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Muffled at key moments and during q&a sessions!
Although I don't agree with completely everything he says, I appreciate the way he reasons through his arguments. I have learned so much about the Christian faith, and how to gently defend it to others. Can't recommend this podcast enough!
Best apologetics podcast I've found so far!
Layman's terms!!! A great resource for those new and old to the faith!


Good podcast
This is a well educated guy so I assume he understands the dishonest logic he's using. I feel sorry for the people who try to use these arguments and get ripped to pieces by those who know better.
lots logical acrobatics to defend the rediculous
Lenny's podcast is a great tool for any person with questions about the orthodox Christian faith. He's been there time and time again for me to answer questions I struggle with, and gives an example of what every Christian must do to spread the Gospel: THINK!
Mormons are Christians. They believe in God, Christ, the Bible, and all the other fantastical stories that Christians in general embrace to be true. It, like all other subsets of Christianity, will have differences and variances from the next. Real Christians probably shouldn't jump to conclusions and call others cultists.
Very good podcast, and the subject matter is important for every Christian should know.
Lenny is a gifted speaker with amazing insight on how to better understand our faith. I have personally attended one of his messages at Harvest Christian Fellowship and have seen the impact that Gods word has made on the hearts and minds of people through his studies. I highly recommend Come Reason to anyone who is ready to take the next step in learning more about the Word of God.