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I listened to the commercial for this podcast through morbid, But I didn’t think anything about it. Then my sister told me I had to listen because it was amazing and she was addicted to it. Now I’m addicted to it and I’m going to need you guys to drop an episode every day. 🤣 .... it’s been over a month! Where are new episodes?
I was enjoying the show but by the second episode was really annoyed by the caricature they provided of an autistic person. I get the feeling that they did not hire any autistic consultation or an autistic voice actor. I am an autistic person and I feel like they were really heavy handed with every stereotype in the book. It is really offensive and honestly lazy writing. I will update my review if I hear any redeeming information but I’m really disappointed.
I need MORE!!!
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Great storyline, dynamic characters, and immersive listening experience. I should have known that “Wolf” would deliver this quality! Can’t wait for more!
I have been refreshing this site every day waiting for the next episode. Well built characters, suspenseful and draws you into the storyline very quickly. Need moreeeee.
Please give us more!!! This one pulled me into audio drama/thriller podcasts.
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to.
Nice thriller. Entertaining. Well played.


Completely captivating. Cannot wait for season 2
Im guessing season two might be in the works


Is there gonna be more episodes? I loved this podcast
Just listened to episode 8 again, hoping I missed a return date in there somewhere. It’s been over a month since a new episode has been released and I think that’s long enough! I check everyday (also tried looking on google 🤦‍♀️🤣) bc I just want to know what happens next! Great story 🖤
I’ve been waiting for the next episodes… is there going to be more released to finish the story?!
I’ve been waiting for a new episode! Thought there was a break due to holiday but I’m dying to know what’s going to happen next!


By Tjp283
I really got into this podcast. It was very well done would definitely be 5 stars but they put out 8 episodes and just disappeared.
This podcast has me on the edge of my earbuds! The cast, acting, and sound makes me feel as though I’m literally watching a movie! There has to be another season, or more episodes! I’m too wrapped up now!!
Lol, I need Season 2
What happened, no more episodes after 8??
Why is there only 8 episodes? The story has no ending.
The characters and story line were interested snd well developed, right up until the end. I’m assuming it was the end, since there hasn’t been a new episode posted. There was no closure and just a bunch of loose ends. Very disappointed.
Loved this Podcast and binged it in one day. The actors portrayed the characters perfectly. Great production. I could see the whole thing in my mind. Thank you.
Were there only 8 episodes? I feel like I was left in limbo here.
-I gave 4 stars because the way it just stopped out of no where!!:( my husband & i love this podcast but why did it end like this? Is there going to be more or what happen??!! Its amazing we hope you guys keep it going.
This podcast is a must listen-while the storyline is great, the acting and the characters are amazing! It’s hard to listen to any other drama/immersive fiction after finishing this first season! When is Season 2 expected to be out??!
When is this coming back? I can’t wait anymore ;)


What an exciting new podcast drama, acting: AAA+++, production value: AAA+++, story line: AAA+++. One of the best podcast to come down the pike since 1/2020. Waiting for each episode with baited breath! Such a well done production. My only fear is, as other excellent podcasts have come down the pike, they disappear, and leave us having to listen to the failure’s that are flooding the drama podcast genre’s. This podcast however is so well written and the acting is stellar. Please, continue this fine podcast, it is like a fine wine, only getting better as it continues, the actors are superb, and so believable bar none! Thank you, for such a wonderful intense and exciting drama, one of the best to show up since the start of the pandemic!!! WE WANT MORE!!!!
This started off great! Then the tropes and cliches started piling up and everything became easily predictable. The suspension of reality comes into play in the later episodes just to make the story move along. The shouting over the top of someone so you can pretend not to hear them got really old. Worth a listen but don’t be surprised if you figure it all out within a couple episodes.
I binged it all in one day! I really enjoyed the story was was disappointed that there are so few episodes (only 8 as of 1/7/22, the last week one released on 12/13/21). I hope it continues later! I’d like to know how the town fairs in the aftermath…
Great suspense and accurate names of places in Northern CA. While it makes for great content let’s not forget this story is “based”on what actual goes on behind the redwood curtain.
I just stumbled upon this podcast by accident and so glad I did! Wow! It captured my immediate attention in the first sentence. I am hooked already I can’t wait for more:))
SO good! If you like Ozark, you’ll love Dark Woods. Hoping for season 2!
Exactly what you would expect from something bearing the Wolf name!
Perfectly put together show. Great episode length, content and structure
Hopefully a second season will be coming!
Love this, keeps you wanting more
Love this podcast! Hopefully new episodes soon!!
Great story! Wanting more please.
Absolutely hooked!
Its hard to find fiction podcast that aren’t poorly acted, written, or cheesy. We’re Alive is one of the very few that nailed it. Dark Woods is really really well done. Had me wish I could binge all of it right now. Hope future episodes keep coming regularly.
I binged in one day while working! Great story and acting. Love Corey Stoll. Need more!!!
This was a very well done and compelling story. Highly recommend
Tuesday and waiting


By -marion
the story is great, it’s like you’re listening to a TV show
Very suspenseful, well written, great music, great cast, hooked!
The series content and acting is great! I really enjoy it. So much so that it’s truly difficult to wait a week for the next episode to come out. In a time of bingeing it makes it that much more difficult to only get a 20 minute listen per week.
I’ve been listening to audio dramas for 45 years and this has to be one of the best. Everything about it is awesome, please, PLEASE make more.
Have really been drawn in to this series and the strong sense of drama throughout.
Voices are soothing, excellent nature sounds, good story, would like longer episodes.