Reviews For Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals

The production values are high but frankly that is the only positive attribute that I can see in this production. It trivializes the history and attempts to layer on a weird “trendy” vibe for no end that I can see. To make it ‘meme worthy’ or something? Finally the listener actually learns very little of the actual history or the complex issues which were involved. I am 8 episodes in and I don’t think it is worth my time to see it through to the end.
Solid story. Great actings. Sounds & music were designed so appropriately.
It's just crazy all this stuff happened. What a messed up world we live in.


Amazing, 5 stars, wish it was longer
I wanted to like it yet it sounds too haphazard. I’m finding it hard to follow and actually understand what’s going on and who’s who. Too noisy as well. I expected a more academic approach not a boisterous play, rendering it a bit fanciful. I’m not sure if I can manage even two more episodes I think I was too hasty in my first review. I’m going to stick with it. It is beginning to make sense more and more to me. I would appreciate more source material yet I’m willing to take your word for its accuracy, given my respect for BBC production and Derek Jacoby, the one dramatist I’m most familiar with. Thank you. I intend to recommend it to what friends I think may appreciate it given their Jewish heritage.


By rdewolk
The Brit stereotypes of loud, semi-literate Americans wouldn’t be so silly if the voice-over actors didn’t mix up their pseudo New York with a mainstream US accent. I’m embarrassed for the BBC. One other (more substantial) suggestion: source the program with accessible, legit scholarship. A book? A study? Something? Carry on you heroic Englishmen! Just call next time you need us.
Love the format, brings it alive.
This is really good.
What's with all the ridiculous voices? Why would you take this fascinating and important topic and make it so that no one can bear to listen?
It’s great for your kids to learn about how evil people can be and the Russian,German,and American actions
Super informative and I love it. I can’t find episode 11 anywhere though.
So informative, moving and well told. I listened to the whole series in one sitting; could not get myself to turn it off.
This is the best proof that cloth-eared politicians should not be allowed to make policy regarding the future of this beloved broadcaster.
Surprised this has been released under the aegis of the beeb. Really appalling treatment of material of such magnitudinous human horror.
But atrocious American accents make it unlistenable.
Very campy, the American accents are atrocious


By skk2021
Absolutely riveting and so important to hear about and to remember these atrocities. This production is very well done.
Very informative
Love to listen and this production is well worth the $2.99.
Thanks for the interesting storytelling and education on Nuremberg. Clearly some production went into this.
Would love to listen but won’t pay
Please take the time to listen to this. It is a great account of the prosecution of the most evil men in the world. We too easily refer to actions or people we object to as Nazis. This podcast delivers an accurate historical perspective of what Nazis really were. The story told by the prosecutor during the closing statement literally brought me to tears. Never forget what true evil is and how we each have the individual responsibility to stop it.
The production quality is very good. Really brings everything to life. My one complaint is that some of the American accents are over the top (speaking as a born New Englander). But this is a minor complaint and is only noticeable because the series is so well done. Thank you for this.
This was very well done. Anyone who rates this one star for not being free should re-evaluate their sad lives. What a great, beautifully laid out, well researched story. Fantastic voice acting as well. This definitely deserves to be listened to all the way through.
This accurate, soul stirring play is one of the finest portrlals of NAZI atrocities towards families brought up in the Jewish faith. I know, I was brought up in an old Eastern European family. They showered me with tradition. My father’s funeral , sitting to the side in an enormous Jewish aSynagogue, all the family, usual modern Canadians & usual modern Americans|| Now we all spoke Yiddish or Hebrew , spoke about the great, intuitive Abraheem (in English-Abraham or Ab) when he passed away he chose to be called William, or Bill. Always moving & building….money. This BBC broadcast feels like remembering what your BUBEE told you things you thought couldn’t be true. Thank You So Much. Charles L., Santa Cruz, California
I hate how we have to wait to get new episodes or pay! Please make all episodes free!