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I can’t hear certain parts of the story because the background music is sooo loud! There doesn’t need to be music in the background of so many scenes.
I loved it! Are there more to come?
I like all Of King’s stories. This was no different. I wish there weren’t so many interruptions with commercials. I expect some, but way too many.
‘Strawberry Spring’? A better title would’ve been ‘Cheesy Cringe’. Terrible “acting” by the 2 valley girls (Rachel & Ann) and the lead guy - master of the pregnant pause. “I thought I would……come see you…” “How could I ever…..make it up to you…”. Etc and on and on. Awful.
I’ve heard Stephen King is a phenomenal author but this just isn’t good. It isn’t a unique or captivating plot. The characters aren’t interesting. Maybe it’s just this adaptation. I lost interest before chapter 3. And I don’t usually mind ads but the amount of them here is crazy excessive.
The time jumps are super confusing. The character of Rachel seems to just be reading the script aloud. Poor adaptation.
Confusing to follow at times, predicted the ending very early on
Pretty good. Transitions between timelines were hard to follow. It was a good use of my afternoon
I want to give this a better review but with big names on this it seems there should’ve been better audio. Some of the characters sound like they’re in tubes when they talk…? And the voice fry with most of the female actors doesn’t jive with the timeframe of the 70s. Ending was predictable unfortunately.
I was not charmed by the main VA performances and guessed the twist very early on. I thought perhaps it was a trick to mislead you and another twist, but no. I listened at the request of a friend who thought I'd love it, as a King fan. This is definitely not way King writes stories or scripts. Hard pass.
Disappointing. Time jumps are very confusing, the character voices cloying and seems over-acting is the norm here.
Not good
I’m a Steven King fan and this story was a pretty good adaptation of his work. The time jumps were very confusing at times which led to a good amount of predictability. By episode three it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.
Overall I think it is good and would love to see more short stories adapted this way. Voice acting was pretty good for most of it only thing I dislike is those kind of endings.
I kid you not there is just as much time playing commercials as there is on the story. And they are the same ones over and over. At the beginning, a couple of times throughout the story and at the end too.
It reminds me of “The Californians” on SNL. Vocal fry galore, except not funny just annoying. I guess it’s better than a poorly executed New England accent? Unfortunately, the most prominent fry comes from the Ann character. That breathy fry does not convince me it’s 1968-1976.
Great story and performances but three full ad sets per each 30 minute episode.
I loved this show I was so obsessed with it I hope it comes back soon!


Echoing some others — the time jumps are impossible to make sense of, and the voice acting is cringe-worthy all around, but especially for the female journalist.


By shd345
The time jumps are impossible to follow.
Loved it however it was pretty easy to guess the twist. Still keeps you interested enough to finish the book!
Main dude sounds like an emotionless attempt at a noir detective cliche. Main girl sounds like a heavily medicated modern day teen. And these are supposed to be serious investigative journalists? In the 60’s/70’s? Nah. At least everyone else can hold their own, even if they can’t make up for the cardboard performances of the two leads. Plus the story itself is predictable. King is really going for quantity over quality at this point. Overproduced and underwhelming. Bummer. The Newt Gingrich ad was just the cherry on top.
I wanted to like this but it’s only 10 mins into the 1st episode and I don’t think I’m going to make it through the entire series. The pregnant female role is the absolute worst reading of a script on a podcast ever. The voice that represents the journalists mind/thoughts sounds almost like a robot and there’s already been 2 cycles of advertising. First episode...10 mins in? No thank you.
Couldn’t even finish the first chapter. Too bad as I was so looking forward to it.
I really enjoyed this podcast! I was able to clearly follow the storytelling and actually enjoyed the parallels and the jumping both forward and backwards in time. The reliving of the events was a nice touch too, as it related greatly to what a real human experiences. The dramatic voice acting and audio cues to flashbacks brought the story to life as well! Not to mention the plot took me by great surprise. Overall, very well done.
I turned this on with excitement, to then be fluky annoyed by tons of commercials. These are 30 minute episodes. The 2 minutes of commercials at the beginning was fine. The next 2 minutes of commercials 10 minutes in was excessive. I get there are bills to pay, but this is too much to even want to continue. It disrupted any sense of tension and ruined the chance of me continuing.
I’m so confused about how it’s 8 years later and also not. Maybe I’m stupid but it’s really confusing to me. Nothing clear telling you when things are taking place.
Trying to decide if I should listen from the beginning for the third time because im patiently waiting for more Will there be more?
Where is he ? I would like to have more episodes. More episodes means more stars Do you read these text. ?
Production was terrible, added music and noises ruined it, would’ve been much better as an audio book with a single narrator.
Loved it


By VirgoEm
I enjoyed the story. And I don’t mind the ads, the transition to ads and back to the show is nice and gives you a heads up instead of jump cutting. At times I found the back and forth between the narrator’s present and past a bit difficult to follow. I think the biggest downfall of this podcast is that, you don’t really feel a strong connection to any of the characters. They feel like very surface level characters without nuance.
This was well acted, compelling and enjoyable. I really did like it, however, I found it predictable and the climax fell a little flat.
I knew I heard Sydney Sweeney. Can’t believe how bland & honestly bad she is in this
I did like this. The back and forth was a lot. The ending was frustrating, I like an ending to be fully wrapped up and it wasn’t. But It kept my attention and I enjoyed it.
I couldn’t make it through the 2nd chapter. The acting sounds so forced for some characters and monotone for the main one.
Listened to all 8. Not sure why. The voice talent was awful could be the fault of the writing, people didn’t speak that way in the 60s. Sound mixing was overdone. Production felt rushed.
You’d have to try to be this horrible. The story line doesn’t even catch you. I wanted to like this.
If you have read the story in Night Shift, then you know it was one of the best in the volume. I understand that they wanted to add to it to flesh it out to eight episodes, but why change that perfect ending of the written story?
Who ever plays Ann & Rachel doesn’t know the meaning of the word “inflection”. Totally boring personality.
The voice acting isn’t great and the way they give context is weird; it’s just awkwardly placed flashbacks. The dialog also feels choppy and forced.
Really liked it. Very simple story though.
Except 4 episode 7's ringing noises, I can't praise this enough 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
A previous reviewer said she and her husband listen while doing art. I found myself wondering what kind of art Steven King inspires. I myself was listening while playing WoW. She also said she fast-forwards through commercials. I found myself wondering WHY there are commercials when subscribed through Apple Podcasts. As for the story: Steven King is the master and I’ve read him for lo these many yarn. Pun intended. I’m halfway through E3 and I have very strong suspicions about Springheel Jack’s identity. We shall see. TWYSTD