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Ash is sooo annoying, I couldn’t get past episode 3
All wastelanders are excellent!
Fantastic performances all around but the immaturity and angst of the Kate and Ash characters were just exhausting.
Pretty good with decent characterizations, especially compared to the Wolverine one who had characters who are unrecognizable to their comic counterparts. Only complaint on Hawkeye would be that he is regulated to a secondary character in “his” own show.
Juvenile storyline. Unbelievable and rather silly. The woke romantic storyline is so forced. The wolverine one is better all around
It makes me want to read earth x. Both are solid takes on a world gone wrong.
ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE this pod and really can’t wait for the next season (I also can’t wait for the other Wastelanders pods and if U HAVEN'T GO RIGHT NOW) this is my favorite idea as a pod. WASTELANDERS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! Thank U Sooooooooooo much MARVEL!😆😆😆😆😆😁😀😄😃👏👏👏🙌🙌 🎊🎉
Not all of them can be home runs. This is certainly not as good as other Marvel podcasts. Although the voice actors are very good with great sound design, the writing however is weak with a flat storyline and forced dialogue. The Ash character was WAY overdone. I barely feeling finished the podcast and was glad it was over… Hope the other Wastelander installments are better than this one.
It’s hard to find a good podcast where you can visualize the story
The teenage angst.. I’m a 17 girl and I know it all and I’m super tuff.. is nauseating… ruins half the podcast.. I dont care if it was a male or female it was just too much.. I mean kids are dumb but geesus…


Terrible plot. Non stop whining very annoying!
The best 😆😆😆😆😆😆


Very cool podcast
Love Steven Lang as Hawkeye, his voice is perfect for the part. The story starts off kind of slow but it’s a great setup and builds up very well. I see how some people don’t like the “teenage rebellion” aspect to it, but it really suits it well, and after all, who likes rebellious teenagers :P This really builds so well off of the world presented in Old Man Logan. Just gotta bare with a bit of whiny teenager talk, but the action and the narrative is so so good.
Wow! Such a good podcast! I’m always up for a new Marvel story, and this one is incredible! Great characters, great plot, the characters have a lot of complexity, especially Clint. Clint Barton has always interested me in the comics, and this podcast just enhances my fascination of the character. I also love the character of Ash. We need more strong females in Marvel. And Sasha Lane as Ash was a wonderful choice. It took me a second to realize where I’d heard her voice before, and then I realized she plays Hunter C-20 in the TV show Loki. A two time Marvel actor! Props to her! Love the pod, keep up the great work! Make Mine Marvel! Excelsior! -The World’s Biggest Marvel Fan (‘Nuff said!)
If you love the sound of children whining, daddy issues, mommy issues, and stubborn teenager nonsense — this is the podcast for you! Writing is pretty shallow on this one. Every episode is the same “sorry I left” story over and over and over again.
Enjoying this show really great story, but chapter 9 and ten won’t play been trying ever since they dropped can you please fix it


I like the plot but felt the anger between Kate and Hawkeye was far too overdone.
Solid Marvel podcast taking place in the dystopian world of the “Old Man Logan” story, this one focusing on an elderly Hawkeye whose daughter seeks him out for a personal mission. The story and voice acting is great (Stephen Lang makes a fantastic Hawkeye) but it mainly suffers from technical issues in the later episodes, with the audio completely fading out. Overall, still a solid listen if you can suffer through it.


episode 9 don’t work


This was a good story loved the characters and plot.
Episode 9 and the bonus episode with the actors aren’t working for me. Can you guys fix this please?
Great stuff but what was Clint aiming at?
I’m liking the Hawkeye 10 times better than the Starlord one. Did episode 7 not play anybody else, or was it just me?
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Can’t wait for the next wastelanders
The wastelander series have been phenomenal. Loved Hawkeye and Starlord. I’ve loved the two wolverine series. Marvels was great. But I’m not interested in the other talk about Marvel. I know it. I grew up with it. I just want more stories. So I’ll probably renew the subscription when more come out. But for that reason….I’m out…. For now


Why is revenge on bad people who will continue to do bad things unless they get a good revengin’ bad again?
I want the stories and drama. Not the 90% of all the other shows that “talk” about Marvel. Not interested. Been collecting Marvel for 40yrs. I want the stories and already understand the rest. Bowing out of the subscription service.
Love it, wish I’d be able to listen to more. But guess what? Marvel wants more $$$. For 3 more episodes. Guess I’ll not get an end.
Great podcast. I love it! Definitely looking forward to the next one. (Btw, if you want to listen free, use Spotify…)
It’s not so much of a review as a technical difficulty question is episode seven broken? I can’t get it to play but episode eight works
Stephen Lang as Old Man Hawkeye was a wonderful choice.
The Hawkeye season is tough to get through. First 8 episodes is just people yelling and lecturing at Hawkeye…It gets really old. Maybe it’ll end better. Technically great sounding. Looking forward to Doom.
The story and writing is great. The acting isn’t bad either. Not as good as the Wolverine series, but good nonetheless. Most of the negative reviews comes from people that don’t want to pay and that shouldn’t be the case. If you think it’s too expensive for what you get is one thing but demanding it should be free is another. It costs money to makes these shows and sometimes you have to pay. Either through ads or sub. Wonder how many of the people complaining give away any services for free. Maybe they show up to work and do the job for free?
I like this show. The Wastelander Series is pretty good. We need a “What if” episode based on some of these podcast.


Why do we have to pay?
Why do we have to pay??? Look it’s a great but like why do we have to pay??
Was able to listen to episode 1 but none of the other episodes will play. I liked what I heard but not enough to pay for it - especially when Old Man Starlord was free.
I don’t mind the cheap paywall. Stuff costs money and it’s a cheap subscription. I have enjoyed the marvel podcasts a lot especially the wolverine ones. This one however seems far more scripted and less natural. In all the other ones it submerses you like you’re there. This however, when ash talks, seems like a bad side quest. I feel like it could have been done a little better.


Such a good podcast almost as good as star-lord if there wasn't a paywall . Rip Hawkeye


Good hard to follow but really good
Enjoying the story, but I don’t understand why I have to pay for this when star lord was free…
I wish I could download all of the episodes!
I was a good podcast and completely free like all of them! :)


By meewp
Wish you did not have to pay
Im happy to come back and find out that the first 3-4 episodes are now free to listen to. The subscription allows add-free and early unlimited access. It is free to enjoy If you’re patient and dont mind a few commercials. I really enjoyed the “old Man Star Lord” series and hopefully the “Wastelanders” release more series
All the other Marvel podcast have been free to enjoy, I’m really disappointed that this is hidden behind a paywall. I pay enough for Disney+