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Been a long time follower of Ali on YouTube. Found this podcast and it is fantastic for my long commute!
This is a great podcast very interesting but… I looked at the videos on YouTube and the sound is great… and then you have a PODCAST, the media is literally based on sound…. And the sound is horrible. All the money spent on this team should maybe be used to hire someone that will actually take the time to check the levels instead of just exporting the sound from the video…
I have been binge listening to all of the episodes.
I’ve listened to the interview with Logan Ury. There were filler phrases and stammers that could have been edited out. At the end, she repeated several of the Q&A before answering. It may have been a way to give herself time to think of an answer, but why not edit those out? There were echoes that could have been edited out. That part with Ali reading the questions from his community went on too long. Overall, it was an interesting conversation but the production value could have been better.
His podcast is very nice to watch till the end.
Great podcast. But Ali is too agreeable. Audience has to want to hear a bit of push back now and then rather than pure acceptance of the guest’s claim. Keep up the great work mate
Happened to listen Ali on YouTube. Saw few videos of him and instantly got interested. I listened to this interview in the YouTube. Ali has his practical way of asking questions. The whole interview was an experts talk and WHOSETHEBOSS was insightful to share the process he followed. Well spent time listening and will definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking forward to start a career out of their passion. Thanks for making this Ali.
So thrilled to have discovered this show! Each episode lives up to its name as a deep conversation with some seriously fascinating individuals. I already cannot wait for season two... keep up the excellent work, Ali!


Enjoy listening to Ali!
Great work, Ali! I find each episode both interesting and insightful.
Ali has a way of navigating through the person’s story while also asking questions that he’s generally curious about. He balances sharing his own perspective on the topics of the conversation by letting the guest then respond with their perspective from their experiences / work. In this way Ali is authentically digging for information that he “selfishly” wants to learn, which is a good indicator that other people want to know it as well!
The best part of the podcast for me so far is Ali’s questions. He asks the questions that most people who are interested would want to ask. Like, so, how does the whole drop shipping thing work? Then follows up the generic answer with So what site would one actually go to to find a manufacturer? So do you just call them up? 😂 Literally asks everything I would ask if put in his seat. So thorough. Love it. So enjoying the podcasts so far!
Thanks Ali for your expertise!!! Your hard work and our lives get better through your content! Thank you so much!!!!
Ali beautifully bundles the topic, I believe that what makes him unique.. he does it so well :) 📚intense and 🤩 interesting.. such high quality content is Ali encourages to ACT. #joyful learning ☺️
You will love this podcast just like all of Ali’s YouTube videos! Highly recommend! Thanks Ali for your labor of love 💪
I was reminded about listening to podcasts while driving instead of listening to music just yesterday then saw this come out and knew I had to add this to the list of podcasts I listen to in the car and can’t wait for it