Should I Drink That? Craft Beer Podcast

Reviews For Should I Drink That? Craft Beer Podcast

The guys are great. Some of the long time, old school podcasters.
SIDT is one of the easiest Podcasts about craft beer to listen to. No crazy, snobby reviews, just down to earth honest beer talk. It’s like hanging out with your friends that happen to know a lot about beer. If you’re not listening to this show you need to subscribe now.
Great craft beer show with many back and side stories! Another Pittsburgh product.
DO not listen to this podcast in the desert! because this podcast will make you thirsty. i don't even drink but this podcast is so good it doesn't matter!! Father Spoon and Sickpuppy are a great way to help kill the time at work, download them now!!!!
These guys are awesome!
Thank you for finally creating the common man's beer show. As well as calling the crap as it is poured. No longer should a man feel bad about shunning the crap draft and embracing the craft. Cheers!
Chug a lambic? What other show has the nuts to do that? Spoon and Sickpuppy... Thats who! This is not an NPR beer show... This is a beer show for the common man! Enjoy the blue collar goodness!