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With all due respect to TMC and the podcasts and to the other reviewers I have to ask a question. What is the "source" of truth about God? One reviewer wrote that the Bible is. My understanding is that "God" is the souurce of Truth about God. The BIble is the authoritative Word witten by Prophets and Apostles, yes. But the Bible is not a "Source" in that its deity or anything like that. Its not an idol and a knowledge of Scripture does not equal a knowledge of God. The Jewish leaders in the time of Christ had a detailed knowldege of the Old Testament, yet crucified Christ. They didnt KNOW HIM. He is the SOURCE. I am giving this 2 stars because although the podcats are great...they are an interpretation and not THE SOURCE or THE WORD of God itself.
This has been an excellent resource to me, even though I have no formal bible training. Sometimes the academic vocabulary is a bit overwhelming, but a simple pausing of the audio and looking up terms helps greatly. Very informative and very biblical, even if you do not hold to a dispensational eschatology.
The thing that works here is that the Bible is the source of truth and understanding of God. God doesn't change and neither does his word and by looking into it we can know more of him and bring ourselves in line with his will, whether we believe in cessationism or not.
Be careful with this teaching, particularly that which pushes a cessationist viewpoint. We are never supposed to base our ideas of God completely on experience, however, God is much more than careful human exegesis could ever understand. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and as He healed then, He heals now. Oh, that we would develop a value for the things of Scripture to be real today, that Scripture would become our experience! Thankfully He's not locked in our minds or our seminaries...