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Kris is such a dynamic and amazing speaker! This is my favorite podcast and can’t recommend it more.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the priceless truths of these messages delivered with such precious humor. Fantastic!
Kris knows how to breakdown subjects in a way that connects with the listener. He is vulnerable when explaining his own personal journey, which draws the audience in. He is such a gift to the body of Christ. My own personal walk with God has been impacted tremendously by this man, and I am forever grateful!
Just found this show and I love every episode so far
Many times I ask God why and then...there you are always with the right message with the answer that fallows the goodness and the truth of who Jesus is in me. Love that even when I do not understand ..he is and when I ask why there no answer..the answer still is and always be you Jesus !
Always straight to the heart with passion and authenticity. I look forward to new messages because of how much they speak to my spirit.
I am so thankful for this podcast and how God has used it in my life!
Hearing Ami share her heart and teach about managing my emotions that God made my emotions. And Ami shares her story of her emotions drive her car, she shares her life experiences, and her emotions that are funny crazy raw rough angry frustrated and love emotions. We all have emotions. Ami helped me realize I have a Heart Voice, God made my emotions and my child-like wonder of my emotions and receiving Ami’s Holy Spirit led teaching in managing them , and getting to worship God at the close of the podcast, I loved this part the most, standing confidently Praising when she described my ways, and standing and kneeling in Jesus worship in the closing let me experience The Awe of Gods Presence in Raw, real, authentic, vulnerable open prayer love and gain experience strength and hope in being me - and being wonderful emotional spirit me ❤️. Thanks Ami, Thank you LORD Jesus.
I just wanna say that Kris is such a blessing and a Gift to the Church and selflessly my Life LOL! I have listened to the same podcasts over and over again, and I can honestly say that no other Prophetic Voice has changed my. Perspective, and given a sense that the Prophetic is normal and Real and I love how Real and Authentic that He is- His self! That is really amazing and Life changing for me!
I’m so thankful for Kris’s podcast. He covers a lot of relevant and powerful topics and speaks about them from a theology based on love. He’s not afraid to say things that are hard, but he goes about it in such a loving way. His sermons have challenged me and helped shape me into the man of God I’ve been called to be. It’s helped me grow in the prophetic, relate to others in a more authentic way, communicate better, manage my inner thoughts and emotions, the list goes on. I’d recommend this podcast to anybody trying to grow and challenge themselves.
Unmatched is about the only description I can think of to describe when I hear Kris’s messages. He has such a way about him to bring out the heart of God and completely change how you think about things. I feel so blessed to be able to benefit from his teachings!! Thank you Kris!
Kris has a unique style that is both authentic and relatable. He carries a valuable perspective of the relationship that we have with God.
What I appreciate most in Kris’ messages are his ability to convey the heart of the Father when he shares. At times, he will share a personal story, struggle or victory that is sure to leave the listener challenged and encouraged. Sometimes they are also arrows of truth that pierce the heart. Kris’ prophetic voice is a model for what the Lord is releasing on the earth. Be provoked and inspired as you listen to his podcasts.
God used this podcast to speak to me at a very personal level. God bless Kris.
Listening to this on my long drives to work plus during my workout. His words are full of wisdom. I feel like I’m gleaning from all this while doing mundane tasks. Thank you kris for sharing this !!!
Every time I listen I am impregnated with vision. I have had deeper encounters with Jesus by simply opening up my heart to these messages. All I can say is I’m hungry for more.. more connection to the spirit realm, more revelation, clearer vision. GO KVM!!!
I am inspired every time I listen. What a great ministry. Thank you
This podcast has so much wisdom and just awesome go juice in it. It's very lifting for your soul.😳
Thank God for you Kris. Impacting my heart! That I may be a better servant of Christ. And servant-leader at my church.
Every time I listen to Kris teach and share from his life and his relationship with God I am moved, touched and inspired. I just finished listening to him share the story of his beginnings. It really connected with me even though our lives are very different. I still have tears running down my face. God did something very personal and profound in me. Right now my heart is filled with gratitude that you (Kris) take the time and resources to make these available. Thank you!
I have been listening to Kris for 5 years now, and I have learned so much. Thank you, Kris for always being real and speaking about things that are close to the Father’s heart!
Kris combines complete dedication to God's Word, astute critical thinking, Holy Spirit revelation, and real life experience to bear in every message. A must listen!
Love, love, love this man and the revelation he brings. He will take revelation knowledge I have received in the past, and describe it in such a way that comes to life in a new and complete way. It’s like I say, “I preached that! But not the complete way he did”. It doesn’t matter how much revelation on the subject you have. Kris will surely give you a angle you haven’t heard before. Thank you Kris for bringing the Bible to life!!!
I’ve listened to almost all of these podcasts and I’m extremely grateful for Kris’ ministry and transparency. Also, about one of the funniest men you'll ever listen to.


Most authentic and wise biblical teacher I know.
Kris has such a heart for people. His humorous way of teaching others to grow up and take our place as the army of the Lord. His personal testimony is inspiring. Thank you Kris.
I’m always encouraged and challenged to strive for more in my Christian walk by listening to Kris’s podcast. He also has a way of bringing out truths in scripture that I’ve never seen before. I would strongly recommend this podcast to anyone longing for a closer walk with God.




His messages are so deep! One message took me two days to go through because I kept going back to allow my heart to really digest what was being said! Thank you so much for your leading! Four days after and I’m still feasting on the message!
Keep them coming, follow the lords leading!!!
He is so funny and insightful. When my soul is going off course his messages get me back on course.
There really are no words to describe how highly I regard Kris! I did not know he had his own podcast- so excited about this! Subscribe to his blogs as well, I always look forward to what he has to say on the important subjects of life. He carries a fathers heart, to the point where you feel like he is your father you haven't met! Haha - really though.
Kris is such an incredible speaker! So relatable, so real.
Thanks for sharing each week! I love the practical plans for success you give out so easily!!


Love Kris' way of thinking! True voice in the earth!
Delightfully spoken insights and thank you for being truly you, Kris!
An outstanding mixture of biblical knowledge, life experiences, and passion. All wrapped in the whit of Kris.
My friends and I love listening to this podcast unfortunately we've noticed that lately we're unable to download the recent episodes- unsure how to report the problem
Kris is a breath of fresh air, I am really enjoying his podcast!!
I've listened to this man speak with passion, self conviction, honesty, heart felt, and comfortable in his own skin for as long as it's been available on podcast. The things he says are so human and heart felt it cuts me to the core and is so timely. Thanks Kris for being you and for your Art!
Kris is very honest, open, and powerful in hi messages. I love what he teaches !
I get so excited when there is a new podcast!! It's amazing how on point every post is to what's going in in my life at any time. I am sooo thankful for the free messages that are sowed into my life. Some times it's the laugh I need or the strength to just keep breathing. So Glad you let God use you Kris. Please NEVER STOP!!!
This couple is are amazing both amazing leaders! I am so impressed with the way they minister to people. Kathy is a role model every woman could benefit from. Her strength, courage, and faith are such great testimonies! Kris, your ambition and persistence to see God move in your community around you challenges me! I love listening to both Kris and Kathy as they impart revelations they have received from heaven! It has truly rocked my Spiritual reality! I have never met Kris and Kathy, but I love these two! ~Joe Q
We first heard of Kris V when he came to speak at our church and loved him! We've since read his writings, listened to his podcasts & watched him on the web teach at his home church at Oh, and follow him on Twitter & FaceBook! :) Always makes my day to see a post on my timeline from Kris!!! sometimes thought provoking, other times just funny, entertaining... always GOOD STUFF!!! He teaches "deep with a twist" in that he's casual, funny, insightful & makes you think and expand your views & responses to life & what it brings, all the while comfortable, positive & NOT 'judgmental' in the least! (very important since I know some have given Christians a bad name or alienated people, sadly) ... all this in one man's anointed teaching ... and time just flies by!!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MINISTRY!!!
Kris and Kathy both shared their thoughts during a special Q and A time at the School of Ministry. It was one of the most encouraging, transparent, and funny times of sharing as they were able to share a variety of stories from their lives. It is so good to see a couple stand before a group of ministry students ages 18-80 and say Kris spoke on Covenant Relationships that day and I heard him teach the same message at church a couple weeks before. It is a message that the everyone who wants to go deeper in their love walk with the Lord and in community, need to hear this life-giving message on finding your destiny and finding your people. I have read the book, Supernatural Ways of Royalty and I also completed the workbook that goes along with the book. The book will inspire the reader to rethink what it means to stop any pauper mindsets or ways of living and step into the full inheritance of being a royal son and daughter of the King of Kings. I especially appreciate how Kris lays out personal experiences in a way that is vulnerable, sometimes heart wrenchgin, and refreshing at the same time. Kris is a great story teller! His son, Jason Vallaton, wrote a book called, The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness. By the end of the last three chapters, I was weaping because God was doing a work in my own heart of what it means to go to new levels of forgiveness. Kris, Kathy, his children and in-laws, and grandchildren have been tried in the fire and they have come forth shining like GOLD! I highly recommend actively listening to ANY message Kris, Kathy, or Jason, or Lauren (Jason's AMAZING wife) would have to share! God has used them to transform my life FOREVER and I will always be grateful! To God be the glory, honor, and praise!
I find the the insights that the Lord gives to Kris are just fasinating. It isnt until Kris descripes something that I read many times and has a new revelation that the verse or paragraph he's sharing on make sense. Totally opening my eyes to what true Christianity is, brings the characters of the Bible alive so that I can relate to them as people with faults and struggles of their oun.I Listen to his podcast and Bill Johnson's almost every night. Thank you for all of your studing and faithfulness to bring us fresh revelation. I have grown, I hope a lot. Keep on keeping on. the church needs to hear their hearts.
Kris is beyond amazing! My favorite preacher by far! Thanks for everything, your teaching is truly life-changing, and this podcast has provided for me in very difficult times!
I listened to the Powerful women sermon. Yikes! Kris's stand on certain fundamental doctrine are very... Skewed to say the least. His teaching is dangerous to marriages and will lead the unbeliever down a slippery slope. Will tell everyone I know to watch out for this sheep in wolf's clothing. I wish there was a zero stars. I recommend looking at the scriptures yourself before and after listening to this guy.