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I didn’t start listening to Joe until 2 or 3 years ago. Mostly because I knew how conservative he was, and I just couldn’t stomach it given everything we have seen in Congress. But as the world has changed and it hasn’t been for the better. Joe has had captured my respect, because knows that the center of our American family comes from a love of culture…. Be it baseball, music, and the thousand of other things that bind us together beyond politics, which is supposed to be art of what is possible but has turned to exercises of uncompromising arrogance. There are things we can share beyond what we disagree about, and our focus should always be on what we have in common rather than what drives us apart. This podcast is a mental oasis in our cultural landscape that seeks division. We may disagree on stuff, but it would never be to the point where I will want to smash my phone in disgust or anger. And I find I value his point of view because as a listener I feel respected even when we don’t agree. This podcast keeps on rocking. I hope he keeps it going for some time to come.
Thank you, Joe. Love your easy laid back humorous side as well as your intelligent passionate fiery side. I’m so happy you have a podcast. ✌️🤙
So happy Joe came out with a podcast!! A must add to your podcast library. I love it and I know you will too! 🤙🏼😎
I am so happy Joe has come out with this podcast!! I love his insight and guests. Keep this up Joe, not only have you made my commute easier, but you’ve restored my faith in our democracy too. I realize there’s lots of us moderates out there who need more voices. Thanks!
Hey Joe! I love you and Mika… I have to admit when I find that if y’all aren’t on MJ I don’t watch! 😂 Keep up the great content. You and I think a lot alike. And Roll Tide!!!
4 minutes of commercials in a 22 minute podcast? Really weird and hardly worth it. Also a real overuse of “madisonian democracy” I love you but give it a break.
That’s it! ~Dianna
Love you Joe!!! Can’t get enough of this podcast. I’m a longtime Morning Joe watcher. This is a fantastic extension of MJ, and it’s more unfiltered…which I love. Keep this up. My mom and I love you and Mika. You are part of our daily lives. From the America’s heartland, Kansas City. All the best.


By JBK328
I watch morning joe daily. I’ve only listened to 2 of the podcasts so far & I love it. My only question is: where do you & Mika find the time?? You are both amazing!! Thx- Jen
I love this podcast. Interesting, intelligent, eloquent.
I have deep respect for conservative values, I was raised conservative by a big Rush fan. However, the disrespect of women pushed me out, democrat since I was 17. I absolutely adore Joe and Mika for sharing their lives in politics with us. This podcast is fabulous.
I love your stances and passion on Morning Joe, and I’m excited to have more Scarborough in my ears!
Why do you need “friends” like that? That’s on you, Joe……🤔
I absolutely love this dude! Love Mika too! Great banter btw you two in the last episode. I (and MSNBC) fear the day Morning Joe retires. Hopefully it’s not for at least another 10 years. Oh and I’m enjoying the podcast too!
^^^ great podcast
This should be a regular event.
Congratulations Joe, I am a big fan of Morning Joe. You have kept me in the loop these last five years. You are my Super Hero, you always fight for those who have no voice. I love that about you. I can always count on you to be there. Best show, best Man and contributor ever. Go Red Sox. Lol. Glenda S❤️
I too am an independent as of early 2016. I agree with you about everything on Facebook but I do believe that had Trump won again, there would’ve been a lot of Democrats not taking the vaccine just for political reasons. In fact our president and vice president both said they would not take it under Donald Trump. How do we get an official third-party that would be made up of common sense, middle of the road, fiscally conservative democrats and republicans who no longer fit into their parties?Facebook needs to be taken down. They and Twitter are destroying Americans.
My Mom, in her 80’s 🤦🏻‍♂️ is my inspiration! I live in Aruba and when she came to visit, she began her SCUBA training. I’m in my 50’s and I can’t keep up with her. Her name is Joan and she loves to watch you and Joe every morning with my Father. I’m blessed that they are both still with us and doing well. Mom is a retired Art teacher and also keeps her passion in the beauty of all things, just being a conduit to fulfill each items combined significance. She would love a shout out and if you want some cool picks of a great-grandma diver, let me know. Keep filling the waves with your words of thought provoking goodness.
I love you Joe oh yes I do
The David Byrne interview was major Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney on SNL vibes.
David Byrne interview was awesome. Thank you for sharing about your son, and talking a bit about aspbergers (autism spectrum child at our house). Also, love Mika’s contributions. Good job Joe :)
Longtime fan of Joel. Really enjoying this podcast so far. The David Burn interview was excellent!
Mika and Byrne episodes a very strong start. It turns out, there’s room for one more podcast in the overcrowded space! This is the perfect medium for Scarborough’s insight—and a great home for all of humorous tangents that would otherwise be interrupted by a broadcast commercial break. Subscribed!
Enjoy the Morning Joe show and also have liked a few tunes Joe has released. My musical tastes are all over the map; anything from the Foo Fighters, Neil Young, The Jayhawks to Def Leppard and Green Day; I like it all. And I’m also a huge baseball fan so I enjoy the talk about baseball on the show. Tell Barnicle Ohtani is MVP. Speaking of Barnicle he needs to be ever present on this podcast! Barnicle rules! Anyway, I am looking forward to this Podcast. Keep up the good work! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽👊👊
Great show. Love the interview with Mika. Please keep providing historical perspectives and quotes from the great leaders in history (Lincoln Lives!).
Great podcast Joe!! It’s about time…..
For when you can’t get enough of the morning dish, thank God there is reason to live beyond 9:00 AM! Honestly haven’t listened yet as I just learned about this podcast at the close of Morning Joe today. But ‘thanks’ to Joe and his supporting staff for creating one… good luck and I will be listening! 👂🏼☕️😎
We love Joe! Congratulations sir, looking forward to your entertaining banter…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
The way Joe and Mika talked about her experience on 9/11 had me riveted. So moving. I can’t wait to hear more from Joe on this podcast!
We are all lucky to get 3 hours of smart political analysis from Joe, Mika and Willie every morning. But as a guy who is passionate about lots of things…sports, music, culture - there’s a lot left on the table. This is why I’m super excited about Joe’s podcast and the conversations he will have wirh a range of newsmakers that will go well beyond the politicos and pundits. If episode 1 is any indication, we are in for a treat!!
You couldn’t pay me.
I don’t always agree with the politics on Morning Joe but this podcast was very moving, especially to hear about Mika’s time covering 9/11 from Ground Zero. A positive insightful listen… I was encouraged by Joe’s take on the future of America. Highly Recommend!!
For Morning Joe fans, this is great news. Some hosts speak purely for the sake of hearing themselves speak. Others speak what someone else has written for them. Joe does neither. Which is what makes him and his colleagues stand out among others. (And it’s also why I thought what turned out to be an ad for cereal, was a story about his childhood at the breakfast table.) He managed to even make an ad sound authentic. Joe’s experience in Washington, his passion for history and love of country makes for a must-listen podcast. He doesn’t sugar coat things, but he’s not hyperbolic either. For someone wanting to learn more about the country and its politics long term, this episode is for you. Future shows will incorporate music and most likely, sports too (especially baseball). You also get an added bonus of hearing from his better half, and one of the most influential women not only in his life, but for so many women in the field of journalism…Joe’s wife and my dear friend and mentor, Mika Brzezinski. As a proud American, as an immigrant, as someone who loves politics and culture and humor, this is my kind of podcast! - Bianna Golodryga
This was the best version of Joe—soulful, spot on, insightful, direct. I can’t wait to listen to more.
Loved it! Joe is so Inspiring always a straight shooter, historical references and opinions are delivered with empathy and the passion and the fire of a southern preacher on Sunday morning! Love the morning joe rants that always finish with hope for our future. Hope to hear lots more of those here. Congratulations🎉
Let me start by saying that I would likely be labeled a liberal for a variety of reasons. What I love about Joe is that he makes me think about the logic, the validity of my view points by presenting his conservative point of view. I may find myself wholeheartedly disagreeing with him (and yelling at the screen from time to time) but Joe always discusses a worthwhile topic, no matter how controversial and provides sound reasoning to his argument. Sometimes I even agree with him but don’t tell my liberal friends! I’m looking forward to a podcast where Joe covers a wide variety of topics - not just politics. Great first episode!
I love morning Joe, and I love your work! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future! God bless, and keep up the fire
Really enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to next week’s episode with David Byrne!
I have watched him for years on Morning Joe. I love his insight, his sense of humor, his perspective. He has, by far, the best laugh EVER! So excited for your new venture. Wishing you all the best.
Love Joe and Mika. I watch every Morning. Great start on the podcast.


By jkwbrnc
Excellent podcast with cutting edge insights from Joe Scarborough!! Five stars!
I enjoyed listening to Joe’s first podcast for its optimism for our country. However, it is hard to get past his TV persona on MSNBC which encourages continual divisions in our country. Which one is the real Joe? I this one is and I will continue to listen.
One of the best versions of Joe just when I didn’t know he could be any better! Truthful & Soulful speaks to the inner core. Stay strong Joe, some of us Harris County, Houston folk feel ya! Bravo!!! p.S. Love the wifey!!!