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If you're looking for a great video game podcast, look no further. The trigames podcasts keep a perfect balance between some crazy laugh out loud moments and interesting video game topics. One problem that I see though is that the podcasts are pretty long. I'm perfectly fine with listening to these guys for an hour plus, and kind of prefer it, but some may not have the time. Nevertheless, interesting video game talk and the comedic genius of these guys fill up that time well. Be warned though: your stomach may hurt a little after listening due to constant laughter.
If you're looking for a podcast where games and comedy meet, Podcast is the right podcast for you. They talk about everything that happened in the world of gaming. I just really like how funny they are, especially Tony. He's hilarious! are not only hilarious, but at the same time they are a damn good video game podcast in general. I reccommend you hear it.
The guys at podcast are hilarious. Period. I don't know about you but I'm tired of some podcasts that just spit out obvious, and general statements about their views on a heated gaming topic. You won't find this at The podcast itself is usually lengthy (a good thing) and goes into detail unlike other independent gaming podcasts. The sound effects made during podcasts are also very funny. Check it out.
I got into this podcast through gamespot because I heard that alex navarro a gamespot staffer was gonna be on it. What I didn't know though was that I was gonna get hooked on this podcast. All the podcast members have great views of the video game industry yet seem like everyday guys. Theres cussing in this podcast but unlike other podcast, which i'll leave un named, it isnt used just to be cool. This is a must if you like listening to a bunch of guys just hanging out talking about video games but that also have alot of good things to say.
A podcast plagued with many of the problems that are prevalent from independent podcasts; talking over one another, audio level imbalances, background disturbances, and host Austin can sometimes seem like he's coked out of his friggin mind. However, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and all it takes is one full listen through for this show to sink its teeth so deep into your meaty parts that escape becomes impossible. The guys are intelligent and knowledgeable about what they are discussing when conversation does ensue. The show can become absolutely hilarious at times; whether Tony is giving himself a heart attack, Ethan is blatantly being ignored, or any of the guys makes a simple slip up and are instantly called on it. Any gamer guy will relate to the relationship and mutual respect through insults that these guys share. If you are in the 18-30 gaming male demographic I can wholeheartedly recommend this show, anyone else just give it a listen and judge for yourself. The format and conversation won't appeal to all but personally as an avid listener to most of the video game related podcasts available on itunes this is the ONLY one that I eagerly look forward to every week with a deep seeded sweaty desire.
if you're looking for a podcast about videogames, this is one of the best choices. The only problem I have with it, is that I think it's a little bit too long at times. I know they're trying to get new listeners, so shortening the podcast to maybe 40 minutes or something would help. Someone who isn't familiar with a show isn't going to want to listen to it for 2 hours right off the bat. I hope these guys success in the future!