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This is my fav. Qcode series. Can Beautiful liar have more seasons please? 🥰
Such an awesome show
I thought it was really good but it needs a lot more episodes hopefully there’s another season


By Clos305
What a great show!!! Gave off heroes, runaways, and cloak and dagger vibes!!! I need a season 2


Loved it
Please make more this is so interesting, u can’t stop plzzzz we need moreee
This podcast & the acting is amazing! But there are too many ads in this one considering how short the episodes are… & like the rest of the Qcode stories, we probably won’t hear anymore from beautiful liar which is a shame. I know putting these together takes a long time, but I seems like Qcode is more worried about making new stories rather than finishing ones they’ve already started.
This was actually the best thing I have EVER listened to. I have never heard any podcast or tv show that brought that good of a story. There was so much detail and there was really good music (Only thing I hated was that Evan died) He was my favorite. It would make the show so good if he was still in it. PLEASE. MAKE. SEASON 2!👍
Good story, good actors… but the end of the last episode was spectacularly cheesy. And, like most QCODE podcasts, the end strongly implied that there will be another season which will never actually be made.
Great show, great content, and great story! 4 ⭐️’s only because you guys beginning episodes with advertising really takes you out of the feeling and emotions out of the story! This goes for the middle of the podcast ads as well. Story’s are all about capturing and captivating your audience, just like a song, songs don’t have breaks in the intro and middle to “talk”. Save them for the end! Let the vibe of the intro ring out into the chorus of the story and let the people dive deep into the artists mind. (Side note) save the credits for the end of the last episode like other podcasts or maybe put them in the description of each episode. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk! Love you QCODE, another great podcast! Thanks, Drew
A really enjoyable podcast. Great to have a strong heroine who has a disability and also such power and personality. I hope we get Season 2 soon!!!

By afner
I’ve never cried from a podcast before, this is an incredibly well told story, with raw acting, and glistening sound design.
This , minus the ads, is FLAWLESS. I NEEDED season 2 yesterday.
Please tell me there’s a season 2 in the works because I need it I think I speak for everyone we all want it! Thank you in advanced
Riveting storyline, great audio mix, and sweet cliffhangers. I’m sold!


Why did I pay if I am still getting an earful of ads interrupting every episode. I like the story and the acting. Ans that is why I decided to go ahead and pay for the subscriber edition. I … no… just no.
Love the story. Lots of attention to detail in sound effects. Music is fantastic. Great work!
I need the next episode!!!!! I’m so obsessed with this podcast it’s sooooo good I recommend it to anyone who’s listen
I enjoyed the show the voice in clementines head was becoming a little annoying but still a good Listen
Crazy good. Loved it. If you loved fiction hero/science/end of the world books when you were growing up then you'll love this. Love the representation of people with disabilities. The album is also a 10/10, I've always been into X Ambassadors but this album is crazy crazy good. Can't stop listening. Super cool to see musicians working on something like this.


It’s good but I’m not understanding why I’m hearing ads as a paying subscriber. There are three ads per episode for a minute or two long. Why? I pay to listen ad-free. If this podcast isn’t included I probably won’t keep listening.
The PREMISE of this podcast is excellent. The first couple episodes establishes some very interesting story threads and lays the groundwork well. And this story is, of course, uniquely suited for narrative audio. I was excited to keep listening. Things decline gradually, introducing more tropes and lame exposition dumps, until the final episode, which is SPECTACULARLY bad. At one point the phrase “you contain multitudes” is invoked, and you realize that not only is that character wrong, they are surrounded by cliches and one dimensional characters. Some of these exposition dumps are hilariously awkward. There are some good/interesting scenes, but generally, yikes. I’m talking Tommy Wiseau level bad. That finale just…it’s hard to describe. Unintentionally hilarious though, so that’s something. The protagonist isn’t “likable”, but that doesn’t bother me too much. What bothers me is the unintentionally hilarious moments in which she responds to a voice in her head out loud and then has to make up excuses when other characters hear her. It is wild. At a certain point she is like a parody of a certain genre protagonist. TL;DR squanders a great premise and somehow becomes like an audio only version of dragonball z (seriously)
So I took time to listen to this & I’m glad I was able to listen to most of them together. What good acting, great sound effects! Well, according to my wife, I really got too involved with every character, their stories, interactions & followed the story all the way to the end. Listen, when I do that, when I enjoy something that much, I’ve given myself over to the entertainment & follow it through. I don’t do that with just any kind of entertainment. So if I love it & I'm very picky, I think you will too!
Loved it from start. Please another season
They chose a really great cast, great sound designers, and a great music crew for the band in the show. The story starts out strong and the characters are fun to watch interact. But I don’t know about the ending taking the focus from the MC to the narrator. All the same, I’d be interested in a second season.
Amazing story, voices and sound effects. Absolutely anything Emily is in has been worth listening to or watching.
This is one of the best story podcasts I’ve listened to the story is so immersive and amazing the characters are great, over all an amazing podcast
It’s a good enough show. It’s well produced, the acting is good, and the sound design is quality. The plot isn’t anything revolutionary, though. I’ll give them credit, I thought it was a cool idea to have the protagonist of an audio drama blind, since neither the audience nor Clem can really see anything, but using it as another way to make her different ironically makes her the same as many of the protagonists in teen supernatural dramas (I Am Not Okay With This; Carrie; etc.). It feels very formulaic and campy at times. I was a little surprised with some info in episode 7 and 8, but you can see the general trajectory of the narrative and won’t often be caught off guard. X Ambassador’s drama is the same as their music: good enough to enjoy, but doesn’t stand out amongst its peers. That being said, The Beautiful Liar knows what it is and isn’t trying to be anything else.
the storyline and voices are amazing. 10/10 would recommend
I'd be lying if I said this podcast wasn't beautiful
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I literally can’t wait for the next episode. This is definitely top 5 podcast I’ve listen to this year.
Absolutely love!!! I’ve listened to 4 episodes and am blown away. Fantastic job🤩EVERYONE, sounds so believable! Great story line👏
Honestly I am completely blown away! It takes the “superhero origin story/shady organization after them” trope and completely turns it on it’s head. The characters are incredibly well fleshed out and they feel like actual human beings, rather than concepts. I can’t wait to see where they take it❤️
Really enjoying. Good work from sound design as well for the shadow’s voice
Another great next gen story telling!!!
So Original !
Long time X Ambassadors fan and I love that they made a podcast to go with their new record, which I also love! Such a good story so far and it sounds incredible too!
Can you phone on my Apple phone and for some reason I can’t get season two on any of my podcast app if you can please help that would be great I tried emailing you and I get nothing back so do I cancel my subscription to Q code because I really would like to hear season two or some of the stories thanks
I’ve just listened to the first episode as it is the only one released out in “wild” so far and all I can say is I’m blown away, and wanting more, more, more. It has an intriguing premise and is so professionally put together that it deserves a listen by everyone reading this. KUDOS to everyone involved! Hitting subscribe now and telling all my friends!
It sounds interesting! I’m not sure how to access the episodes though.
I am a monthly subscriber but cannot access these episodes??? I have to go on Amazon? What? Canceling my subscription now…
Love X Ambassadors, but I’m a little wary of a group of guys writing from the point of view of a teenage girl? Not saying that men and women can’t write from the point of view of a different gender, but why specify gender at all? It kills me when guys think they can write what women are thinking and it’s just the most cringey bull**** ever. Maybe it’ll be great, but I’m not particularly optimistic?
Can’t wait to listen, love the band and using this as an extension of their album!!
The X Ambassadors and QCODE?!? I can’t believe my eyes or ears but I’m so excited for this series.