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Entertaining, and he knows his stuff. Five stars!
Thanks Josh, for the chance to chat about Lost in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. Get's us grounded before heading to sleep. Keep up the great work!
the JoshMeister's LOST podcast is a great addition to any LOST fans collection of LOST podcasts. Check out all the good clean fun on this series of podcasts on LOST! Wayne Henderson The Voice-Over Journey podcast
I really like the discussions in this podcast, but typically the podcasts come out after the next show has already aired. By then, I don't care as much about the speculation of what is going on because many of the questions have already been answered by the actual tv show. Case in point, I'm currently listening to the discussion concerning Cabin Fever that I just downloaded this morning and No Place Like Home just aired last night. As a note, I do download this via the Lost Podcasting network, so that may be some of the delay.
this is a greate podcast
I could only make it about 15 minutes into the latest episode (dated 3/4). It was just painful. There may have been some good information available at some point, but the apparent lack of forethought in setting up the episode kept me from finding out.
No funny voice impersonations, no witty banter just LOST news and notes. Quickly one of my new favorites.