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By GA Tim
Either he’s much less intelligent than a corporate CEO should be, or he was given a set of talking points that were only marginally true and he didn’t know how to explain. Regarding his comment, “I don’t want to get into the details,” the details are the only aspects of the discussion that matter. His platitudes quickly wear thin.
I’m not surprised, Jon you’re awesome! Tre and Kay (sp?) Episode 3 very interesting talking points. I went from moderate liberal to moderate conservative in the last year. I know there are a lot of garbage conservatives 😭but I would like to hear more balanced opposing views. Not complaining but it would definitely add to an already great podcast. Thank you! ❤️
Just listen to the one with Jp Morgan CEO. I’ve so missed Jon Stewart’s straight talking understanding of today’s problems that most of us feel. I appreciate how he kept things civil but kept trying to reangle the conversation. I was really frustrated with the guest. He kept blaming everything on the inner city & schools & being a felon not that there aren’t any good paying blue collar jobs available for people to lift themselves out of poverty…Or that large corporations like Walmart pay minimum wage. The list goes on. Keep fighting the good fight.
Naturally, Jon Stewart is a relief to hear from, about economic and global issues, mainly from his previous show on Comedy Central. Aside from that, this podcast is a good way to have a genuine discussion on the presented topics. Good job!


now we’re talking this interview with Jamie Diamond was engaging . it was really telling to hear Diamond repeat A LOT about “ inner city” when he was referring to poor folks - ummmmm … he clearly does not get it- Jon’s persistence and rewording of his point that the systems are corrupt did not seem to sink in . Jamie Diamond talks a good talk sitting in his wall street throne of power - thanks jon stewert
Love the topics and discussions. But I would like Jon to talk to guests with opposing views. I’d love to hear the other side explain why supporting veterans AFTER wars isn’t a priority.
…like his competitor, buddy, and everyone he work with. Hope he lasts a while before his corporate pod-person’s finished!
The Dimon intw was excellent-Dimon lives in another country, in another time. His claims about the military helping out inner city youth, his consistent denial about the privileges of the upper 10%, he is not at all interested in the middle and working classes-saving AIG was good for the country? He supports accountability as long as he’s not asking for it. Thanks for holding his feet to the fire and letting him expose his own ‘simplistic’ thinking.
He’s amazing and a pulverizing figure when it comes to knowledge of politics. #RemeberDailyShow
It’s so nice to listen to John call things as they truly are. It’s frustrating, but refreshing. This guy knows his subject inside and out.
I find this podcast to be entertaining and informing. I like the thoughtful discourse alongside humor.
This podcast is the best thing to hit the airwaves in decades. Jon Stewart (comedian-turned-superhero) is filling the void left out by the abomination that is U.S. mainstream journalism. Finally, someone willing to ask hard-hitting questions to people in power. Willing to discuss growing inequality & stagnating prosperity in this country. And willing to discuss the influence of wealth over our political system.
I’m very happy to have subscribed to John’s podcast! I’ve missed John’s voice as he speaks for the we the people who aren’t owning most of the wealth. Thanks John💙


By Pats73
Stewbeef is KING!
Great interview with Jamie Dimon. Dimon probably expected a fluff piece with a comedian. Instead Jon talked fed policy and corporate welfare state. Dimon got a little annoyed when presented with the fact his usual platitudes were questioned.
Jon Stewart is a truth teller. He’s the greatest of all time.
Don't waste my time with frat boy yakking for 15 minutes if you can't fill the podcast for 45 minutes. I was a huge fan of Daily Show and I looked forward to this podcast when it was announced. But I simply didn't get what Stewart was trying to do. Is he trying to talk about serious issues with a sense of humor or is he just using his fame to create a podcast with 30-something kids because he doesn't know wht to do with his time? I listened to more than one podcast to see if it would get better. Unfortunately, it didn't.
All fine points coming out of JS. However, nearly all political comics that have sprung from the daily show all have such dirty mouths. Not that I mind, personally. But I do know many Americans that will not listen to any political commentary of this type because they don’t use foul language in their lives and will turn off media that uses it. Even if it has quality information beyond the language, they won’t ever hear it. So this leaves JS, however important his info is and howe we important it is for people who are not exposed to it to hear it, it leaves him preaching to the choir. If you want to expose people to information that you do not believe they have yet to consider, don’t scare them off with the words you use.
I’ve missed your voice, Jon! I am really enjoying both tv show on Apple and podcast! You’ve hooked me, thank goodness , and that’s not a problem!
Such a great pod
I don’t always agree with Stewart politically but I always appreciate his humor and willingness to discuss issues, and his willingness to challenge all sides of issues.
Free from oppression, not free from obligation.
I like Stewart and the other guests sound reasonable. The topic I listened to (Freedom isn’t Free) is just tired troupe of white guy wanting to seem enlightened by myopically focusing on race grievances that have dominated conversations for 10 years. Got a supplication vibe. Jon can do better by taking on things others aren’t willing to do. Sincere good luck. I will check in occasionally because I think Jon Stewart is talented.
Finally someone says it how it really is. Thanks, Jon!
More progressive propaganda. John Stewart is no different than Colbert.
The Problem with Jon Stewart is the man unrestrained from having the “guidelines” placed on him by the corporate overlords at Viacom, or the limits of basic cable. I think all of you one star haters forget who this man is. He doesn’t do empty posturing. He actually fights for the things he believes in (as 9/11 first responders can tell you) and shines a light in all the dark corners you don’t want people to see. He is back to do the last thing he told us to do (which so many ignored) “if you see something, say something.”
I know it’s just two episodes in but I love this show and the wake it takes on the broader and abstract topics. Also. Episode 2. Guest speaker. Why is the guy speaking so fast? Is it being sped up? 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
As a minority I really dislike people telling me I’m a loser and disadvantage people because I am brown as they come. I am all for the talk but I want to hear us minorities telling other minorities stop living our ancestors past and do something instead! Like encouraging us to do better for ourselves I am doing that with my immediate family and no one owes nothing!
Love the Podcast! The best show out there is there are only three available. Funny, informative, brilliant show! Thank you for finally making a Pod.
Funny podcast…
Jon finally gets into podcasts. Thank you. His delivery is second to none. Really glad this is happening.
It’s an absolute pleasure to hear your voice of reason, common sense, and compassion again, Jon. Thanks for coming back!
Even a few episodes in, hearing more candid perspectives on the topics that end up on the episodes is really powerful. So often, these “political shows” cover topics that seem beyond the experience of the TV Star host. This podcast goes a long way to allowing the staff and writers to talk about how they’ve been personally affected by these issues and how close to home so many of these issues are to the people producing the segments. This is a fun look behind the curtain and glimpse down the rabbit hole.
God good goood Tanks
This show is pretty awful. I pushed myself to sit through two full episodes and it wasn’t easy. I’m done. I’m just tired of the self-righteous posturing. The world doesn’t need any more of that. We’re all drowning in it. We need constructive solutions based work, and a little humor might help. The show just isn’t funny at all.
And when you you make dumb statements you’re free to get a one star rating. Move to China you boot licker.
Had high hopes for this podcast and was okay til episode three and of course John showed he’s just another woke celebrity pushing woke garbage and trying to let the rest of us how to live our lives
the best podcast wish i had apple tv+ to watch the show
Have been hoping to hear you back in public venue. Strange times seem to continue, with a new generation to address what needs doing.
Please tackle AI. It’s the missing piece on Ep 2 topic of freedom. The anger came first and then they fight against the masks. AI is the invisible anger-engendering intruder into human’s central nervous systems. AI is why nothing makes sense anymore - ppl are feeling the need to fight from intentional AI agitation many hours each day and THEN they jump on whatever the latest issue happens. Hold the AI oligarchs accountable. It’s not just happening: it’s being done to us! Why do they intentionally addict us, then make us angry/afraid and divide us? This is the root of chaos. While the masses are willingly addicted to this silent malevolent force, rational address of the issues will have zero impact.
The podcast is an alright listen. There is a decent amount of humor and wit mixed in. I think what holds it back is that it smacks of lecturing from a point of moral authority while contradicting some of the very topics of discussion. I’ll give it a few more episodes to see how things go, but I was hoping for something better.
It's Jon Stewart, what do you expect ?? Love the cast members we've met. Can't wait for more!
I’m 100% service-connected. Please tell me what can do to help. I’m a conservative but please tell me he’s going to run for office
In the future please 86 whatever the first 9 minutes was. I listened for 5 minutes (until I yawned) then fast forwarded to find out how long it would be before the actual program would begin. Now I have to go to bed and will tune in tomorrow to listen to the rest ❤️
I want to point out that you can get still get denied even if you have documentation that shows service connection. It hurts when someone that you have never meet and sent to a provider that looks at you for 15 minutes say you’re good.
Only once before have I heard the truth about why is it Americans aren’t allowed to have nice things, like Medicare for all, free college, or housing, food, and job securities is simply to incentivize enlistment! John is “inspiring,” a “hero!” 😉
Try talking to more than one idiot before condemning the whole military system. I’m retired military, I am surrounded by retired and active military and when we were well treated In the military and well treated after. It’s easy to blindly tear down things that are hard - stick to your lame pod cast and stay away from hard things.
…is a [email protected]$$ staff! Kudos to Stewart AND his amazing staff who are bringing issues to light to those of us who are inadvertently ignorant of Veterans issues. If you’re not in the military nor have gone through the VA system, how can you know unless you listen to those who have? You may have heard a story here or there, but many of us don’t understand exactly what the failings are systemically. We just hear it’s broken and need insight as to where and how. It makes it real and personal. Thanks to his veteran staff members for speaking your truths. (Seriously, a typewriter as a professional VA tool in the year of our Lord 2007?!? Wow, we’re on the cutting edge of some freaking technology there! 😳) I wonder in five years after everyone is “home” from Afghanistan and Iraq and memories fade how many people will be just starting their journey through the system? I’m sad to think their stories will still be the same. Service people can be fatalities of war long after they’re home. And if you’re offended by humor? It’s a part of survival…it’s laugh or cry, and tears without a bit of humor leave you wrung out feeling more helpless. A bit of humor gives you a better sense of control and a better mindset to keep pushing. Looking forward to insight on future issues!
Loved your show & mantra “If you don’t have the courage to make something illegal, make it impossible” Jon 10:6 The conversation painted a great picture of the typical reward & punishment done by those in power. Towards the end you asked “how can we apply pressure to the right places, to get it to happen?” Imagine changing the identity, the way the group is recognized (the imagery from brave, strong and well-groomed) to showing the real consequences and misconceptions; the results of wars. It would definitely reshape the stereotype to help young people make well informed and thoughtful moral decisions. Keep driving the conversation forward!