Hobo Radio: A Pop Culture Podcast

Reviews For Hobo Radio: A Pop Culture Podcast

These guys are funny, interesting and intelligent. This podcast makes my day..every time.
I love the dynamic between Joel and Lars and often find myself wanting to jump in when they get to talking about something near and dear to my own life. I'm also constantly impressed by their encyclopedic knowledge of movies and TV and the people who make them.
These guys have a great chemistry and feature some really fun guests. I really enjoyed the Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell, H. Jon Benjamin and Janet Varney interviews.
Always fun, and too often I find myself trying to make notes of things to email them after the show about many of the topics - Muppets, beer, sitcoms, cult movies, all the stuff I love.
Give these guys lids for their beer mugs. They spill it every episode! This show is like a buddy cop movie where both guys aren't cops.
Except when they don't - David Koechner? He is irritating. Other than that always great.