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i love that melody is here. she is one of my idols and is one of my dance teachers. i am so glad i found this.
ive seen this show since season 2 and I <3333333333333333333333333 it SSSSSOOOOOO much im obsessed cuz i saw the tour last yr


By xOth23x
can u put full dance lenthgth episodes on here from like lacey schwimmer? or benji schwimmer, pasha and lauren from 2007's season and dimitry and ashlee from season 2 with benji schwimmer? please id even pay for them!


this podcast is ok, but it's not that good for so you think you can dance fans. the best part is nick and melody's dance, but the other interview and "behind-the-scences" are boring and not that interesting. YEAH BENJI
ok i LUVLUVLUV So You Think You Can Dance and BENJI is THE BEST!!! I like So You Think You Can Dance better than American Idol (GASP!). You should have all the dances FROM So You Think You Can Dance not Mary Murphy's face. Apple could make a lot more $$ if they put on the dances not Mary talking.


By ?sc0ut?
This show is probably my favorite reality show ever. I hated American Idol but I love this show! Everyone should download this and watch the show every week! It has a little bit of every type of dancing and something for everyone!
The show is great and now U can watch some clips from the show and interviews and some clips from last season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!