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Likewise, I’m looking for non-agenda-driven news sources. (Seems primarily conservatives get bashed these days).
I have been a subscriber and loyal listener for the last several years but I am canceling my subscription. The bashing of President Trump and his administration has gotten out of control. I would offer President Trump’s policies are closer to the libertarian view than any president we have had in the last 30 years. His policies on regulations, taxes, foreign policy, prison reform, and general liberty are moving us in right direction. It seems the Cato podcast has fallen to the media trap and has lost its moorings as to its mission and that is a shame.
I stopped subscribing a year ago because I questioned Caleb Brown’s authenticity as a Libertarian. There was a bizarre interlude during an episode when he wished violence on ideological opponents. That was it for me.
If you want to stay informed and sample provocative opinions without all the yelling and fear-mongering that comes with most other political news programs - this is the show. Its biases are clear and upfront, its host is even-keeled and genuine, its perspective is refreshing
This is the most important politics and policy podcast for any citizen, no matter where they lie on the spectrum!
Cato’s flagship podcast is great for those looking for brief interviews with experts on a wide range of subjects. Although from a libertarian perspective, you definitely don’t need to be a libertarian to enjoy the nuanced takes and good interviewing from host Caleb O. Brown.
.........just not sure about a pure application and implication of many libertarian conclusions. However, we desperately need these discussions in the legislative branch, but we will probably not until Americans rise up and correct constitution with regard to term limits and lobbying, spending restraint, the role of the Federal Reserve and taxes. Indeed, a big meal to eat.
I Love the non-partisan content! It is great to listen to people who just want to solve problems.
I'm sympathetic to limited government, so my bias is similar to Cato's. They are educating people on the value of small government and the damage that government policies can often do. Short podcast so doesn't explore multiple sides of an issue. A lot of content since it is daily. I love economics and policy talk, but this still bores me at times.
A daily primer on a different topic related to limited government. Well-produced and brings a range of experts. Its dry, but so is the material being covered.
Never shrill. Cato fights the good fight and has for decades. This podcast is of the highest quality and always delivers.
Incisive analysis of the issues facing our world always presented in a calm and consistent way. Can help listeners view the issues of the day from a different perspective. Take what makes sense to you and leave the rest.
Even if you are not a full libertarian, you will be educated by the eclectic set of intelligent guests.
The analysis is unapologetically libertarian. That said, the analysis is liberty and any discussion of government should begin and end with liberty in mind. This is that podcast.
It is very disappointing to see where Cato seems to be going. Early on the institution tended to be practical and apolitical. Now it seems to be dominated by those driving political positions that are more Liberal in nature and opinion, leaning away from the fundamental support of the Constitution. I will keep my membership for now, however for the first time I am seriously contemplating leaving. Please return to polite political decorum, and please treat this President as you did the one before. You may not respect the man, you should have respect for the office. Plus, perhaps you should also brush up on Mr Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” speech.
Thank you!
It’s ok.
One sided garbage.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s really information dense while being interesting and easy to follow.
This podcast is a must listen for anyone seeking a truthful, deeper look at government policy and its effects on personal liberty.
Mostly Great interviewer .. gets in the legal weeds once in a while .. but i can forgive them!
While I don’t agree to everything, as a conservative, I at least find it to be coherent and thoughtful. Libertarians typically are wrong when they break at the fork in the road with conservatism, but unlike liberals, they’re at least thoughtful.
Listen daily and you will learn about Libertarian philosophy and maybe a little about Classical Liberalism. You will learn how to be persuasive in the defense of domestic freedom from domestic government. You will become an expert in the area of freedom and individual rights and responsibilities. But you will learn how to turn a blind eye to our foreign adversaries. CATO seems to not believe in a strong military or the need to protect ourselves from the evil outside our borders. CATO believes that only when troops are amassing on our borders, do we then have a right to fight. I really do not think that CATO understands the need to project our strength so that we can remain free at home. It is their one glaring weak spot and if their views in foreign policy became US policy, then our freedoms, our liberties, and our lives, would be in peril.
These are excellent. They are brief interviews about various topics related to liberty that do not get space in typical news sources. Caleb Brown does a fantastic job asking insightful questions and not allowing the show to turn into yet another partisan echo chamber.
This insightful, wide ranging daily romp through the fields of LIBERTY, KINDNESS and REASON and all that they implies is unparalleled in quality, brevity, and scope anywhere else. Look no further. You have found the truly non-partisan daily update that you need hosted by one of the greatest journalists of our age.
Cato Daily Podcast is a great show to throw into your daily line up. Clear, concise, limited government point of view. I would highly recommend for anyone trying to diversify their content intake with something from the libertarian opinion.
A great vehicle for discussing and presenting Libertarian positions, the Cato podcast is educational and fascinating.
One of my favorite podcasts out there.
Love to learn with you and understand better how the country is set up and the corruption that happens in govt!
I love the insight into current issues, but find the episodes too lengthy for a daily format—I rarely have time to listen alongside my regular news podcasts.


Informative, sharp, and interesting
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is one of my favorites by far. It's always concise, informative, pure policy discussion yet delivered in a way thats understandable to a layman like me. It does not devolve into the boxing-arena style commentary that is ubiquitous in most other political podcasts and each episode is a different length because they are all only as long as they need to be. Caleb Brown (the host) does a great job of asking the questions I'm thinking as I listen. Highly recommended for anyone seriously interested in policy analysis, regardless of on's' ideological affiliation. It must be very difficult for think tanks produce and deliver their content directly to the general public, but Cato has found a way.
Conversational format is over scripted and predictable....which makes for dull listening. There is some offering of good factual information. Lacks real conversation between the lead interviewer, Caleb Brown, and guest, which typically is an employee of the Cato Institute. No give and take to the conversations...only one side is presented. Surely there are some dynamic Libertarians.
Caleb Brown does a great job of taking a specific issue and breaking it down with an expert on the subject and examining it from a libertarian perspective. Caleb's questions are always focused and designed to draw out the maximum information in the minimum time (each episode last from anywhere from 8 to as many as about 30 minutes). It's not an in-depth discussion but it's long enough to tease out the major issues for future deeper exploration. Can't recommend highly enough.
I'm really into long (1-3 hour) podcasts and didn't think I'd like these shorter Catocasts as much. I was wrong. They are concise but full of quality perspectives and information. Yes, they are libertarian and so there's an obvious political slant but this one comes without seething hatred and tabloid-like spectacles. Also, they have perfected the art of intro/outro podcast music.


By P32219
Focus on current event topics with authors who substantiate their point of view with objective facts and data via 15-30 minute excerpts. Thank you Cato Institute.
Love getting the updates from the Cato Institute!
Great production and interesting discussions.
Very informative
If only people in government would listen and act on even a few of the discussions I hear on this wonderful podcast.
Most of the times they do stories that are principled libertarianism while some of the interviews just seem contrarian for the sake of it.
Cato produces great content in general. The Daily Podcast is excellent because they present interesting information and get right to the point.
The Cato Institute continues to be one of the few think tanks dedicated to classical and economic liberal ideas. With Democrats and Republicans wanting more war, less trade, less freedom, and generally bigger government, it's nice that there is an organization dedicated to these free market and civil libertarian principles.
Among the best.
Great download of concise topics.
If you're an American, you'll hate this "show". PS- Special Order 40 out of Los Angeles was ONLY signed by Chief Daryl Gates to encourage immigrants to report crime w/o fear of ICE. Like an immunity situation which was twisted & deformed by progressives into protecting all illegals thus becoming a sanctuary city until 1994s prop 187 said GO HOME! PASSED OVERWHELMINGLY only to be stopped by fed judges. This show is sjw wimpy blsht.
Various Cato commentators and outside guests are featured in these exceptional and worthwhile podcasts. I listen at 1.5x speed and thereby soak up a lot of material while exercising. Hoo-aah to the Cato Institute!