Reviews For EPIC FU (SD)

This is one of my favorite podcasts and helps me get through my work commute.
Epic-Fu is a great podcast for those who want to check out some random cool stuff. It's mostly a coolhunting podcast where links are offered for further investigation. Some interviews are conducted, yet these are also kept to bite size pieces. Fun...Random...Epic.
This group is on top of the game. The news and information is always fresh and they can provide a new way to surf the internet. They've got a vault of great links and helpful ways to navigate Web.
the show has a lot to offer; from computers, to viral videos, music, and just about everything
Learn what all the fuss is about by subscribing to Epic Fu - you'll quickly become addicted to this entertaining podcast hosted by Zadi Diaz - everything is covered from iPhones to Halo3 to the latest viral videos on YouTube. Enjoy!
Zadi & crew bring nerdy, game, and pop culture news to your TV, iPod and computer. Top notch outfit with potential to fame. Keep it up =P -Giannii
The right format, the right pace, and the perfect host...! I was hooked from the first episode. If you don't subscribe to anything else, don't miss this one! Zadi is fun, energetic, and so easy on the eyes, you'll be glad it is not just audio! There is always something to learn on these shows, and I find myself anxious each week for the next update. This is the model for podcasting excellence!
This podcast has changed a LOT since it started, but it has always been fantastic. I highly recommend it. Don't listen to the person who said it was boring. It's great.


By jRojas
there are only a few words i have to say about this show, LOVE IT!
A podcast that's has more than a view chuckles to it. This show is great. It actually feels like a show and not some small video clip you'll simply e-mail to your friends to help them continue procrastinating. There's a little bit of everything good here and it's definitely not just for people still in grade school.
It does not look good at all and it's not worth taking up space on your IPod.