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Rick Steves is Bae
If this podcast is focusing on one landmark, then I thoroughly enjoy the podcast. If the podcast is a preview ad for the next season's PBS shows, then I'm usually bored and discouraged. Let's hope they go back to the segments of landmarks soon.
what is with the 30 second episodes? PLEASE bring back the longer 2-3 minute ones!!!
I love these videos. They discuss some of the highlights that you wouldn't want to miss! They are well done and really seem to capture the essence of the area, etc. Thank you!
I very much enjoy all of Rick Steve's content. Learn so much from his tv shows,podcast etc. His fun & engaging personality really holds his viewers listeners attention.
Thanks for the great show. You guys are great.
This is by far the very best of travel programs. And a great personality too! My family watches this wonderful series and thoroughly enjoys the way it is presented. Thank you Rick Steves!
How about covering Malta in the future? I've been there and there's lots of places to visit.
Being extremely interested in travel I've checked out every travel show I could get my eyes on. Rick Steves is above and beyond, without a single doubt, THE best travel show host in the business. He is exactly the kind of American "tourist" I aspire to be. He gives you just the right amount of history with his sites, visits the places you want to visit, lets you in on valuable tips and info on making the most out of your trip, steers you away from tourist "traps", and does so in a pleasant, enthusiastic but not overly perky, narrative voice. Forget about Samantha Brown, Rudy Maxa, the Ulles... Rick is the ultimate travel "companion". My favorite podcast, based on my favorite travel shows.
These are great little videos. I have traveled to many of the cities in Europe that Rick talks about, and the videos are constant reminders of great trips, while offering new insights to these amazing places. I have followed Rick Steves program while in High School and throughout college. This program has inspired me to travel abroad and experience Europe first hand.
I plan to get Rick's DVD set regardless and purchased his tour books on my first time over. In the 3 recent years, I have traveled much of Europe for up to 3 months or more a year. Spending all winter in Sweden. Steve's best advice is travel light, and I find I have perfected it as well. Airline carry-on wheeled style bags are the best all around to use. Anything larger and you will make train travel a huge chore. Train cars have converted their space to upper and lower decks with stairs each way as you enter. You will want to get on as quickly as possible to get a seat where your gear can take a second seat, or better yet, op for first class and have even better options to charge your gear with power ports and pull down seat trays. You will find a lot of spare space hidden behind the liner of your wheeled bag along the inner rails of pull out handle. This is space I use for all the extra cables, batteries, charging bricks, and it gets secured in place with paint mixing sticks to the rails with wire ties. AIRPORT inspectors seem to like this when it's very organized. Cheers and happy trails.
I've seen these podcast over and over and i can't get enough they are so educational and they are great when you go out to explore new places. Thanks for the videos i love them


If only we could be there. Brings the beauty and an almost too short narrative to life, leaves you longing for more. Lay back and pretend you're there without ever having to pack a suitcase.
this podcast has great spots to visit when going to Europe. I'm going soon and i think this is a great way to learn about Europe.
Rick Steves' shows and books have made my trips to Europe fabulous experiences, and I love this video podcast. Just enough time to catch a little bite of Europe, with great tips and views that make you want to book a flight right away!
Rick Steves is a great travel writer, with a great philosophy for touring. Good show!
If there is anyone better in travel than Rick Steves, I've not seen them. His show is very insightful and the cinematography is excellent. Having actually used his guidebooks and maps in Europe, I can honestly say that they can't be any better as well. Travelers, look no further. Your one stop destination to all things Europe is right here.
Rick's videos (and books) prepared us for outstanding trips to both Rome and London (we were in Rome at this time last year). We had a great time and would not hesitate to use Rick's products again.
Rick Steves is by far the best travel media. No worthless banter or bad jokes.
great to see this fine man have a podcast!!! i`ve been watching him for a long time on wttw in chicago, and now I can take him everywhere.thank you!!
This podcast is a sample of some of Rick Steve's excellent travel programs. I have been to Bath and Rick gives you a good look at the city's famous attractions. The video quality is wonderful. I hope Rick will make more of his programs available.
Rick Steves rocks! Glad to see a podcast from him. He totally made our italian wedding a better experience. Next time I'm in Europe I'm gonna burn one down for Rick.