Reviews For Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim

I love this podcast! I’ve had the pleasure to see Glory a few times in person (pre-pandemic) and she is always a joy to watch interact with other authors. Her podcast is an extension of that work. I also love the rapid fire questions feels like the listener is getting personal with the authors. I love to listen to this podcast during my evening walk after work. Keep the content coming!
This podcast is an invitation to explore the power of books. As a young black girl, I was constantly reading and as I got older, and busier, I read less. I’ve been working on reclaiming reading from the utilitarian space I put it in.This podcast has been important in that journey. I’m happy this podcast exists and look forward to the episodes to come.
I love Glory’s warm open style. Excited to hear more from her 💜
I love this podcast! It’s so crucial to keep reading and learn from stories from women of color.
This is an inviting space for listeners to hear from influential authors and public figures, but in a way that’s welcoming. Well made show.
Reading these books won’t make you a well read black girl. Actually the books one should read to become a well read black girl are the same books one should read to become a well read white girl, or Asian man etc.. Ethno-narcissism doesn’t make a person smart, in fact it does quite the opposite.
Love that you are bringing WRBG conversations about books and authors to those of us who can’t get to the festivals (#goals). At the same time it feels like an intimate conversation that you invite each of us to join!
I’m really enjoying this podcast. I love the intelligence and energy.
This podcast is a beautiful iteration of the book club I already love! So happy to see this addition!
My new favorite podcast!!! ❤️