Discovered Country

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And Mer rocks
I zipped through this audiobook. It is worth the download. Hope she writes more in the future.
This writing is sooo bad it makes Mur Lafferty look like Pearl Buck. And that's bad, baby.
Beautiful narration makes it easy to forget that you are listening to sometimes creepy adventures. Creative storyline keeps you hooked. Wonderful characters.


By cafe0
This story is dark but strangely sweet. Very different.
One of the stranger podcasts I've stumbled across. Rosemary the librarian falls asleep in her apartment after a bad day at work and wakes up in the woods at an undisclosed date in the future during a new ice age. Her time travel is never explained. There she meets Amy the girl and Andrew the ghoul, a former human who survives of the dead remains of other humans. In this new world, anyone who dies, unless they are decapitated, comes back as a ghoul. This is also never explained to satisfaction. Andrew and Amy are on a quest south to save their village from the approaching winter and Rosemary joins them. Their journey swings wildly between the gruesome and the sweet with instances of conspiracies, childhood reminiscing, absurd body counts, brotherly reunification and also a smattering of, well, necrophilia. While entertaining, this story leaves behind too many loose ends to completely satisfy the reader. Recommended for lovers of the macabre.