Reviews For Weekend Message Sermons from Forest Hill Church


By JCWEarp
Love listening to David every week. Even if I go to the actual service, I love being able to go back and relisten to his sermons to get me through to the next week
I can't get enough of these sermons. I absolutely LOVE listening to them and so does my family. My 8 year old son loves it when I put a sermon on when we drive. You are planting spiritual seeds in my family and I LOVE IT! Everytime I listen I am ROCKED the the core and motivated to live my life for JESUS. Praise GOD for this church. You all are changing the world one person at a time and I am living proof. I have recommended this podcast to 10 of my friends and the list will continue to grow. Amazing how God can have a Church in North Carolina impact a family in Vancouver, WA. We love you guys. Keep doing what you are doing, WE LOVE IT!
Forest Hill church is a great place to attend. David Chadwick is easy to listen to and speaks to your heart. He doesn’t try to convince you that he is right, or scare you into changing your life. He just speaks the truth and leaves the rest to God. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a word from God.