Plotz is particularly insufferable.
Story of the week: President Trump strangled a kitten Emily: A week ago the district court of Maryland rule that it was acceptable to strangle felines as long as they had inflicted some pain on the individual or at least given them a nasty look first, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out when it eventually reaches the newly hard-right Supreme Court. David: Let’s take a step back here. Is it really THAT bad to strangle a kitten? Mitt Romney has a kitten. I’m sure he’s stepped on it. John: When considering this topic we really need to take into account that in 1895 Grover Cleveland owned a house full of cats, most of which he acquired during his second consecutive term. It is also notable that he was elected president as a Democrat during an era of strong Republican power, much like the Republican power the Democrats face today, and one could draw a parallel between the house full of cats and the Democratic Party, so I’m just going to leave it there for now because I’ve been talking for ten minutes. Also this whole story is my Cocktail Chatter for the week.
Great podcast. Would have given five stars if not for David constantly ruining cocktail chatter by advertising for Atlas.
This podcast is so good that I donate money to keep it going (by paying for a Slate Plus membership).
One of my weeky listening highlights. I'm grateful for the three hosts' thoughtfulness, push-and-pull, and different gifts. I've been challenged by this podcast to think differently about some of the issues facing our country. This is especially true when, occasionally, one of the hosts is on vacation and a guest voice participates. Five stars!
I have been listening to this program for over 5 years. I stopped a year ago when nothing but hate from David’s mouth was towards President Trump. I picked it up a year later, and still the same. I really enjoyed their analysis of the days news, but no longer can listen.
Woke99 you do need a fact checker as you have leveled the accusation of bias without providing a single example of a misstatement. I find the opinions of the hosts of this podcast in almost all cases to be reasoned. Good luck to you as I’m confident once you check the facts you will find it is your relationship with history that is skewed!
They need a fact checker. I can’t believe how easy it is for these people to lie about anything and everything Trump. So if you are looking for objective analysis, this is NOT the program for you!
Been listening forever. Finally got to a point where I just can’t stand John Dickerson anymore