Reviews For Broadway Bullet: Theatre from Broadway, Off-Broadway and beyond.

This is such a great podcast. I relisten to the episodes all of the time. So even though they don't update it you should download them. It is great to listen to while traveling/exercising. If you are interested in theater at all you will definately enjoy the songs and interviews.
The content and interviews on this podcast could be great. It has potential. But with a host who can be fantastically rude, inconsiderate, and insensitive as well as uneducated about the people he is interviewing and thoroughly stuck on himself, the show becomes distracting. It becomes really awkward when the guests notice the same things and don't really know how to further conduct themselves in the interviews. I can't even imagine what that feels like. Tone yourself down. It'd be a thousand times better.
Here is where you will find the latest news from the broadway stage, both in NYC and across the nation! Every episode is great! Click Subscribe now!!!
This show fills a neglected niche; as much as it would like to report on Broadway, it spends much more time with off- and off-Broadway shows--some on their way to more commercial venues. As such, it is a valuable glimpse of shows and talents on their way up. The performance excerpts are especially appreciated, and generally well-produced. That said, the show is WAAAAYYYYY TOOOOO LONGGGGGG!!!! Shows run between 90 minutes and 2 hours, with a lot of very long and rambling interviews. The host is not a skillful interviewer and spends much time trying to get guests to talk about what he wants to talk about or his pet theories or hobbyhorses, rather than letting the guests guide the topics. Too many of the guests are producers and publicists rather than creative artists. Those interviews should especially be kept down to 3 or 4 minutes. Who really cares about producers? Instead, they drone on for 15 minutes. The good thing is that if you get the enhanced version, you can easily fast forward to the next segment. With some trimming and editing, this could be really first rate, but it does need a dose of professionalism.
I discovered Broadway Bullet by chance in early 2009 and have been listening ever since. There is no other way - at least for someone on the Left Coast - to get all the information about theatre and specifically musical theater that's contained here, including interesting interviews, live performances, etc. Perhaps the best thing about the podcast is that it doesn't devote itself exclusively to big Broadway shows, but covers off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, the theater festival scene, new performers, composers, lyricists, etc. It is difficult to get this broad exposure to all levels of New York professional theater outside of NYC. Not only do I follow the current podcasts, but I have gone back and listened to (and still have queued on my iPod) most of the podcasts from the first two years, because of all of the people and events that have been discussed. Michael - Keep up the good work! E
Probably the best musical theatre podcast there is. Sometimes the interviews can get quite boring, so the fast foward button comes in handy. However, it's great for staying up-to-date on current musicals, discovering some great songs you wouldn't know elsewise, and the Broadway Abridged Live sections are absolutely hilarious.
God, how I wish this had been around in the 90's when I was trying to make it! Use this tool people!
With always coming up with broadway stars, news about shows and where they are performing, and enough musical selections that make you want to run and pick up the cast recording, Broadway Bullet you gives that helping of the New York theatre scene when you can't be there yourself. Living a couple of hundred miles away from New York and living on a fixed budget it's very dificult for me in particular to see a show that I'd really want to. But listening to these podcasts are enough to tide me over, and one day I might move to New York so I can be closer, but until than Broadway Bullet will get me by. If you like, love, or are estatic about musical theatre, click subscribe and enjoy.
Being a transplanted New Yorker, I look forward to each episode of Broadway Bullett to keep me abreast of what is happening on Broadway and off, and off off, and off off off, etc. I especially love when songs from musicals are sung in the studio. Michael Gilboe has a great comfortable conversational way of interviewing everyone. This is one of my favorite podcasts.
This is a great podcast for New York Theater Lovers. Even though it's called Broadway Bullet, it really looks at all aspects of NY theater including Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway, Cabaret, and music by Broadway performers. There are performances on the show sometimes, tons of entertaining interviews. I really enjoy listening to this on the subway or on walks through Prospect Park. Try it. I'm sure you'll enjoy too!
I discovered it a few months ago and listen religiously now.
this podcast is great for broadway fans. they give the honest truth about which shows are good and bad, and they interview EVERYONE! everyone should subscribe!
This is for anyone who wants more than just the TV Star of the Month appearing in the latest jukebox musical--a true delight fr real lovers of theatre!
Not a day goes by that I don't listen to one of these podcasts - there are both informative and entertaining - keep up the great work!
Incredibly informative. He consistently gets fantastic guests. Thoroughly enjoyable, and practically perfect in every way!
while i really enjoy the guests and the exposure to new shows and interesting guests... the host of the program makes me feel (honest to god) uncomfortable. I am not kidding when i say that there are probably 5 or 6 times per episode that i cringe to myself due to his awkward and sometimes offensive banter, maybe that is what keeps me listening.
I really find the broadway bullet great and very informative for me since i am new in the buisness! I really love the interviews andlessons from others that have made it in the world of theater!
I am glad to find a podcast that is relates to my job/passion and that is fun to listen to. Keep up the good work . Thanks!!!
Absolutely the best podcast ever! Keeps us small town USA theater lovers connected somehow. The Producer’s Corner has given me a great new insight into the workings of the theater world. While this podcast speaks directly about professional Broadway shows, I have been able to rethink the way our community theater does business. This is a must hear podcast for anyone truly interested in theater! I have been listening since the beginning. This podcast is hands down the best source of theater news I have come across. It is a must have podcast. Witty, funny, and fabulous!
I produce theater in Houston and this show is just wonderfully incitefull!
Wow! Now I can keep up to date with everything Broadway. As a musical theater performer and teacher this is extremely beneficial to myself and my students. How else are they going to hear interviews from composers, performers, lyricists and more?!?! Thank you Broadway Bullet for enlightening us all! And they are the perfect length for my commute. I don't know how I drove without these interesting tidbits of theatrical knowledge being supplied to my brain!
all around brilliant podcast check it out
I really enjoy this podcast. It not only discusses some of the Big Shows on Broadway, but highlights some lesser-known productions and artists as to enhance one's theater knowledge. Not living anywhere near NYC, I like listening to what is up-and-coming in the City so when something becomes big news I already know about it. Keep it up, Broadway Bullet!
I just started listening to this a few weeks ago and have since gone back and downloaded many of the past ones. I can hardly wait for a new episode. This podcast gives you a great sense of what is going on in the NY theater scene. From interviews with book writers, producers, or cast to performances from musicals to current theatre events – it has a bit of everything. Entertaining and educational. Thanks!
Great for info and also entertaining!
Interviews too long and most have no point to them
This is a great way to learn about the behind-the-scenes life of a broadway play. Great guests and wonderful tracks. I wish it played every week!
this podcast is so informative and gives great music! BEST PART: it's free :] you get to know lots about stuff that isnt so out there but is still great!
I love this podcast - I am a theatre professional living in Seattle, and this podcast helps me stay in touch with what is happening in my former home, New York, the center of my field. The interviews are informal but informative. The announcements cover projects in regional theatre headed for New York, as well as New York productions heading out on tour, which may affect me. A truly comprehensive and enjoyable program. I also like the fact that there is no slamming of legitimate professional regional theatre, it's centered in NYC, but not snobbish.
For those of us who love theatre,but live far from New York, this Podcast allows us to feel like Broadway insiders. With a mix of interviews, performances or recordings from shows, even the (sometimes) goofy "on the positive side," Broadway Bullet provides insights into the Great White Way that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.
Excellent podcast for theatre part-timers and die-harders...always entertaining and "the positive side" is not to be missed
A real, in-depth look at everything currently going on in NYC theatre scene. Keep us connected!
The wonderful host (and co host Marty) bring you broadway. it happens. The host's familiar style makes you feel as if your hanging out and discussing show news with a friend. The tone is intelligent but totally unpretentious (so refreshing in a podcast). I wish the episodes were weekly-
I love this podcast! It allows be to keep up with what's new and happening on Broadway. I love the insiders view!
I listen to every entertaining episode of Broadway Bullet. There so great!
Broadway Bullet is incredible. I'm in love with musical theater and all things broadway and there is no podcast better for my broadway news and updates.
I just found this Website. (years later, sigh) Love the NY theater scene and found it really informative and fun.
I love this Podcast!
Michael Gilboe and his interns give us a tremendous amount of material in this great podcast. Interviews, sample recordings, news, reviews, festival coverage, everything. I think one can get a very good sense of what's going on in the New York musical theater scene by listening to this podcast.
I have listened to Michael Gilbo for a while now, and I always love the honest down to earth side of stars that he can bring out, as well as introducing a wide audience to pieces that you might not hear of otherwise. Although, I would rather not have to suffer through performances like 'Don't Worry Be Jewish" again, that was a bit to much. On the OTHER hand though, peices like FAGNET are amazing!!!!
Being on the opposite coast I love to listen in while I work out to get all the Broadway Info and Insight.
If you have any interest in the theatre, this is for you! Being outside of NY, this is what keeps me connected to the great white way. An excellent series... shoutout-- tell 9 people about TOS
Best theatre related podcast I've listened to. Great stars, great music, great info. Broadway bullet rocks!


By launcue
Enjoy the skit! thanks!
This podcast has been my link to the NY theatre scene for the past year and a half. Michael always has great guests and performances on the show.
I love Broadway Bullet!! Get in the 'Know'
This podcast is a great way to keep up with the NY theater world even for us people in fly-over land. With interviews, reviews and songs it gives a multi-approach view of Broadway current events. The interviews become especially interesting when they go into background in how shows and careers are developed.
Not only does this podcast give you a wonderful cross section of Broadway, it also comes with each segment individually bookmarked. If something doesn't interest you, skip ahead to the next segment. The musical performances are great and they don't come at the expense of the interviews. The only negative is no fault of the podcast - sometimes you don't get the chance to hear performers perform because of their union rules. I'm sure that strengthens the leadership in some way but it hurts the rank-and-file. Of course, that's to be expected. Regardless, listen to this whenever you get a chance. You won't be disappointed.
very entertaining and informative