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Down and dirty summation of the days events from a trustworthy source.
Love the show
I love the way you stand for truth!!! I am so glad to see a young patriotic American man with such great insight and discernment. Thank you!
I love jack pesoblic..I only caught on to him recently!! He is a breath of fresh air…covers pertinent topics sometimes a few days before the story even comes out. His sources are solid. No spin true journalist. He also has a great personality and great character. A soldier of truth which is what we need now days!!
Up to date and original insights..
No fluff, hard-hitting news, filtering out the signal from the noise. Often 2-3 weeks ahead, and sometimes even Think of it as Warroom:Abridged. This is
Love this daily briefing on important issues. I appreciate his honesty and integrity in reporting. Keep up the great work Jack!!
Love it! Will be tuning in every upload! Keep up the GREAT work!
Excellent informative podcast. New listener. Just the right amount of time, too. Not too long or short.👍
Love this podcast. I like that it’s brief enough that I can listen during short commute. But still informative on what is happening.
This podcast has pertinent and concise information. The 20 minute length is perfect for listening on my work commute. Even though Jack is considered a conservative journalist, I think many would benefit from a listen. He presents facts and invites you to make informed decisions.
It’s a great way to stay informed, love the quick flow format of each episode. Clearly outlines the topics and hits the key points of each one. Love the “in this day in history”.
Excellent podcast. Brief, precise and informative. Also, honest. Continue your good works.


By Howie56
Great podcast
Jack is always excellent with an insider viewpoint. I would like to hear encouragement of our military personnel to fight past the current ineptness and harassment by the Military Leadership and stay in the service. If all of the good patriots leave, then even if we could somehow fix our political system; it wouldn’t matter. The bad Leadership would simply throw a Coup and maintain Evil Power in our Armed Forces because the good guys left and there would be not enough good guys left to prevent the Coup. I hope we can keep enough good guys in the service to help save the country from that scenario!
This runner and busy mom of three listens to Human Events Daily every morning during my run. I love the fact that it’s straight to the point and covers all the main topics in the news that we need to pay close attention to. Thank you for starting this podcast! I admire you and what your doing for our country!
Best podcast ever
Real news in 20 minutes.
short and direct to the point. love it.
Kudos to Jack Posobiec for his succinct and timely political analysis.
And this is real news. Every story is backed up with evidence.
Lives up to his motto. Be good be brief be gone! You now have my permission to lay ashore (whatever that means, lol). But seriously, I can relate, as I have a son in the Navy, I love this guy!


By eNrGzZ
Hey Jack, I absolutely love what you are doing with this podcast. I have a request that you can add a segment at the end of the podcast where you give a response to a liberal argument. For example, a response on what to say when someone calls you racist, then you can say something that can stop them. I think that this could help people exercise their first amendment and stand up. Still love what you are doing, keep it up DON’T COMPLY!!!
Love this podcast! Jack accurately distills the most relevant current news down to the salient points. It’s so appreciated for those of us who are busy! Keep up the great work!
Really like the quick highlights of current topics and the day in history.
I don’t have a lot of time and so I absolutely love this podcast because I can listen to it on my way to work. He provides all the meat of the stories without a bunch of mindless talk. I respect his service, knowledge and clear communication. Be good, be brief, be gone which totally works for me. Thank for all you do.
Poso always has the receipts
A quick listen to keep on the up and up. Super informative, easy to listen, and Jack is pretty funny too.
I would say that this is not long enough! Thank you for the great work you do for the country.
One of the best podcasts to know the important daily events that have an impact in our lives.
Thank you for this podcast! I found out about your work through Timcast IRL and I love it! ***Millennial power*** Together with No Agenda, I don’t feel so alone during this insanely annoying and mind-boggling Great Reset push. Let’s Go Brandon! -resisting in NYC
Signal not noise
Listening to this show will reduce your capability to use things like logic.
20 minutes daily of the essential updates. The bottomline upfront.
Concise, timely, entertaining and informative!


Be Good Be Brief Be Gone this show hits the mark Love listening
I never miss this podcast. Jack just keeps getting better too. He’s got a real grasp of today’s news consumer and packs a lot into the short time allowing us to get on with our busy day informed.
Come, listen, leave. Best Pod around
This is such a great and informative podcast. I really appreciate the content. Thank you!
I’ve been reading and following him on Twitter for years; listening to his thoughts is even better! Thank you for you hard work and God bless you all.
The best daily political podcast!!! It’s short and concise. I don’t have time to listen for an hour on the daily political events. Jack gives me the main updates within 20 minutes and I love it!! You need to subscribe!
Clear and concise daily updates about the most important events of our time.
Thankful for this patriot watch dog who puts God, family, & country first. Poso’s quick content is well rounded on the daily critical topics. Have your kids listen so they’re aware of everything too. Sorry for letting everyone down back in ‘62. #letsgobrandon
As soon as my kids go out the door to school I put on this podcast while I do a quick house cleanup and get myself together for my day. I feel caught up on what I need to know. It saves my hours of endless scrolling! Thanks Jack! Keep up the good work!
I absolutely love how brief you make it. It’s a breath of fresh air.
Thank you !!
For a busy mom, this show is exactly what has been missing to keep me informed! Thank you Jack!!!
Short, to the point, jam packed with content instead of fluff.
Found Poso a year ago and he’s been on every story the right way. Giving people the WHOLE picture, not his interpretation of it. Starting listening to this podcast when it came out and all I can say is great work, Jack. God bless you and your family!